A0248: How do the Archons Live? – Part 3

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The Archons are very progressive and we say they are several hundred years ahead of you, but they developed the technology in a very different way than you might think. Think about when and how technology came to you humans. Then you will arrive at a point when not only forging has entered your life, but had to be organized as big cities because goods had to be procured for people. Food must reach people quickly enough so that it does not spoil. The industrial revolution has fueled all of this on your planet. If people had not emigrated to the cities, you would still travel by horse today and you would have a simple life that would depend on the seasons. Everything you have been doing since these days is only aimed at providing people in metropolitan areas with the “necessary” things.
The archons live a different life. They don’t need a lot of things and what they actually need is in their well-kept gardens. They don’t need clothes and they don’t need possessions just like people collect everything and move from one place to another. They need little and only work if it contributes to the common good. When the first archons were able to process the first ore, they immediately had an idea of what could be made of it, namely garden tools, because the archons spend most of their time in their gardens.
Goods in themselves did not exist because there was no need for goods. Weapons had only been used to a limited extent at that time because all arguments with the body were fought. They were not the first to develop weapons, but garden bones, because all they have done is taking care of their garden. When the Archons had developed more and more devices, one day they realized that these devices could also be used to build large metropolitan areas. They expanded their buildings underground and now it was necessary for these residents to be supplied with goods. This then produced an agricultural economy that, like people, must be coordinated and logistically distributed. This has led to moving devices that can actually not be compared to anything you have on Earth. When the metropolitan areas were supplied, the first organizations emerged, which can be seen as advice from archons who administer the area. Much was developed at the time, which, like humans, meant that beings became dependent on goods that they had to purchase. Since archons are not doing regular work like you humans, archons had to work for organizations so that organizations could exchange their goods for goods that in turn supply the working archons with the food they needed.
This was also the time of the great wars, because when the first organizations had problems with the supply of the working archons, the first major war was held, which was responsible for a lot of suffering. The archons were hatred by these circumstances, so that they gathered and went to war against the other organization. Here, many developments were quickly made that completed the arsenal. Since no organized wars had been waged before, it was never necessary to develop weapons, as has happened to humans. Now the situation was different and the technology, not just weapons, has increased enormously. Much was developed during this time that still exists today. Archons are not as curious as you humans and they only develop something when it is necessary. They are extremely clever and have an extraordinary understanding and because they have no ego, technological advances can only be compared to humans to a limited extent. They develop everything that is necessary, everything else is not necessary for their continued existence and is therefore not examined.
When archons develop technology, they do it with organizations. An archont comes to an organization because it lives in the area that is managed by that organization. Many organizations have specialized and are always structured in the same way. There is a council that administers itself and is responsible for the well-being of the archons who live in its area. Archons can live in areas that are not managed by an organization, but like humans, Archons are drawn to these metropolitan areas.
When archons develop something, there is always a reason, why did they move in space, we ask? The raw materials have not been the problem, everything they need is in abundance, so there has to be another reason for it. We’ll give him away too. The Archons have spotted foreign objects that they did not know. They had already developed something that can be compared to an airship transporter, but these spaceships were strange to them, so they started to find out what these strange flying objects were all about. There was contact with beings before that did not come from this world, but that was rare and when the great wars started, the high-level species visited the planet to see what the native species was doing there and how far they were advancing technologically were. This has been repeatedly observed by the archons, so the necessary technology has been developed to get to the bottom of it. A lot has happened during this time and like humans, spacecraft have been developed and the Archons have traveled to the neighboring planets. The neighboring planets were home to creatures that resembled archons, but were not as progressive and did not have this aggressiveness. These beings were suppressed and mistreated because the archons did not see them as complete beings. The beings were not very numerous and quickly disappeared from the planet. The advanced beings that the Archons had observed quickly realized that the Archons are a dangerous species. The peoples of the surrounding systems have come together to stop the archons. The message was understood by the archons, and because they see no need to expand into space, they remain in their system and maintain something like diplomatic contacts with other species. Whenever archons are on a patrol, by that we mean space, they never leave their solar system. They have no need for you to do research because they don’t have that kind of curiosity like other species.
What they love to do is show fights. As with almost all species, males have to assert themselves in order to get attention in a female. The archons love to fight for fun, they usually do not exaggerate it, but like a well choreographed theater performance, they show their special fighting techniques to make a positive impression on the female archons. As with people, something like this also backfires, so that many of these representations are followed by loud laughter. Since archons have no ego, most of the performers find their stage performers to laugh themselves, so that there is always a very exuberant atmosphere in these performances. If an archon has an idea, he immediately implements it, otherwise it is not important enough for an archon. Since archons have no ego, their thoughts are not filled with useless things, so that an archont actually always stays in the middle. When archons are excited, there is always a reason. This excitement automatically spreads to everyone present and we say this principle can be used very well for emergency aid because archons are only excited when it is necessary.
When an Archont has free time, he goes to his garden or nature. How do the archons live in these metropolitan areas, we ask? The metropolitan areas are above and below ground. It is almost like a termite building, they have a very sophisticated ventilation system and there are large areas above and below the earth that are reserved for nature, so that nature can also be enjoyed in the metropolitan areas. Archons swimming, we ask? No, archons generally cannot swim. If they had to, they would swim, but they don’t do it voluntarily. The body does not have to be cared for in the way that you humans do, but they care for themselves. You do not need a shower and many household items that people use are foreign to the archons. When archons visit another archon, it is common for the host to give the guest a gift. These are often plants that are given to the guest so that this plant can be planted in the guest’s garden. On a return visit, this plant is admired. Do the archons have musical instruments, we ask? Yes, but they are very primitive instruments, but they make a nice melody for an experienced archon. They don’t sing, they hum, they like to do this in groups, even without musical accompaniment.
Many archons also think about people because people are generally known for archons. What you refer to as “demon” or “devil” is the Archon people. When an archon tells a scary story, there is usually a human-like being in it, so that people embody evil for the archons. We have already mentioned that loving archons unintentionally entered into a relationship with a hating person. For a long time, the archons did not understand what this terrible human creature actually represents, so everything that is bad was connected to these people. If the archons discover a danger to the family, then they have a reason to investigate the danger. Many archons have tried to find out what these human beings are. Under normal circumstances, you cannot connect with other beings as people with spiritual beings practice. Many attempts have been made to provide archons with information from humans so that they can consider whether humans are an imminent danger. Whenever archons have connected with a person mentally or through technological aids, they have entered into a connection with a hating person because only hating people offer these possibilities. When they started to research humans, they quickly saw a danger in these beings because the hatred of these people was too much even for an archon. This confirmed their horror stories and strategies were quickly devised to protect themselves from people. Since an Archont can never exist on the level of existence of humans, all efforts went to nothing, so that it was finally realized that humans are terrible creatures, but they do not pose any danger to the Archons. The archons stopped their efforts and the contact to humans was apparently stopped.
As on Earth, the Archons have secret societies, and few of these societies still deal with humans. These societies are still trying to make these contacts because they still hope for clarity about the human race. Many technologies have evolved and many archons understand humans much better, but much is still a mystery to archons because they simply don’t understand why humans do so many things that archons don’t. They do not know what the spiritual world is, but like many people, countless spiritual beings are present with the archons to support the species in their development. Many inspirations and experiences should also take away the fear of humans, because like with humans, states of fear can manifest themselves in Archons, not as strongly as in humans, but nevertheless so intensely that the spiritual world also tries with Archons, to clear up this misinformation about people.
In the next part we will explain the Archons in their current form because these species have had many evolutionary leaps in their development.

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