A0562: Question box 6

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A question box will be an amalgamation of different questions, which will be answered shortly, although single questions can get a longer answer later.

Question: Are there really still extraterrestrial species, which can affect humans negatively?
No, we will explain in one example what happens when there is a negative influence and we will explain in another example what can have a negative influence on you. If you know about it, then you can handle it much better. 

Example 1
If a race with a negative attitude were to influence the people of the earth, the following will happen: The negative influence must act on the environment or the people, in doing so, not only is the environment and the people of Earth being closely watched by alien species, but Earth has been under special watch since the incident with the dominant Grey race, as has never been necessary before. The spiritual world now has special powers so that any incidents are to be reported immediately. It is not possible for an extraterrestrial species to do anything to the people of Earth without the spiritual world noticing it. If we would notice such a thing, we are allowed to report it directly and this is well known to the other species, so that also the extraterrestrial groups on Earth would never do anything that could give even the slightest appearance that this group wants to do something that is against the rules. We say also still: All extraterrestrial groups wait only for the official first contact to start, therefore many extraterrestrial researchers are on the earth.

Example 2
There are extraterrestrial beings that exist in a different frequency band, so they have to adjust their frequency to exist on your plane of existence. When these beings encounter a human being, the frequencies in the energy bodies will align so that an extraterrestrial being will always have an effect on a human being through a different frequency. People who are not aware of this can be subjected to extreme stress as a result, so that an extraterrestrial being with a higher frequency will raise the frequency of the human being and the human being will be in a very positive mood when the extraterrestrial being is present. This high phase lasts as long as the extraterrestrial being stays near the human being. If the extraterrestrial being removes itself, the lifted frequency in humans drops abruptly, so that it even provides for the fact that humans fall into a low phase. It behaves in the same way also with extraterrestrial beings, which have a lower frequency. This extraterrestrial being can approach a human being with good cheer, but no matter what the being does positively, the frequency of the human being adjusts and the human being experiences a low phase in which the human being does not feel good, although the being does not want anything bad at all. You see, the frequency of a being can be decisive for whether you feel good or bad in the meeting. 

Question: Will the events described in the Book of Revelation happen soon?
No, because the revelations are simply humbug, which you should please not believe to be real. All revelations were conceived to frighten people so that the authors would have an easier time leading them, because only frightened people can be easily influenced and the authors knew that. We still say the following: Look at your news or read what is reported in the social networks, then you will also know why the authors at that time came up with these far-fetched stories. Just like today, you have to be frightened into doing what the authors want you to do. The revelations already guaranteed that then and your media and social networks cause exactly the same today with their horror stories. Do not believe them, they only want to influence you so that you docilely do what the authors want.

Question: What is the Hawara Labyrinth in Egypt all about?
This labyrinth is not a labyrinth at all, but it is catacombs that were built long ago to guarantee supplies for the population. Grain and other goods were stored there, which were then used to supply the population in times of drought. The catacombs are imposing, but nothing extraordinary lies in their purpose.

Question: Native American legends talk about their clans coming from the inner earth, is that correct?
No, we don’t know that, but we would say that the Native Americans often had contact with extraterrestrial beings, and we also think that the Native Americans were taken to the outposts so that they could see and understand what the extraterrestrial beings were doing on Earth. When the Anunnaki came to Earth, many chiefs were taken on the great spaceships of the Anunnaki so that they could be properly impressed, but otherwise we see no further connection to this question.

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