A0528: How can we imagine the diffusion of particle waves through the plane of quanta? – Part 3

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If the energy bodies are responsible for you being more or less able to gather the consciousness fractals around your body, then we will also have to enlighten you as to what this so-called matrix actually represents, because this so-called matrix is currently responsible for you not being able to gather enough consciousness fractals around your body. If you could attract more consciousness fractals now, you would be able to think faster. If you could think faster, you would be able to do much more mentally, but your so-called matrix prevents this and we will now explain exactly why this is so. 

What is this so-called matrix, we ask? The so-called matrix is the earthly energy field of your planet. Every life form will generate an energy field around its body and your Earth is also a life form, although many people may smile now. Planet Earth is inhabited by a spiritual being just as your bodies clothe you spiritual beings for the time of incarnation. If the planet Earth corresponds to a life form, then that life form will form an energy field that will be placed around the planet, so to speak. If you look at the energy field of a flower, it is quite simply formed. If you take a higher life form such as a horse, you will perceive a complex energy field. If you look at the energy field of a human being, that complex energy field will be a copy of the earthly energy field, because you are the dominant species on this planet in terms of consciousness. The Wingmaker have devised many human-like creatures and many planets have the same types of animal races, so many life-friendly planets are alike. When the human blueprint is used to create a new human form on a planet, the Wingmaker superimpose the human blueprint over the blueprint of the human-like species and create the human species on a planet.

A human species will always prevail over all other non-human species because a human has a greater consciousness than any other lower life form. When man is created on a planet, man is given a human body that represents the characteristics of a human species. When man is created, the human body will have the same energy field of the home planet because a human race is coupled to the home planet and this is because the human body has a consciousness of its own which is integrated as a partial consciousness into the total consciousness of the incarnation for the time of the physical life. When the body dies, the body consciousness will return to where it came from. Where does body consciousness come from, we ask? A body consciousness springs from the consciousness of the homeworld. Every planet that appears to be conducive to life will sooner or later be inhabited by a soul. A soul has a very large consciousness compared to an incarnation, just as you are all an incarnation and not a soul. A planetary soul will split off many partial consciousnesses for the physical living beings, which will return to this planetary soul after the death of the living beings. Because the planetary soul provides the bodily consciousness, the human body will also always have the characteristics that the planet has, and this is also the basis for the assertion that all human beings are bound to their home planet. When the human being arrives on an alien world, the human being will briefly take over the other energy field, but the body consciousness is also strongly mentally intertwined with the home world and its consciousness, so that the body consciousness always aligns itself with the consciousness of the planet. What do we mean by this, we ask? If the planet consists of three astral planes, then the human being also has three astral planes, which are perceived in his energy field as three different energy bodies. If the homeworld has more astral planes, then the human species will also adopt that number. Usually a homeworld for human life forms has three astral planes and the human species has three energy bodies. If we take a closer look at these three astral planes, each plane has a purpose, which we will briefly describe. 

The first energy body
This astral plane is reserved for the emotions, so you can compare this astral plane with your own first astral plane. Strictly speaking, there is no difference at all. 

The second energy body
This astral plane connects all the astral planes together so that it corresponds to the solar plexus energy body, which we have already described to you in great detail. 

The third energy body
This astral plane corresponds to the sixth energy body and your energy node on the forehead forms the connection to it. 

We have now described all the energy bodies that, with their partial consciousnesses, make up your so-called aura. This energy field houses exactly three subconsciousnesses and the writer wonders what has happened to the seventh energy body, which represents the body, and we explain it to you. 

You are currently made up of seven energy bodies, which also correspond exactly to the seven astral planes of your planet. Each astral plane has a task, which we have explained in a previous blog entry. Each astral plane is inhabited by a partial consciousness of yours and because this consciousness of yours dwells there on the plane, it generates an energy body around itself, which you can detect in people. All seven energy bodies together create the energy field around your body. All seven subconsciousnesses belong to you and together they create the total consciousness of the human being. In your sixth subconsciousness there are several more consciousnesses that together make up this sixth subconsciousness. Let us take the ego consciousness, it is part of your sixth subconsciousness. Also part of your sixth subconsciousness is the personality consciousness that you are as a human being. Each subconsciousness is you, but the personality consciousness is the consciousness that grows in the course of earthly life and that is the consciousness you usually work with when you are awake. 

When the body falls asleep, then the consciousness fractals of the personality consciousness will detach from the body and they will dwell on the sixth astral plane without coalescing into one consciousness. When this happens, you lose consciousness and usually sleep. But when you dream, some of these fractals of consciousness will migrate to the rest of the sixth subconsciousness of you, because the sixth subconsciousness attracts these fractals of consciousness. If the sixth subconsciousness attracts only a few consciousness fractals, then you may not remember the dream at all or you may remember it poorly. If it attracts more fractals of consciousness, you will remember the dream well. If it attracts more of the fractals of consciousness, you will become conscious with your personality on the astral plane and you will experience a lucid dream. If the sixth subconsciousness were to attract all the fractals of consciousness from your personality consciousness, you would not only experience an astral journey, but you would experience it as consciously as you are now reading these lines. The personality consciousness is not the ego consciousness, so you are on an astral exploration without your ego. 

Now, if you accept that you are not seven energy bodies, but only three energy bodies, then each energy body has more fractals of consciousness. If you have more fractals of consciousness available in your personality consciousness, then you can think faster. If you can think faster, you are mentally capable of more. If your planet gives your human body a body consciousness, it will be smaller with seven astral planes than with three astral planes. What all this has to do with the fact that you now have this so-called matrix, we will reveal in the next part of this series, because everything has to do with how fast you can think. 

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