A0527: How can we imagine the diffusion of particle waves through the plane of quanta? – Part 2

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The plane of consciousnesses offers even more that we will now reveal to you, because you still have not recognised the causal chain that holds the Universe together. We have told you of how large celestial bodies create gravity through their electrostatic attraction, and we have explained to you that all consciousnesses are evenly distributed on the quantum level. Many consciousnesses exist there that you will never perceive because they are not present in your Universe. You also know that even every particle of matter is inhabited by a consciousness. If it were not inhabited by a consciousness, then you would hardly have anything like so-called gravity in your universe. Today we want to go deeper into the subject so that you will understand that your universe is so infinitesimally small that the spiritual world is actually hardly aware of all that is happening in your universe. When we have finished today’s blog entry, you will understand exactly why your Universe is being watched very closely, and it is only because the human life form exists, which to this day is absolutely unique among all physical beings. 

If the human life form is to be so unique, then we must also explain why this is so, and here we reach a point that we spiritual beings enjoy immensely, because we are allowed to explain to a human being why the human being represents something very special among all physical life forms. It took the Wingmaker a really long time to finish thinking up the blueprint of the human being and the whole spiritual world was very amazed at what a human life form will be capable of because the potential of the human life form is almost inexhaustible. Imagine a situation like this. You are at home and someone knocks on the door, you don’t have to open the door because you are standing in front of the door. Now some readers think that the writer has made a mistake, but that is not the case because the human blueprint provides for something that has never existed before and the writer is pushing us again because we are supposed to get back to the actual topic, but we are in the middle of it so we will just continue reporting now. 

The blueprint of the human species provides that when a human species has evolved to the point where it uses the full potential of the human blueprint, then that species will be so powerful, almost like a spiritual being is. Now you must be wondering what is so extraordinary about this and we will explain. We are spiritual beings and any one of us could appear on Earth and do incredible things. We could move your moon into another orbit with a thought. We could also create a new planet or we could destroy an entire galaxy with a single thought. This is hard for you to imagine, but we are working with the writer so that you will understand all of this. If we were to change or destroy a galaxy or even a place on your planet because we had an unthinking thought, we will be punished for it. We have already told you about life in the spirit world and our punishments may seem mild to you, but we are immortal and not corporeal, so punishments are handled differently in the spirit world. Back to the topic.

Now, if a human being were able to appear in a place just like that, with his human body, you would be amazed. If man could materialise something out of nothing, you would also be amazed, but if man could create his own world, that sounds incredible, doesn’t it? But man will indeed be able to do this and how he can organise this we will reveal now, even though we have already revealed some parts of it in other blog entries. In a few million years, when Earthly humans have evolved to the point where Earthly humans can fully realise the potential of the human blueprint, then the Earthly species will populate your entire universe and all other human species will intermingle with the Earthly species because Earthly humans are indeed special. We have touched on this subject many times and only the writer knows exactly what it means at this time, so we also want to give you the opportunity to delve into the subject. 

When you speak of the alien races of the Grey’s, very few people know that some of these alien races are equivalent to a human race that is much older than the species on Earth. You are a very young human species. When we marvel at the alien Grey’s, we also know what they once looked like and how their appearance and abilities will evolve in the future, because this information is already available. It is available for every living being because the blueprint of a being has all the evolutionary stages of development. By this we mean the following: In each blueprint, not only is the current appearance and abilities of a species stored, but the entire evolutionary cycle of that species is encoded in that blueprint and we, as spiritual beings, can read that blueprint, like a book, so that we can see all the evolutionary milestones of a species. 

We also see exactly where the earthly race of human beings will develop towards, because the later appearance and abilities have long been predetermined. You will evolve into a human being that you can compare with the white Grey’s you are more or less familiar with. These tall Grey’s used to be very similar in appearance to you humans of today, and in the course of time they have also mixed with many other human races. Their present appearance, however, was already determined at the time when the Wingmaker first announced the human blueprint to the spiritual world. You are also of the human species and you share the same blueprint as the tall Grey’s, so over a long period of time you too will evolve towards these tall Grey’s. This is all given, but something differentiates each human race and that is the potential of their consciousness, because different races harbour different potential in their consciousness. 

