A0563: How do the gravitational waves originate in a body cell and what do these waves have to do with the fact that healers of the 8th main plane can perform miracles with them? – Part 1

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We start by telling you what makes an 8th level healer so special. If you want to heal, you don’t need an initiation, you don’t need a seminar, because any one of you can be a healer, you just have to decide to do it, that’s all. If you proclaim in your spirit that you want to be a body bridge for a spiritual healer, then it will happen in such a way that you only have to lay your hands on a patient and the spiritual healer will transport his healing energy via your energy body, which will then heal the patient independently. The healing energy contains a healing consciousness that knows how to support each body to strengthen self-healing. 

If the healing consciousness recognises something in the body that needs to be treated most urgently, it will immediately begin to support these areas of the body with the potential in the healing energy. The healing consciousness does much more, but basically every healer should know that the healing consciousness in the healing energy is the best healer. No healer should start by concentrating the healing energy in certain areas, because then the healing consciousness should only support there. But since the cause is usually not found in the symptoms, these human healers would only treat the symptoms, but the healing energy cannot remedy the cause because it has been forbidden to do so by the human healer.

What has all this to do with gravitational waves from the actual question, we ask? Nothing, because the healing consciousness has just as little to do with gravitational waves as the healing energy itself, which is transferred from a spiritual healer via the human healer into a physical being. Gravitational waves arise in every particle, thus also in a bodily body, but there are only very few people on earth who can use these gravitational waves to generate from them an exceedingly potent healing energy that can truly work miracles. We are already saying that we cannot reveal the necessary information in a single blog entry, so this will be a series of five parts.

There are two types of people on your planet. The vast majority are people who were formed as spiritual beings from the energy of the 4th main plane and very few people on Earth were created from the energy of the 8th main plane. Spiritual beings who were newly created from the energy of the 8th main plane always pursue a special task, otherwise they would not need the energy of the 8th main plane either. If the energy of the 8th main plane is so special, then it also has many peculiarities, which we want to introduce briefly. All beings carry these characteristics within themselves when they are fed by the energy of the 8th main plane.

  1. All beings of the 8th main plane are exceedingly righteous.
  2. Beings of the 8th main plane will only reluctantly accept someone who can order them to do something, because these beings are exceedingly independent and carry out their tasks exceedingly conscientiously.
  3. Beings of the 8th main plane are always particularly powerful healers, this applies to physical as well as spiritual beings.
  4. Beings of the 8th main plane have a great deal of power, so that they also always have a great consciousness. The greater the consciousness, the more energy can be diverted with a thought. 
  5. Beings of the 8th main plane incarnate very often so that they can also carry out their tasks on the worldly levels. These beings have a great deal of power on the worldly worlds, which they use to carry out their activities with particular vigour.

There are more characteristics that distinguish 8th main plane beings from other beings that we will address later.

If you are an 8th main plane being, you are predominantly righteous, by that we mean not only to your civil standards, but you have a universal understanding of what is good and what is bad, so that as a child you learned early on that not all people have such an understanding of that. You beings of the 8th major plane could do things with just a thought that you would consider magic today, but why can’t you, we ask? Because you have to earn your power. No 8th main plane person gets up one morning and can heal or move objects with their mere power of thought, but these people have a great deal to prove before they are worthy to use that power. Let us assume that there is such a person among you, then you could also assume that this person took on at least a small task before the person incarnated on earth. 

There are always persons who gave themselves such a task in the spiritual world before incarnating, which they want to fulfil on earth. Most persons have given themselves such an extra task and very few persons ever live up to this task, so that we unfortunately have to say that all of you who are now reading this blog entry have given yourselves a task and they will never figure it out for themselves, so that we will now announce for the vast majority what the task is that you have given yourselves. 

You all wanted to be there when earthly humanity made official first contact with an intelligent extraterrestrial species and you not only wanted to experience this first contact but you wanted to witness it and you also wanted to support it in some way and this is indeed a task that most people have given themselves. You all knew beforehand that you would experience at least the starting shot of first contact during your lifetime, because this first contact is not a short event, but a process that will go on for many years before the extraterrestrial species will land for the first time and officially at the same time in front of every government to introduce itself. This process will change the self-image of the Earth species, so that every citizen on Earth will experience an awakening of consciousness that will profoundly shape them, and that will create tremendous and towering moments that will create a great deal of growth in your inner universes that you will actually feel in your lifetime. When this process starts, most of the present readers will still be quoting this text in their heads and they will then become aware of what we actually meant by it.

The people of the 8th main plane mostly want to experience this process as an earthly being, but unlike the people of the 4th main plane, they want to actively support the process because they already have all the ingredients for it within themselves. What exactly we mean by this will be revealed in the next part.

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