A0526: How can we imagine the diffusion of particle waves through the plane of quanta? – Part 1

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The quanta do not exist, but the quantum plane does, because there is a realm in which the consciousnesses play a major role. We have told you that the plane of quanta is a realm in which your consciousnesses experience mental entanglement. By this we mean the following: Where are your consciousness fractals, we ask? They are on the quantum level and actually this level should not be called the quantum level but the consciousness level because there is much going on there that still seems like magic today. When we talk about the quantum level, we mean the level of consciousness fractals, and because everything has a consciousness, everything will also be present on this level of consciousnesses. 

Every leaf of a tree is connected with its consciousness to the tree via this level and every cell of your body is connected to each other via this level, because all consciousnesses have something in common, they are mentally entangled. By this we do not mean only the consciousness fractals of one person, but all consciousness fractals of all beings are mentally entangled with each other on the level of the consciousnesses. Everything that exists, even if you cannot perceive it, is mentally entangled with each other on the level of the consciousnesses, therefore even a thought of another person is enough to establish this mental entanglement. By this we mean the following: When you meet a person, the consciousnesses connect on the level of the consciousnesses. The more often the consciousnesses connect with each other, the stronger this mental connection is and if you are very strongly connected mentally, then one person feels immediately if the other person should feel bad, because the consciousnesses are very well connected with each other. If the connection were only one-sided, because one person fancies another person, then the connection is not so strong, so that the fancied person spends a lot of mental energy to be mentally close to the fancied person, but the fancied person does not reciprocate this connection, so that there cannot be a strong mental entanglement. 

The level of the consciousnesses has even more to offer, so we will briefly talk about the so-called gravitation, which we have already mentioned in detail before. When two consciousnesses think of each other, it is to be regarded as so-called gravitation, because the thought force of the person creates an electrostatic charge so that they will literally attract each other. We once presented to you the analogy of the water bucket with the dissolved consciousnesses, whereby you can interpret the consciousnesses on the level of the consciousnesses in the same way. 

Imagine you have a big bucket of water. This bucket represents All That Is, so the water is the plane of the consciousnesses. If the water is pure, then there is not a single consciousness in this plane of consciousnesses. Now take several bags of colour particles. Each bag is a different colour and each colour represents a consciousness in this analogy. When you look at a consciousness, you see that the consciousness is made up of very many colour particles of the same colour. If each colour particle corresponds to a fractal of consciousness, then a consciousness is made up of countless fractals of consciousness. If you now take a small bag and pour this consciousness into the plane of the consciousnesses, then the bucket of water will be enriched with the colour particles and if you stir the water, then the consciousness fractals will be evenly distributed in the plane of the consciousnesses. The water would now be evenly coloured by the colour particles and the consciousness in the plane of the consciousnesses would perceive the entire space of the water because the consciousness with all its consciousness fractals is evenly distributed. If you now pour another consciousness into the plane of the consciousnesses and mix it, then these colour particles will also distribute themselves evenly. Now there are two consciousnesses on the plane of the consciousnesses. Both consciousnesses have the same amount of consciousness fractals, so they are also equally distributed, in the plane of the consciousnesses. If a third consciousness is added, and let us assume that this consciousness does not have as many consciousness fractals as the first two consciousnesses have, then several different consciousnesses will be present in a certain volume in the water. The first two consciousnesses are represented there with the same amount of consciousness fractals and the third consciousness is represented there with fewer consciousness fractals. If each consciousness is mentally entangled with its consciousness fractals, then in the bucket of water all the consciousness fractals of a consciousness would have an electrostatic attraction with each other with its consciousness fractals. This electrostatic attraction prevails in the entire area of the plane of consciousnesses because consciousness is evenly distributed in the bucket of water with all its consciousness fractals. If there is electrostatic attraction in the whole bucket of water, then all other consciousnesses are also influenced by it, so that they are not only influenced by this consciousness. They themselves are also mentally entangled, so that they also influence all other consciousnesses with their electrostatic attraction. All consciousnesses influence each other because they all occupy the level of consciousnesses equally with their consciousness fractals. 

