A0529: How can we imagine the diffusion of particle waves through the plane of quanta? – Part 4

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The human body is very special because the human blueprint envisages a stage of evolution where the human being will be able to gather a great many fractals of consciousness around a physical body. The more consciousness fractals that become conscious around your human body, the faster you can think. If you could think faster from tomorrow, you would do your tasks much faster and you would be able to comprehend complex situations because you would be able to absorb and process everything as information much faster. When you experience this increase in consciousness you could literally go through the roof. We will now explain why we mean this. 

If you awaken tomorrow and you could gather many more fractals of consciousness around your body because you have grown as a total consciousness, then you could instantly become astrally conscious and you could do your daily work and at the same time fully consciously astrally travel the seven earthly astral planes. Why are you able to do this now, we ask? Because you have more fractals of consciousness that are the engine of your thinking. When a single consciousness fractal is given a thinking task, that consciousness fractal will solve that thinking task in a certain amount of time. Now, if two consciousness fractals are to solve the same thinking task, then they will arrive at the same solution as the single consciousness fractal, but in half the time. If four consciousness fractals of yours were to solve the same thought task, they would only need a quarter of the time that the single consciousness fractal would have needed. Your personality consciousness has a certain number of consciousness fractals and this number will increase more and more in the course of human life, so that the human being becomes more and more conscious as he grows older. 

However, the increase in consciousness fractals does not only come from the fact that the human being gets older, but the human being always learns new things in old age and this learning promotes the attraction of consciousness fractals, because this attraction of consciousness fractals can be trained like a muscle. Through ageing and mastering mental exercises, man will automatically gather more and more fractals of consciousness around his human body, but mastering virtues will start a process that allows man to gather even more fractals of consciousness around his body and this happens completely automatically, so that it can be said: When a human being masters a virtue that the incarnation has not mastered before, the increase in power is multiplied. What exactly is multiplied, we ask? The new fractals of consciousness are multiplied. When you have mastered your first virtue, you receive more fractals of consciousness and you can think faster than before. If you were to master another virtue, you would multiply the fractals of consciousness by the factor of four that you received for the first virtue. If you were to master another virtue, you would again multiply the number of fractals of consciousness previously obtained for the virtues mastered by a factor of four. Thus it would go on and on, so that a person who has permanently mastered his virtues would accumulate a great many fractals of consciousness. This mastery of virtues will always lead to the person being able to grasp and process complex situations incredibly quickly. Furthermore, the person becomes more and more conscious in his or her existence, so that he or she can grasp many interrelationships of human interaction. If a person can grasp the goings-on of a society, then he sees more and more behind the façade of society and he quickly realises that many persons are driven by misconceptions that seem to paralyse them. These persons who have mastered many virtues are the great teachers of societies because they can understand why a society tends in one direction or another. These persons then have a heightened consciousness and since great consciousnesses always have an effect on lesser consciousnesses, these persons are respected by many other persons. Some of these persons develop into so-called gurus and other persons find their vocation in adding value to society in one way or another. Let us now return to the subject.

The fractals of consciousness gather around your body and you wake up from a sleep. When the number of consciousness fractals of the personality consciousness is increased more and more by mastering virtues, then man can think faster. If you are consciously driving a long distance in a car, you will be highly concentrated in driving that car. If you are thinking about something else while driving, then your personality consciousness will split and depending on what seems more important, the subconsciousness for driving or the subconsciousness for thinking will be larger, so that you consciously do two different things at the same time with two subconsciousnesses of your personality consciousness. Most of the time the smaller subconsciousness will be driving the car and the larger consciousness will be thinking about the things that are on your mind. You are aware of both activities, but when you are driving you are less aware than you are of the things you are thinking about. When you arrive at the destination of your journey, you will have thought about many things, but you will not know much about the car journey because the partial consciousness for the car journey did not have so many fractals of consciousness. If you take this example and say you master a virtue, then you could do that car ride again and you could also think about important things, only this time you have so many consciousness fractals that you could think about something else. You would be splitting the personality consciousness into three sub-consciousnesses at that moment, each of which would then go about its business separately, only this time you would be able to think about more than you did before. 

This seems incredible to you, but it works very well if someone has already mastered several virtues. Most people will not even master a single virtue, which is not required, but each person is free to choose to master one or more virtues. When a virtue has been mastered, the increase in fractals of consciousness is unmistakable, because that person will be capable of very much that seemed impossible before. 

Returning now to the plane of the consciousnesses, let us also elucidate what is responsible for the force of attraction with which the human body can attract the consciousness fractals of the personality consciousness. If the Earth had only three astral planes, as it did before the Middle Ages, then each subconsciousness of man would have more fractals of consciousness at its disposal than would be the case with seven astral planes. If your sixth subconsciousness had many more fractals of consciousness, then the personality consciousness in the sixth subconsciousness would have many more fractals of consciousness to work with. If your personality consciousness has more consciousness fractals, then you can think faster. If you can think faster, then you are capable of more. If you can gather more fractals of consciousness around your body, then you are more conscious in the body than if you have fewer fractals of consciousness. 