How can you imagine this difference, we ask? Imagine again this bucket of water and when you distribute the particles of consciousness in it, they are evenly distributed in the plane of the consciousnesses. Now if you had chosen these colour particles in such a way that there are small iron particles in the colour particle, then you could hold a small magnet in one area of the water bucket and around the magnet the consciousness fractals around that body are attracted so that a partial consciousness of the total consciousness has gathered around the body in the plane of the consciousnesses. Because so many fractals of consciousness have been focused in a narrow space, the partial consciousness there is very aware. The magnet can be seen as the human body and the colour particles correspond to the consciousness fractals of a consciousness in this analogy, but do you not wonder what has caused this magnetic attraction around the body, we ask? No? But you should, because that is the reason that the terrestrial species will dominate the entire universe in a few million years. By this we do not mean that the earthly species will oppress all other species, but the human species of earthly humans will be the most widespread human species. Non-human species will also continue to be present in the universe, but the human species will correspond to the race of present earthly humans, which over time has interbred with all other human races throughout the universe. However, the attributes of earthly humans will always override the attributes of non-earthly humans because earthly humans have been configured to fully match the blueprint of humans so that the full potential of that blueprint can be utilised and this has everything to do with why a small magnet can pull together so many fractals of consciousness. 

We have already spoken to the writer about why earthly humans can accumulate more consciousness fractals around the human body in the future than any other human species would ever be able to do. That is why we can also proclaim that future earthly humanity will be the crowning glory of creation, because there are countless human races in your universe, but only earthly humanity has the potential to fully live up to the blueprint. 

If we now return to our bucket with the dispersed consciousness fractals in the water, the magnet attracts innumerable colour particles to itself by a magnetic force, so that the consciousness has been focused on the magnet and is therefore more conscious in this area than in all other areas of the water bucket. What drives a fractal of consciousness to wrap itself around a human body, we ask? Consciousness is also always energy, so a consciousness is the accumulation of energy forms. An energy form is unique, just like consciousness, so we can also say that each consciousness corresponds to a unique energy form and the fractal of a consciousness reflects this uniqueness. You are unique, but you are made up of a myriad of consciousness fractals that are very much mentally entangled because an energy form has the peculiarity of gathering in one place when it is not influenced by other consciousnesses. If each particle of colour in the bucket of water represented a magnet, what do you think would happen to a single consciousness in the plane of consciousnesses, we ask? Nothing? That would be wrong, because one consciousness would begin to collect all the fractals of consciousness through electrostatic attraction. Sooner or later, the consciousness would be focused somewhere on the plane of consciousnesses. If you now mix a second consciousness with its colour particles in the bucket of water so that both consciousnesses would be evenly distributed, what do you think happens now, we ask? They gather again into one or more consciousnesses, some people may now think, and they are only partly right, for something extraordinary happens. Both consciousnesses begin to attract their fractals of consciousness, but they are also influenced by the respective other consciousness, but not in the way you are thinking now, because the attraction under one form of energy is much stronger than towards another form of energy. That is why each energy form tries to attract its fractal consciousnesses, but at the same time these fractal consciousnesses are also attracted to the other consciousness, just not as strongly. Eventually, these two consciousnesses will stick to each other like two balls of consciousness in the bucket of water. However, this is only the case with a few consciousnesses in the bucket of water, because very many consciousnesses in the bucket would influence each other so strongly that hardly any movement would be visible. The principle should be understood so that the attraction of the energy forms plays a big role in how many consciousness fractals a consciousness can pull together on the level of the consciousnesses. 

We as spiritual beings can focus very many of our fractals of consciousness and you humans can focus very few fractals of consciousness because you are not able to increase this attraction. If you had more fractals of consciousness that you gathered around your body, then you could think much faster. If you can think much faster, you are mentally capable of much. We have told you that if you master virtues, you will be rewarded and receive additional power. That power is that you are capable of more than you were before. When you are capable of more, you think faster. When you can think faster, you have more of your consciousness fractals gathered around your body. If the increase in power is an increase in fractals of consciousness, then the question is still not answered as to why you are suddenly able to strengthen your attraction to the fractals of consciousness and here we finally come to what makes you earthly humans so special.

It is the human body that is different from all human bodies from all other worlds because the Wingmaker have constructed this earthly body so that earthly humanity will one day be able to increase the pull on the consciousness fractals in a way that no other human species could. We have always said that earthly humanity is the most brutal human species in the universe and that has to do with the fact that through your human body you are able to experience the greatest emotions that any human species in your universe can experience. All other species also know emotions, but not to the extent that you earthly humans are able to. Your earthly body forms an emotion from a feeling of incarnation, because spiritual beings have feelings, but they do not know emotions and earthly humans have the most powerful emotions, that is why you are so unpredictable and cruel. You will still experience these emotions in the future, but you will be much better at dealing with them. Let us return to the subject. 

Humans can create a certain attraction between the fractals of consciousness through their blueprint and this attraction is given by your energy bodies, which has been refined by the Wingmaker for the Earth species so that you can send out a very strong attraction. 

We will look at this in more detail in the next blog entry so that you will all understand exactly what the human body is and what you would be capable of if official first contact had happened long ago, because your energy bodies are currently set for first contact and you are even more impaired than you would otherwise be.

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