A0549: Are there human species that share a mass consciousness?

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If we are going to talk about mass consciousnesses, then we must first explain what constitutes a mass consciousness for us. Once we have clearly defined a mass consciousness in its make-up, then we will tell you if there are any human species in your universe that share such a mass consciousness. We continue with the definition of how we perceive a mass consciousness.

The ordinary mass consciousness
We had told you how your ants organise themselves and we had also told you that ants are directed by the queen. The queen gets a little more consciousness with each new ant that comes out of her burrow, because a queen ant is mentally intertwined with her subordinate ants. You can think of it as a linkage where the queen ant is at the top of a pyramid of communication and is always giving orders to a subordinate layer of ants. The subordinate ants will pass on these orders, but they are not directly directed by the ant queen, but these ants again have ants under them that are controlled on the basis of the orders. 

The subordinate layers act in the same way, so that the command of the ant queen is distributed further and further. You are generally familiar with this procedure, but you did not know how the ants do it. The queen ant is mentally entangled with all the ants in her structure, but her increased consciousness is not a result of the number of ants in her structure, but of the number of ants passing on the commands. If there are many ants in an ant colony commanding many ants, the queen ant has a greater consciousness than if there are only a few of these ants giving orders. The mental entanglement of the queen ant with these ants who command is also commonly defined as an ordinary mass consciousness, though we will still explain how you can think of this as an individual.

If you want to assume that the queen ant needs more space for her brood, then she will arrange for the extension of the anthill. To do this, she will think of more living space, just as you would think of a larger room when you want to put something away and notice that the storage space for your stuff is far too small. The ants that are located directly below the queen ant in the pyramid of consciousness will collectively hear the queen ant’s thought through the mental entanglement and they will begin to instruct their subordinate ants to increase the space for the brood. Since these ants are also mentally entangled with each other on the subordinate layer directly under the queen ant, they will plan the expansion together as one consciousness, so that not many ants individually plan the plan, but together they will plan the way forward. They do not perceive themselves individually as an individual, but they plan as an individual that has many interfaces with their subordinate situation. This individual of several ants then commissions several interfaces to the subordinate layer to take action. 

The queen also perceives her subordinate layer of ants as a consciousness, so she is aware of exactly what is being done. The consciousness subordinate to the queen ant will now command the interfaces subordinate to this layer. This third layer is populated by many more ants. This layer of ants does not have one consciousness on this layer, but the consciousness is clustered so that there are segregated areas occupied by a number of ants going about their own tasks. This layer houses a great many ants, which together represent one consciousness in such a cluster, so that a command from the higher layer is evaluated together, so that it can be decided what this consciousness will do next. Thus the command, thought by the queen, descends the pyramid of consciousness further and further until it actually encounters ants who will then do what is necessary to increase the size of the burrow. There is much more we could say about such an ant colony, but the real question is about something else.

Mass consciousness for intelligent species
When we talk about insects, we have talked about insects being individuals, but not in the way that you humans are. There are many insect-like intelligent alien beings with whom you can have a normal conversation telepathically. They have feelings just like you. They enjoy themselves just as you do, only slightly differently because their bodies have been given different settings than human bodies have. Why do we bring this up, the writer wonders? Because many insect-like beings have mass consciousness. These insect-like intelligent life forms also exist on Earth, or to be more precise, they tend to exist underground, as do most other extraterrestrial beings who operate an outpost on Earth. These beings are not inhabited by one incarnation, as is the case with you humans, but one incarnational consciousness is very large, so that this incarnation has created many partial consciousnesses, which then lie in many incarnational cubes to inhabit an insect-like being. For the sake of clarity, we must also say that it is not always like that, but for the sake of simplicity we want to leave it like that in order to describe many different species later on. You are currently making many assumptions that are so utterly wrong that we have to shake our heads when the writer once again reads something about extraterrestrial races. 

If an incarnation inhabits several beings at the same time, then they share a superior consciousness. How can you imagine this, we ask? Suppose you are driving on a busy road and someone in your car is talking to you all the time. In fact, your consciousness in such a situation is as follows. You have split your personality consciousness at least once so that you are concentrated in driving your car in the traffic and with the second partial consciousness you are listening to your passenger and also answering his questions. Two partial consciousnesses split evenly so that both partial consciousnesses receive the same number of fractals of consciousness would not strike you as a person at all. Both consciousnesses together are again your total personality consciousness, but you can hardly distinguish that if both had the same proportions of consciousness fractals. When would you notice something like this indirectly, we wonder? When the traffic needs more attention and the passenger’s questions may not be so important. Then, when you arrive at your destination, you may well remember the stressful car ride, but hardly remember the conversation with your passenger. If you have perceived something like this in one form or another, then the partial consciousness had fewer consciousnesses whose actions you can no longer remember exactly.

The incarnation that has outsourced equal shares of consciousness to several beings, because it inhabits these beings simultaneously, will be conscious in all beings at the same time, so that each being can be seen as a partial consciousness that you constantly produce during simultaneous activities. These beings see themselves as one because they think of something together. They know that they are thinking together and they perceive themselves as this superior consciousness. When a thought process has been completed, all beings have been involved, but they can hardly distinguish who contributed which thought to that thought process. These lives are extremely interesting because they live together so differently. We will report on this in detail in the series on the different species. When these beings experience something, they do not have to be physically together, but every experience is also automatically shared with the other beings. When we come to our last point, many readers will be disappointed, but we will go into more detail in other blog entries.

The human species and its consciousnesses
Every human being in your universe has only one consciousness inhabiting a human body. There is something similar to a total consciousness that can be shared by a group of human beings, but this is not, according to our definition, a mass consciousness in the true sense, so there will be better questions to come where we will go into such a so-called total consciousness of human beings. This, however, has nothing to do with the consciousness of humanity, as the writer has just assumed, but this form of a total consciousness presents itself in a completely different way.

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