A0532: What is the truth of the inner earth theory?

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We tell you this: The inner earth does not exist as you imagine it, and this has to do with the fact that your imagination often runs away with you. When people report that they have been in underground bases that were shaped like a small world, it is partly so, but never to the extent that you assume. The beings that inhabit these underground blocks are not human beings in the true sense of the word, because they are fundamentally not earthly humanity. If we were to reveal to you what you could see below the surface of the Earth, you would be shocked, but we only report what we know. If we were to tell you of what you might see below the Earth, you would hardly believe us, but every word is true. 

When we look at your Earth, the crust is very thin compared to the diameter of the Earth, but it has so much space that there is room for whole landscapes of mountains below the surface. There are many large and natural cave systems, and within them many species have retreated, using this space to create outposts on Earth, independent of earthly humans. We have told you before, many species have an outpost on Earth because, in principle, any species is allowed to establish an outpost on a celestial body as long as they abide by the rules that are in place. Should they violate the generally applicable rules, then they will be expelled from this celestial body by the other species. The reptoid species, which is richly represented in this solar system, is particularly careful to ensure that all species abide by these rules. If the reptoid species notices a breach of the rules, then that outpost is warned. If the rule violation was serious or the species has repeatedly attracted negative attention, it will be ordered to withdraw from that area immediately. The reptoid race is technologically and mentally very advanced, so no one will go against their decision. That is why it is very quiet in your solar system, and it also has to do with the fact that you will experience your official first contact with an intelligent alien species in just a few years.

We now report on how it came about that large areas beneath the surface were colonised. We must, however, anticipate a series that the writer wanted to complete long ago but never got around to until now. The Atlantians have made sure that there are large cavities under the surface in certain areas on your planet. They have done many things that we will describe in the series on Atlantis, but their experiments have brought great disaster to this planet and some creatures from that time have found their way into these huge cave systems, so that there dwell creatures that could not be more animalistic. We will not go into these creatures further, however, because they will only play an insignificant role in this blog entry. The other species are much more numerous and they have developed the large cave systems very well so that they can also feel at home there. There are human species and non-human species present in these cave systems. If a species wants to set up an outpost on an inhabited planet, then the native species must not be affected by these visitors. If the native species has not yet experienced official first contact, there are even stricter rules that must be observed at all costs. Most human races abide by them and very few breaches of the rules are discovered. If we look at the behaviour of the non-human species, the situation is quite different, because most non-human species have a very different approach when it comes to contact with alien cultures and species. That is why you have many reports of bizarre creatures that have descended from the sky to promote the local culture. These species enjoy great respect in the universe, but they do not necessarily abide by the rules because they always see themselves as being in the right if they can benefit a society, so these species have to leave the planet at the latest when preparations are made for official first contact. These species left their bases on Earth thousands of years ago because it was decided in the Middle Ages that Earthly humanity should experience official first contact. That is how long you have been living on this planet with your so-called matrix, and only a few people really know what this matrix was created for and what it actually represents. However, we will now talk about the beings beneath the surface of the planet and we will start by describing some of these cave systems. 

These cave systems are very large, but no cave has a sun on the ceiling of the cave, so these reports are completely wrong. Nor is the gravity any different there, so the habitats do not continue along the cave walls either. The picture that the writer once saw, where the earth is hollow inside and there were large entrances at the poles, is completely absurd. The sun, which is supposed to be central in the planet, is also completely untenable. This fantasy product of the inner earth is so utterly false that we don’t want to start dissecting this story at all in order to wash your heads with it. We prefer to stick to the facts and these facts can be described briefly.

  1. There are secret entrances to these bases. 
  2. These entrances cannot be easily entered by people because these entrances have technology that you would consider magic today. 
  3. The bases are inhabited by species that are human and non-human in nature. 
  4. Hardly any earthly humans are to be seen there, because these species are also not allowed to establish contact with earthly humans. If they do, they are expelled from the planet by the reptoid beings. 
  5. The reptoid race represents the large number of inhabitants of the cave system and this reptoid race will take great care that nothing happens on Earth in the next few years that will disturb the official first contact with another human race. The reptoid race has been given the task of accompanying humanity on its official first contact and they are so powerful that no alien species would dare to do anything that could pose a threat to this first contact. 
  6. In a few years, when the official first contact has been made, these cave systems will still be inhabited and no human and no government will do anything about it, because the law in force in a solar system allows every species to have such an outpost. Humanity is indigenous to this planet, but it does not determine what happens to the planet because earthly humanity is still very inexperienced and underdeveloped. 

