A0548: How can human healers support healing? – Part 2

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When the human healer begins to transmit healing energy to other living beings, the human healer is also healed because some of the transmitted healing energy is always absorbed by his body. If during a healing, amounts of energy were absorbed by the human healer’s body, his own illnesses will also be treated. Both beings are healed, but the human healer always receives less healing energy than the patient because the patient needs it more. The human healer also receives some healing energy with each healing, which over time will in total heal all his physical ailments. 

However, many persons suffer not only physically but also, so to speak, mentally, whereby we would like to assign it to the consciousness. If a person has a bad habit, which is not a trauma now, but which causes a lot of problems in the environment, then this bad habit is something that a human healer should break. If the human healer has experienced something traumatic in the past, so that the healer acts irrationally in certain situations, then a human healer should also release this trauma in order to heal effectively in a carefree way. 

If a person starts healing and has either bad habits or possibly also unresolved trauma, then the spiritual healer will start training and testing this future healer. At the end of the training, at best the human healer will have given up his bad habits and resolved his unresolved traumas, so the spiritual healer gives a lot of potential into the healing energy. If the human healer neither overcomes his bad habits nor wants to resolve his traumas, then the human healer receives healing energy with less potential than would be possible. The writer does not understand this procedure, because he knows that the healing of beings should always have priority, but the writer has also not perceived the human healer as something to be interpreted as a gift. What do we mean by this, we ask?

If a spiritual healing being helps a person so that this person helps another physical being by strengthening the body’s own self-healing powers, then this is to be regarded as a gift. This gift is given to every physical being if it asks for it. If the physical being does not only want to heal occasionally but undertakes it again and again, then it would be good if this physical healer can heal better than before. This is then not another gift, but the healer must give something in return and that is that this healer becomes more human. The writer also has to give this service in return and he knows it, even if he constantly berates us for it. He has to render his service in return just as a healer does. But if the human healer would not want to become more human, because that means a lot of work on himself for a human being, then the potential of the healing energy will not increase any further. The writer had to work on himself a lot in the last few years because we have always made him do that, so that he has given up his, let’s say almost all bad habits and has solved all his traumatic experiences. That was hard work and since the writer soon found out that the spiritual world was behind it, he also wanted to kick all of us in our astral butts with his astral foot. But he reluctantly carried on doing what few people actually do. 

A healer who achieves healing success, but who is constantly confronted with situations that burden and stress him, is constantly trained and tested so that the human healer is also worthy of receiving the higher potential in the healing energy that is handed over. Only when the human healer has become so human that he has discarded his bad habits and all unresolved traumas have been resolved, only then has he reciprocated and the spiritual healer will transfer all his potential into the amount of healing energy, so that such a human healer can truly induce miracle healings. But if the healer does not want to become more human, then he must also constantly cope with the unusual situations that seem to be magically attracted to him. If the healer stops healing, then these unusual situations will also subside, but we advise these persons: Do not criticise it, but also face these situations and learn from them. You can only gain by working through these situations and thereby becoming more and more human. Your environment will take note of this with pleasure and your patients will be better and better supported in strengthening their self-healing powers.

Question: What happens to healers who have resolved everything and then picked up a bad habit again?
Nothing. Everything that you once gained through your humanity will not be taken away from you again, so that there are indeed healers who were once exceedingly human and received much potential for it in the healing energy that was handed over, but who later acquired very bad habits. They are known in public as powerful healers, but as human beings they have unfortunately regressed, which always goes hand in hand with the strengthening of ego consciousness. 

Someone who has acquired a social status will always have a powerful ego consciousness, otherwise the person would also have quickly lost that status. These well-known healers are really powerful healers because they get a lot of potential with the amount of healing energy, but their obscure views, about the universe and the spiritual world are completely confused and far-fetched. These powerful healers had given their consideration for the higher potential of the healing energy and not for the fact that they are able to reveal baseless information about the universe and the spiritual world, but this information should be revealed by people who have also given their consideration exactly for the fact that they are allowed to bring this information to you humans.

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