A0564: How do the gravitational waves originate in a body cell and what do these waves have to do with the fact that healers of the 8th main plane can perform miracles with them? – Part 2

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In this blog entry we want to describe the people of the 8th main plane in more detail, so that these future healers know very well what they are actually capable of. Some of this information is already available, but we will name it very clearly today, so that people of the 8th main plane know what to expect when they decide to become a healer of the 8th main plane. You humans do not know very much about the beings of the 8th main plane, so in the information that has already been transmitted there are hardly any of the really relevant facts. We have already told you a lot about the people of the 8th main plane, because we have already described the coexistence of the spiritual beings in the spiritual world in great detail. The beings of the 8th main plane are not only special as embodied life forms, but also as spiritual beings, so we will go a little deeper into some of the characteristics of these beings today so that you humans can gain a better understanding about them.

If a spiritual being decides to be recreated because it submits to a higher order, then these beings are already tested very intensively beforehand, because only beings from the energy of the 8th main plane are recreated that have the necessary characteristics that have something to do with what task the being wants to pursue. As an example, we will now illustrate a process that a spiritual being goes through when it wants to be transformed into a dragon. We say at the outset that we are spiritual beings and that we actually exist without a physical form. However, since many areas of the spiritual world have been filled with subtle forms that look very similar to your beautiful places on earth, we spiritual beings have also chosen a form so that we mostly look like humans. This form is not physical and even if we have eyes, they are neither organic nor do we “see” through these eye forms, but everything is to be interpreted as a mirage, so that we as consciousness give ourselves a subtle form in order to represent ourselves in the subtle spiritual world. Now when a spiritual being decides to become a dragon, this being does not walk through the spiritual world in a dragon form, but usually in a human form, as almost all spiritual beings do. The human being is beautiful to look at, so that we all dress ourselves with a human form in the spiritual world, and the writer is just asking why we choose the first human evolutionary stage as our form and not the last evolutionary form of the human being, which looks like the great white grey? The great white grey as an extraterrestrial life form is already known to you, but you have never assigned this species to the human species. We will clear up this question when the writer begins the series on the origin of the human species as promised.

A dragon will inhabit the spiritual world as a human form and the few dragon incarnations with you on earth will incarnate as a human because there were no dragons in your realms and there never will be because embodied dragons only appear on worlds that are special in nature. We will certainly describe these worlds in more detail in another blog entry. When the dragon is created, this being is flooded with a great deal of power, so that it must be ensured beforehand that the spiritual being that wants to be newly created also has the prerequisites not to abuse the power, so that these beings are always tested extensively before they receive this power. If such a being starts to violate the laws, then this power is taken away from the being again, so that dragons can never really be sure that they can also keep this power. The situation is different with beings that are created by a dragon soul. These dragon incarnations are born with all the dragon characteristics, if we may put it that way. These natural dragon incarnations are always driven by their innate characteristics, so they will never lose their power and they themselves will never be unrighteous. The characteristic of righteousness is so strong in natural dragon incarnations that there has never been a natural dragon incarnation that violated it. If a spiritual being simply cannot help being righteous, then this being will also always act according to this characteristic.

On your world there are some natural dragon incarnations incarnated and many of the rest of the people of the 8th main plane are dragon incarnations who once had themselves re-created so that they previously corresponded to a spiritual being of the 4th main plane and qualified through many tests to be re-created. When the being of the 4th main level passes these test qualifications, the inner structure of consciousness is transformed so that the being no longer uses the 4th main level as its main energy, but the energy of the 8th main level. The fractal of consciousness is transformed and this process is so complex that only very highly placed spiritual beings can carry out this transformation. 

When we give you to understand that beings of the 8th main plane are special, we do not mean the power that these beings have, but the tasks that they will undertake. When a being of the 8th main plane appears on a mundane world, it is for a special reason. If there are people of the 8th main plane on earth, then there is also a reason for that and only very few people of the 8th main plane know about it because many of these people are not prepared to take the strain upon themselves to prove to the spiritual world that they deserve to receive the power of the 8th main plane as a human being. People of the 4th main level decided to become a healer and the first successes will then also be seen quite quickly. Not so with people of the 8th main plane, because they do not represent a body bridge for the healing energy of the 8th main plane, but the body of these people generates this healing energy of the 8th main level independently. When a person of the 8th main plane decides to become a healer, the following things will happen:

  1. The future healer will briefly experience what he would be capable of, only to be able to do almost nothing more in this direction. The reason for this is that the healer of the 8th main plane should experience that he is capable of it if he does not give up.
  2. The future healer is confronted with everything that still slumbers unprocessed in him. This means fears and blockages, which are worked on one after the other, so that this person, strengthened in life, can withstand any storm. A person of the 8th main plane could also do bad things with the power he has received, so that only a calm and level-headed spirit is able to master even the most difficult situations without his power being abused. Once a person of the 8th main level has received power, it is no longer taken away from him, so that people of the 8th main level have to prove many things that a person of the 4th main level has only read about in fairy tales. These people are really tested and very few of these people also pass the tests, so there is a general procedure as to how and for how long a person of the 8th main plane may be tested. If the person does not pass the tests at all, there will be many things that have happened that would be unusual in nature. A person of the 8th main plane passes the tests in many respects, but almost never in their entirety, so that these persons are measured by this and receive a part of the original power. If there is an 8th main plane healer who generates his own healing energy through the gravitational waves in his body, then he has passed a great many tests. If these gravitational waves are not triggered at all in his body, he has passed few tests. There are also people of the 8th main plane who are not active as healers and who have nevertheless passed many tests, but gravitational waves produced in the body are always an indication that the person has passed many tests.

When the person of the 8th main plane has removed all fears and blockages, he will independently begin to produce the said gravitational waves. These gravitational waves first arise in the lower extremities, where they are perceived as a slight tingling and then as a pulsation. The person does not know what to do with them at first, so his spiritual guides will train him in how to amplify these gravitational waves. Once the future healer has understood that these body waves can be directed, the spiritual beings will unlock more and more areas of the body for these waves, so that the pulsation is more and more present in the body. Once the healer has understood what these gravitational waves can do, the person becomes more and more trained in amplifying these waves. As these 8th main plane people also become true healers, they have many other abilities to help them. 

Every person of the 8th main plane will one day experience these tests and they always start with the 8th main level being having visions that announce these tests in one form or another. We are talking about real visions and not whimsical scenes that people perceive in meditations. If you have truly received one or more visions, then the process has been started. If during this process you have been troubled by many unseen occurrences, many more things will happen, which we will address in the next blog entry. 

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