The first energy body processes your feelings into emotions and when an emotion rises within you, all the senses are stimulated. When all the senses are stimulated, then all the energy bodies will perceive their environment much better, and by that we do not just mean the mundane world with its material plane, but also all the astral planes of the earth. When you begin to perceive the astral planes mentally, then your consciousness will be united, because at the moment you consist of several consciousnesses. What does this mean, you may ask, and we will explain it to you with an example.

At present you consist of seven subconsciousnesses and if we look at the personality consciousness in the sixth subconsciousness, we also recognise its size in relation to the rest of the sixth subconsciousness. We do not want to look at the ego consciousness in the sixth subconsciousness for the time being. If the personality consciousness is compared with the rest of the sixth subconsciousness, then we would give the personality consciousness one third of the total sixth subconsciousness and the remaining two thirds are the rest of the sixth subconsciousness. If we look at the total sixth subconsciousness, then the amount of consciousness fractals is about the same as the consciousness fractals of the rest of the subconsciousnesses put together. 

You see, your personality consciousness is very small in the number of consciousness fractals compared to the total consciousness of the incarnation. Your total consciousness is only a small part of the incarnational consciousness that you represent in the spiritual world, but this is not very relevant for further understanding. If you can already do extraordinary things with your quite small personality consciousness, what do you think you can do with a consciousness when you can connect almost all the partial consciousnesses because you are becoming more and more conscious? When you experience great emotions, your senses become heightened and all the subconsciousnesses work very well together. When a force arises in your body because you want to trigger something through your thought power, then an emotion strengthens this thought power because it ensures that the energy bodies are synchronised. Then the subconsciousnesses in the energy bodies merge with each other for the duration of the emotion and your personality consciousness receives tremendous thought power which is used to strengthen the attraction of the human body. When the sub-consciousnesses merge for the duration of the emotion, the human body gathers around itself the consciousness fractals of the remaining sub-consciousnesses and the human being becomes more and more conscious in the body. When the human being is more conscious, the human being can also think faster and is capable of so much more, which was previously impossible. 

The human body determines how many fractals of consciousness are attracted around the human body. Usually when the body awakens it will always gather around it a great many fractals of consciousness of the personality consciousness, but the body can attract the fractals of consciousness of the rest of the subconsciousnesses when there is great emotion and you will be able to think faster and faster. If you can think faster, then you will perceive your environment in more and more detail. 

What does all this have to do with the so-called matrix, we ask? In the Middle Ages the earth still had three astral planes. People had many more fractals of consciousness in their personality consciousness that they could use for their mental abilities. The spiritual world was well connected with many of these people, so even then it wanted to transmit the knowledge of the spiritual world to people. Every human being today is accompanied by at least one spiritual being who tries to be of help to the human being, but this only came about when the so-called matrix with its seven astral planes was created. Before that, people were not guided in the way they are today. When people were not guided, the social system and ignorance led to people becoming more and more brutal towards each other, so that the Middle Ages were not called the Dark Ages for nothing. Whenever a species degenerates with its behaviour, the galactic community takes action and this inevitably always leads to an official first contact with an intelligent alien species. 

We have described the procedure of the official first contact in great detail in previous blog entries and we have also said that the procedure of the first contact is fixed, because this procedure is applied in exactly the same way for every species on all planets and the people of Earth are no exception. However, before the official first contact can take place, the energy field of the planet of the species is transformed so that the species can be pacified. The spiritual world will see to it that all incarnated beings receive spiritual guidance that is intended to promote the humanity of the incarnated beings, so that the society of the native species becomes more human, and in order to guarantee this, the native beings must think ever more slowly, so that they can perceive their environment ever more poorly. If they are less able to perceive their environment, then they are not mentally capable of many things that they can otherwise accomplish. If you are led because your society is to become more and more human, then it is not very advantageous if the led beings find out that they are being led. In order that you may not be mentally capable of so many things, the earthly energy field has been expanded from the original three astral planes to seven astral planes. Because more astral planes were created, the total consciousness had to expand from three to seven subconsciousnesses. Because each subconsciousness now requires fractals of consciousness, with seven energy bodies you have far fewer fractals of consciousness in your personality consciousness than you would have if you had only the three astral planes. 

The astral planes make you think slower so that you are not capable of so many things, because then you will find out that you are all being guided until the official first contact with an intelligent alien species has been made. When official first contact has been made in this decade, the so-called matrix will no longer exist because the Earth will realign its energy field so that the Earth will once again have the ordinary three astral planes, like any other planet where the species is not degenerating or has already experienced its official first contact. The so-called matrix will always influence the native species, but only until the time of official first contact, then this influence will disappear. All generations born after the official first contact will also not need the guidance that you are currently experiencing through the spiritual world. You are not trapped here on earth and you do not have to incarnate again and again. These are just scary stories concocted by people who are experiencing effects of the so-called matrix, but who do not have the background knowledge that you are getting through these blog entries, because you are being told exactly what these so-called effects are and how they fit into the bigger picture. If you didn’t have all this information, then it is very understandable that you form an exciting story around it, because only exciting stories are also read and when the story has been read, then the storyteller has to keep telling new stories that have to be more and more exciting, otherwise they wouldn’t be read any more. Think about it and look at all the horror stories about this so-called matrix, does one of these stories explain exactly why this so-called matrix exists at all and does it really make sense? 

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