One consciousness has more fractals of consciousness than another consciousness, so it can occupy more spaces. If every consciousness is represented everywhere in the space of consciousnesses and all consciousnesses influence each other, because every electrostatic attraction between two consciousness fractals leads to another mental entanglement crossing somewhere between these consciousness fractals, then eventually all consciousnesses will be interconnected in some way, or as we like to say: The consciousnesses on the level of the consciousnesses are mentally entangled with each other because the electrostatic attraction of two consciousness fractals corresponds to a gravitation that you can measure. If gravity is the mental entanglement of consciousnesses, then large bodies in your universe attract each other only because a massive body has very many particles of matter. If very many particles of matter exist in a narrow space, then they emit gravitational waves, which correspond to electrostatic attraction, and since all consciousnesses are mentally entangled with each other, because they exist uniformly in the plane of the consciousnesses, it must be different in your universe than in the bucket with the colour particles, because they are all found evenly distributed in the bucket. But if there are large, solid bodies in your universe, how can there be an even distribution at the level of the consciousnesses, we ask? All the particles of matter in your universe are still evenly distributed with their fractals of consciousness at the level of the consciousnesses, but they are also not just a fractal of consciousness in your universe, but consciousness now inhabits solid matter. 

They are two different planes of existence and just as your consciousness clothes itself with a human body, a consciousness also clothes itself with a particle of matter. Depending on how much electrostatic attraction the matter particle is to give off, that is how much consciousness it will receive. If you now wonder why the matter particle is not consciousness, but the matter particle is inhabited like your human body, then we say the following to these inquisitive persons: Matter is energy, so that a particle of matter also brings a consciousness of its own accord, but this consciousness is so small that hardly any electrostatic effect will emanate from this particle of matter, but in order that different basic types may become existent in your universe, these particles of matter have been given a consciousness of different sizes, which inhabits these particles of matter like a mass consciousness. There are different forms of energy and these forms of energy represent certain particles of matter as a basic basis. However, in order for them to be able to provide proper gravity, they are additionally inhabited by a small consciousness that is much larger in comparison than the consciousness of the energy form that this matter particle already brings with it. If a particle of matter has more consciousness, then it also has a stronger electrostatic attraction to other consciousnesses, so that the physical property of a particle of matter depends on how much consciousness inhabits that particle of matter. 

In an experiment, when you focus your attention on the experiment, the mental entanglement at the level of the consciousnesses will cause the attraction between your consciousness and the consciousness of the experiment to be strengthened, thereby your consciousness fractals will form a connection with the consciousness fractals of the experiment, and because a connection of bodies always causes the attraction to be strengthened, the greater consciousness changes the electrostatic attraction between the observer and the experiment. The experiment now experiences a stronger gravitation and therefore the results of the experiment also change, because the consciousness is enriched by the observation, with the energy of the observer. If energy equals consciousness, then the observer with his much greater consciousness has ensured that for the time of observation, the experiment has more consciousness. 

If a light photon receives more energy, then it will also behave differently, which you can also observe again and again in the observed light-splitting experiment. The light photon is very light, so it has hardly any mass. If it has hardly any mass, then the electrostatic attraction is also quite low and the light photon therefore also has only a very low consciousness. If you have a very large consciousness in relation to a light photon, then you can also easily influence the experiment through the electrostatic attraction of your networked consciousness fractals. If you take something that has more mass for such an experiment, then the effects will also be less and so all consciousnesses on the level of consciousnesses attract each other. If a consciousness is widespread on this level of consciousnesses with its consciousness fractals, then this consciousness can also have a lot of effect on other consciousnesses because its electrostatic attraction is stronger on this level than from smaller consciousnesses. 

We would like to write several more parts on this subject and ask the writer to make a series out of it. 

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