A0531: How can we imagine the diffusion of particle waves through the plane of quanta? – Part 6

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Humans have many ways in which they can attract their consciousness fractals, but the best method would be to collect new consciousness fractals, which you will receive in return as you evolve as humans. Every human being will evolve and in return you will receive more power from the Universe in the form of new fractals of consciousness which you will then add to your personality consciousnesses. No one is punished for doing nothing, but if you do nothing you can hardly evolve. If you are intensely occupied with something, you will deal with it again and again. If you do, you will constantly enrich your personality consciousness with new fractals of consciousness so that you can think faster and faster. It is not even important if these endeavours add value to society, it is only important that you work on something that challenges you. When you are challenged, you are also simultaneously training the attraction to your consciousness fractals so that you can quickly highly concentrate the remaining consciousness fractals of your personality consciousness around your body. Returning now to the level of consciousnesses, we will explain some more connections that have not been clearly described so far. 

The level of quanta is an energy field that carries all other energy fields within it. How can you imagine this, we ask? If you assume that an energy field is generated around a life form, because every life form generates an electric field, then this energy field is essential for the being, because the being will always exist in this energy field. If there were no energy field there, then the being would be dead because the body has stopped producing electrical signals. If the being is defined alive by the fact that it produces electrical signals, then when is a being really dead, we ask? When the being stops producing electrical signals, then the being’s body is no longer connected to consciousness. If the being appears dead but still produces a weak energy field, then the consciousness has not yet been separated from the being’s body. What happens when the consciousness is separated from the body, we ask? The consciousness will lose the attraction to the body because the body does not generate an electric field. The electric energy field around your body is what attracts your consciousness. If the electric field around the body decreases, the person loses consciousness more and more. If your scientists were to research this, many people could be brought out of comas because they usually have a problem with the body not being able to attract the fractals of consciousness strongly enough. If the body could be helped to strengthen its energy field, then most people would come out of the coma. 

If a person is very good at taking care of his body, then the production of the body’s energy field is also not a problem, but if people treat their body very badly, then the production of the body’s energy field will also suffer, so that these people do not become unconscious, but they suffer from strong disturbances that affect concentration. If you take care of your body, then so many diseases could disappear, but your lifestyle will always ensure that you will weaken this endogenous energy field. If you had something to support your energy field from the outside then you could become more conscious for the time of support and now you are wondering what that could be and we will tell you. When you carry crystals you are always charged by the vibrational energy because even a crystal that is considered discharged still gives off vibrational energy that supports you in strengthening your body’s energy field. Could you use crystals to help a coma patient come out of a coma, we ask? No, crystals can assist, but even a programmed energy crystal will not bring a coma patient out of deep sleep, but the body must be assisted to generate the body’s energy field properly again, then the consciousness fractals of the personality consciousness can also be gathered around the body again. If the body were to be supported in this, the person will awaken, as after a very long sleep.

What else do we want to tell you that you don’t know yet, we ask ourselves? There is a small peculiarity of the consciousness fractals that we want to explain. When the body attracts the consciousness fractals around it after awakening, not all the consciousness fractals are attracted by the body, but almost all of them. Now, if a few consciousness fractals resist the attraction by the body, what can be the reason, we ask? Many consciousness fractals will hardly budge when they are released from the body after falling asleep, because the body causes this release of the consciousness fractals. When the consciousness fractals are released, they are close to your body because a single consciousness fractal is you as a person, but that consciousness fractal thinks very slowly. When the body awakens, it will cause something in the energy field of the physical body to attract these consciousness fractals of the personality consciousness. Now if all the consciousness fractals exist around the body, then they could also be attracted very quickly, then why are not all the consciousness fractals attracted and why are apparently some of these consciousness fractals elsewhere, we ask? 

When you dream, you can remember it at least briefly after you wake up. We have said before, you can only remember it because the remaining sixth subconsciousness on the sixth astral plane attracts some consciousness fractals of the personality consciousness and you experience more and more consciously what your remaining sixth subconsciousness is experiencing there. Each consciousness fractal has memories that it shares with all other consciousness fractals that have the same identifier. Your sixth subconsciousness has such an identifier and each subconsciousness that emerges from it takes that identifier and expands it so that the personality consciousness has the identifier of the sixth subconsciousness and at the same time has an expanded identifier that uniquely identifies all the consciousness fractals of the personality consciousness. When something is experienced in a dream, this experienced information is stored in the respective consciousness fractals as a memory. When you awaken from a dream, these fractals of consciousness that were observing what was happening on the dream stage in the sixth subconsciousness are again attracted to the personality consciousness. If few fractals of consciousness stayed with the sixth subconsciousness, then only a few of these fractals of consciousness have a memory in their so-called memory store. 