Now we will tell you how these cave systems came about and when the first species retreated into them. When the Atlanteans, in their arrogance, began to create creatures unlike anything that had ever existed before, they certainly did not want these creatures to be able to colonise the surface and be a danger to humans. When they were driven to create more and more new life forms, they looked for a habitat for these creatures and so they started to create the caves. By this time there were alien outposts of beings on Earth, but they colonised areas on the surface that were remote so they were not a disturbance. The Atlantians, like the Lemurians, accomplished a great deal with crystals, so the Atlantians had little need to develop technology. They used the crystals in such a way that stored energy was used to simply dissolve the earth and rock. This allowed them to create large cave systems quite quickly and easily. These cave systems still exist today and many alien races have expanded and developed the cave complexes. If you were present in these cave systems you would mostly see beautiful landscapes, because many alien races find beautiful landscapes very calming, but there are also very functional areas that do not look very inviting. These areas are mostly inhabited by non-human species. These non-human species would scare most people so badly that they are hardly ever seen. They know themselves what effect they have on humans, so they have not sought contact with humans for a long time. The reptoid beings are one of these species and no living human being will have seen a reptoid being and we don’t expect that to change any time soon. The bases of reptoid beings tend to be cave-like because, although they love nature, they hardly need nature for their well-being. With human races it is the other way round, because a human being needs nature in order not to literally wither away.

Humans are not allowed in these bases, so the reports of humans physically present there are basically false. There have been encounters by earthly people in these realms, but it has been so rare that it is hardly worth mentioning. If a human being were to attempt to experience these realms through an astral journey, what do you think they will experience there, we ask? We have already enlightened you as to what an astral journey is, and we have also said that the astral journey does not take place on the earth, that is, on your worldly plane, which you experience in the waking state, but when you dream, meditate or undertake an astral journey, you travel to the sixth astral plane, which is to be regarded as a reflection of your earth. But this astral plane does not reflect your plane of existence, because it is an astral plane on which consciousnesses create forms, and because your sixth subconsciousness is constantly aware of what you see on the worldly plane, it recreates your worldly world on the sixth astral plane. The alien beings know exactly what these astral planes are, so they make many mental arrangements for you to see on the sixth astral plane exactly what you are supposed to see. 

The extraterrestrial species also have to get to these places physically, and for this they usually use flying machines, which you call UFOs and which are very well described in terms of their flying qualities. However, a spaceship can do more than fly in zigzags, because a spaceship can pass through solid matter, which is why you cannot pass through many entrances, because you simply do not yet have this technology. UFOs usually don’t have a computer on board because the flying machines are mentally controlled. We have explained the principle in their principles in the series on programming crystals, and if you had the consciousness of extraterrestrial Beings, you would hardly need to develop technology, because you would be able to program crystals today, as the Lemurians and Atlantians did, as we have described to you. Then you will understand how the alien flying machines work. 

The creatures that still inhabit the cave systems will one day be extinct, because they are already very old, but we would rather report on that in detail in the series on Atlantis.

Question: Is any government or organisation in contact with the beings below the surface?
No, that is strictly forbidden because official first contact is imminent. They have been contacted by humans because of course they can be contacted mentally, but the reptoid beings forbade these contacts a long time ago, by that we mean the physical encounters. If a being under the surface is mentally contacted by a human, then it is only allowed to speak to that human in a very limited way because certain protocols have to be followed. We also say the following: If someone thinks they have mental contact with a being, from the so-called inner earth, then ask yourselves what such a being actually means to achieve with such a contact? If we tell you that these beings are not allowed to make contact at all, what kind of being could it be that seeks such a conversation? If you answer this question objectively, then your imaginative reports will make sense and we also think that every human being can be fooled, but when you have expanded your knowledge of the spiritual world, then you will see these stories from a completely different point of view and you will then no longer be intimidated by these stories, because they are mostly only imaginative stories that are not always spun by humans. 

Question: Are the Greys also present under the surface with an outpost?
No, the so-called Greys are no longer on Earth and this is for the following reason. The race of Greys cannot be considered together, so we would like to divide the Greys into two main races. First there are the classical Greys, these rather small Greys are very curious beings and they are often mentally very advanced, but this main race is not a human race, so there are still the tall Greys, which is a human species. This tall race of Greys is only sporadically represented on Earth, but the classic Greys were banished from Earth some time ago because they broke the rules. They were in contact with humans and they did a lot of things that were rather borderline, so the reptoid race made sure that the so-called Greys would not be allowed to come very close to Earth for the next few years. The official first contact is not to be further influenced by this race. This race is not diabolical, as you might think, but they have peculiarities that would currently cause more confusion than they would help. That is why all the races involved in the official first contact are very happy that these Greys are not allowed to come very close to Earth at this time. The Greys may not be of the human race, but they are exceedingly human in their behaviour, even though you often hear it otherwise in your so-called experience reports. Humans fear everything they don’t know and that is because the Wingmaker designed the human race the same way, which is what makes humans so successful. 

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