A0550: Why are earthly humans the most extreme human race in the universe?

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Because Earthly humans were engineered that way. We say deliberately engineered because it also represents exactly what the Wingmaker did on your planet. Before there were modern humans on Earth, some human races were already present on earth, but they were only constructed so that it could be foreseen how the environment would react to such a being and how these human beings could exist in the environment. The first human beings on your planet were not yet inhabited by any incarnation, because they are only the beginning of a process that we will now describe so that you understand how every intelligent species on a planet is constructed.

When you have the knowledge of this, many scary stories will lose their luster, because you will be able to determine what caused these story writers to offer their far-fetched theories in book form. All intelligent species are engineered and there is not one intelligent species in your universe that has evolved on its own, but all intelligent alien species without exception have been conceived by the Wingmaker and applied to a being that most closely resembles the Wingmaker ideas. How can you imagine such a creation, we ask? First, we must explain the basis for such a creation so that you may have the background knowledge.

  1. The Wingmaker have an idea for a new creature and they begin to determine the purpose for this creation. Once the purpose has been determined, the Wingmaker will incorporate the outside influences into the development of the new species. By this we mean the following: Is the new species to exist on a planet similar to your Earth or can it inhabit more unfriendly planets? In which element should it feel at home? In the air? In another gas? In a liquid or somewhere else entirely? Why do people always think that there can only be living beings that need the environment you find on Earth? When the external circumstances have been clarified, then the form of the new species in all its stages of development will already have been thought through. When these points have been worked through, the next step begins, which we can only present in a very abbreviated form. The writer promised a long time ago to start a series on the origin of humanity, in which we will discuss these points in great detail, because there are many points of view that we do not want to leave unmentioned, so that you understand why the human species exists at all and what the Wingmaker’ reason was for creating this species. We continue with the second point.
  2. The Wingmaker will choose a planet where the environment is close to that which seems life-friendly for the new species. The Wingmaker have conceived of each life form so that for each life form there is a blueprint that not only describes the purpose of the life form but also includes all the evolutionary leaps that life form will go through. We also say that not everything is set in stone, so that there are indeed evolutionary intermediate steps, but they always align with the blueprint of the species, so that any apparent variance of a species is negated sooner or later. The evolutionary path set by the Wingmaker is then followed again. If a planet has been found, it will always be inhabited by animal life forms, which you will always find on similar worlds in one form or another. If there are life forms living there, then the Wingmaker will already know beforehand which creature the new blueprint is to be applied to, so that everything has already been planned before the first new creature even sees the light of day. How do the Wingmaker apply the new blueprint, you may ask? We’ll tell it very briefly, because we don’t have many lines left before the writer rings the end of this blog entry. They take a species and change the gene pool in such a way that the essence is closer to the blueprint, but does not fully match it. This is because every intelligent living being is always meant to be inhabited by an incarnation and we also have to admit, no incarnation would jump in at the deep end, so to speak, and inhabit a prototype without having important insights into how this life would develop. That is why the first living beings are only an approximation of the future species. The Wingmaker have conceived all universes, with everything to be discovered in them, so they act very professionally when a new species is created. These first beings have a higher consciousness than the species from which it evolved. That is why special astral realms were set up a long time ago where these prototypes cross over with their consciousnesses after their death, so that the so-called afterlife already comes close. Since the Anunnaki are an artificial species, which are also no longer inhabited by any incarnation, these creatures also cross over into the so-called beyond after their demise. The first prototypes will mostly prevail on the planet so that they are the dominant species. When the Wingmaker discover in the prototype species the characteristics they have devised for their new species, the next evolutionary step starts, which we will briefly address in the next point.
  3. The new species is created from the original being from which the prototype species descended. The prototype species was not just created once in one place, but many places on the planet were chosen and several different prototypes were created to determine the best settings of the new species on a planet. If there are several prototype races, how can the new species prevail, we ask? By making the new species created by the Wingmaker smarter than any other prototype race. This is by design and this time the Wingmaker will apply the blueprint of the new species to a primordial being on the planet. These new beings will then be inhabited by incarnations that have been specially trained to do so. We will explain exactly what this means in the series on the emergence of humanity. Over a long period of time, the species on this planet will prevail over all other prototype races, so that it will be the only race on the planet that can then continue to evolve. When the Wingmaker first applies the entire blueprint to a primordial being, this new, more intelligent race will spread very quickly, because intelligent life forms always seem very curious, so they will always advance to populate the entire planet. When the first race emerges, changes are still made to it by the Wingmaker over a long period of time, because the Wingmaker, despite their experience and foresight, cannot foresee everything. This is what happened to you earthly humans, which we will explain in detail in the series on the emergence of humanity.

Now why is earthly humanity the most extreme human race in the universe, the writer wonders? Because the Wingmaker have devised the blueprint of the human species in such a way that a physical being is almost like a spiritual being. What does that mean, we ask? We are spiritual beings and we could do many things in your universe that would leave you speechless. We could change your orbit around the sun with a thought. This would have catastrophic effects on Earth, but we would be able to do it. Almost every spiritual being is capable of such a thing, but it is strictly forbidden to us, and as you see, spiritual beings comply.

Because we are incorporeal, we also have no compulsions that corporeal beings have in them, which makes us not seem impulsive at all. Now imagine if the writer had this power. Even the writer could hardly restrain himself from curiosity and try out this power in one form or another. We are already saying that would end in disaster and no one wants to experience such a thing. That is why there are evolutionary stages that a species will go through, but not every species will reach the final evolutionary stage in its blueprint because there are factors that influence that blueprint. The most important factor is mentioned and then you will understand why you are the most extreme expression of the human species. 

You can transform feelings into the most extreme emotions and you are only able to do this because the Wingmaker have set the earthly body so extreme that you can produce the most powerful emotions. Why did the Wingmaker create the earthly body this way, you may ask, and we will explain.

Imagine if you hardly felt any great emotions, you would live a very quiet life. Society would also be very calm and peaceful. When everything seems calm and peaceful, the creatures in that society will hardly evolve, even if curiosity is strong in them. They know nothing else but this quiet and peaceful togetherness. They will only very slowly gain any experience, so that such a society will disappear one day without another species noticing. 

You earthly people are just the opposite and that is why your life is so feared among the incarnations in the spiritual world. You experience all the abysses that human life has to offer and these abysses are always the most extreme experiences that beings can ever experience. But you also experience the exact opposite of this, so that you as an earthly species can rejoice the most, only to feel the greatest hatred the next moment, which every being in the spiritual world fears the most. You can experience everything that human life has to offer in its most extreme form. This is only possible because the Wingmaker have set the earthly-human body so once. Because you can experience so many extreme situations in a single human life, you can also fully conform to the human blueprint one day, so that earthly humans can accomplish things on their final evolutionary stage that are actually only reserved for spiritual beings. You will still have a body that drives you to do things that are solely important to the body. This holds great potential danger, also for the spiritual world, so that today no one knows exactly what this will lead to. 

The human species has existed in your universe for a long time, but the Wingmaker have for the first time on your planet adjusted the human body so that you can not only feel the most powerful emotions, but also that in your evolutionary development you will one day be able to exploit the full potential of the human blueprint. It will be many millions of years before this happens, but all intelligent species already see this tremendous potential lying dormant in earthly humanity.

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