When the human being awakens and becomes conscious again, these few consciousness fractals will share their experienced memories with all other consciousness fractals of the same identifier, but since there are only a few consciousness fractals, the memory is literally lost, so that the human being can hardly remember. But if the sixth subconsciousness had attracted several consciousness fractals, then several consciousness fractals will also share their memories after waking up and the human being could better remember what he experienced on the dream stage because they are always memories. If the sixth subconsciousness on the dream stage attracts very many consciousness fractals of the personality consciousness, then not only can you remember very well what you have experienced, but you become very conscious in the sixth subconsciousness so that you experience a lucid dream. If you know that you are dreaming, then you can attract even more fractals of consciousness so that you are even more aware and you move into the state that a true astral traveller holds. There is still much to differentiate there, but we will leave these statements as they are for now. When you are very conscious, during a dream, you are very consciously travelling on the sixth astral plane, because you are in every dream, every meditation and every astral journey. The only difference is how many fractals of consciousness the sixth subconsciousness has been able to attract from your personality consciousness so that you become more and more conscious on the astral plane. Every night this happens to you and just because some people cannot remember it, it does not mean that you did not experience anything there, but only that you gave up only a few fractals of consciousness for the dream stage.

Who decides how many fractals of consciousness are attracted to the sixth subconsciousness each night, we ask? We decide that as the spiritual guides of a person. When the so-called matrix has disappeared in a few years, then the future generations will not receive guidance from the spiritual world, because that will no longer be necessary at all. When the future persons fall asleep, they will be very conscious of this period of sleep, so that they will actually be consciously astral travelling on the earthly astral planes all the time. The future generations will have a different understanding of this when they talk about dreaming than you have because you are constantly being manipulated in this and this is also why the writer likes to kick our astral butts with his astral foot. There are some people who are fully aware of this but they can’t do anything about it and so they have to put up with it all. The rest of humanity has no knowledge of this and they do not care and so it should be, because the guidance you receive on the dream stage is always to further your humanity so that the society of earthly people becomes ever more peaceful. Once this has been achieved, official first contact is made with an intelligent alien species. After that, the earthly energy field will be transformed back to the original three astral planes and all future generations will not receive spiritual guidance as you currently enjoy. The so-called matrix does not hold you captive because an incarnation basically lives only one physical life. When the life has been lived, the incarnation has received so much growth that no further life will change it. 

Every being, whether spiritual or physical, is only given more power if it has learned something it has not mastered before. A single human life, no matter how boring, contains all the positive experiences you can experience. There are also negative experiences, but not a single being incarnates for them, because negative experiences hardly provide growth. That’s why you don’t incarnate another time, because it hardly makes a change and hardly any incarnation wants to do it another time. As a human being you would say you live more or less a normal life. An incarnation that looks at your life has so much respect for it because you experience emotions that would simply overwhelm any incarnation. That is why not many incarnations incarnate, because they are simply afraid of it. You earthly humans are even extremely courageous as incarnations because you have chosen a life on earth that is truly the most strenuous and dangerous life among all human life forms, but these lives, no matter how insignificant you would rate them, generate the greatest increase in power that you can receive for incarnating. 

We are coming to the end of this series and we would like to say one thing to you: if you think again about this so-called matrix, ask yourself why there are so many scary stories about it and then rate these scary stories in terms of suspense, entertainment and hideousness. If you will read a lot of all three characteristics in one story, then it is very likely that this scary story has been freely invented to guarantee just that, a suspenseful story that is hideously entertaining. This is the stuff from which the blockbusters are formed that you humans are only too happy to consume. If you only got to see the most likely thing in a blockbuster, which could be a real life event, then hardly anyone would watch that film. The so-called Matrix falls into the same category, so a scary story teller will only succeed with his readers if the scary story is exciting, heinous and above all entertaining. If a scary storyteller manages to combine all these characteristics, then his scary story is also read with pleasure, whereas another storyteller who presents the real events to his readership hardly produces these characteristics, because real life does not always guarantee suspense and entertainment, otherwise you would find yourself in a blockbuster film.

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