A0547: How can human healers support healing? – Part 1

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This is a very interesting question and we are very excited to answer it now. If you are a human healer because you have chosen to support other beings through healing energy, then you will proceed in the following manner:

  1. You choose to become a healer because you desperately want to be of help to other beings.
  2. You have asked for healing energy. What exactly do we mean by that, we ask ourselves? If you want to be a healer because you want to transfer spiritual healing energy into other living beings, then you do not have to attend seminars, nor do you have to perform rituals, but you simply have to ask for it. This usually happens in the following form.
    • The future healer will choose a living being that the future healer wants to flood with healing energy.
    • The future healer will lay his hands on the being. It does not matter whether this being to be healed represents another human being, an animal or a plant, but the will to heal a being is enough for the next step to be taken.
    • The future healer will ask in spirit that his bodily body may be used as a body-to-body interface for the spiritual healing energy. A spiritual being is also always a healer, but certain spiritual beings specialise in healing physical beings, so a spiritual healer will be present to observe the future healer’s healing experiment. If the spiritual healer recognises in the healing experiment the future healer’s wish to become a human healer, the spiritual healer will transfer his special healing energy via the human body into the body of the being to be healed. In the process, the following happens: The healing energy is transferred from a spiritual level, where an energy body of the future healer is also present, into this energy body. The healing energy floods the energy body of the future healer and since the energy body is a part of the human energy field, this energy field is energetically charged so that the so-called aura of the future healer shines. The body of the future healer receives some of this healing energy for its own healings and the remaining healing energy flows through the energy field of the human healer into the energy field of the being to be healed. The healing energy will support the possibilities of self-healing of the body to be healed. This is the so-called spiritual healing that everyone talks about but no one knows how it works. If the spiritual healer discovers a seriousness in the healing experiments of the future healer, then the spiritual healing being will be present again at the next healing attempt and will make its healing energy available.
    • When the future healer asks in spirit to be a body to body interface for the spiritual healing energy from a spiritual healing being, then the process just described starts. When the future healer lays his hands on a patient, the spiritual healing energy can be transmitted very well. At first the human healer feels small flows of energy in the hands, which will increase with time. But this is not so, because the human healer can only perceive his hands better and better with time. But what the spiritual healer does is to increase the energy density of the spiritual healing energy so that the healing energy appears more and more potent. If the amount of healing energy is always the same, then the energy density is responsible for how well a healing goes. Do not think that the spiritual healing being does the healing, but the spiritual healing energy has a consciousness and this healing consciousness knows very well how to use the potential of the healing energy, so that the human healer is only the body bridge so that a spiritual healing being can transfer its very potent healing energy into another being. The healing consciousness in the healing energy will initiate the actual healing, so that the human healer only has to maintain this body bridge.
  1. From this moment on, the future healer will try again and again to send this healing energy to other living beings, so that the spiritual healing being begins to support the future healer. By this we do not only mean providing the healing energy, but the future healer will be trained in many ways. This training is not only to increase the healing effect, but also to strengthen the being of the future healer, so that the future healer receives an accelerated development, which should bring out the inner being of a human being. This is where the big problems start, because things happen in these trainings that the future healer does not want to experience. We will come back to this point later.
  2. The human healer has been extensively trained and tested so that the potential in the transmitted amount of spiritual healing energy keeps increasing. The human healer should always try to present only this body bridge, because a human healer hardly has the means to determine exactly where the source of the disease lies. If the human healer would try to concentrate the spiritual healing energy in one part of the patient’s body by his power of thought, then the healing energy may only support there and since mostly only the symptoms of a disease are apparent, only these symptoms are supplied with the healing energy, but the cause of the symptoms still exists. Therefore, human healers should only flood the patient’s body with the spiritual healing energy, so that the healing consciousness can independently find the causes of the illnesses in order to actively support self-healing there.

We will need at least one more part to explain how the future human healer is trained and tested, so that we can also plausibly explain what a human healer can do to increase the healing effect of the healing energy passed on.

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