A0240: Who was Nefertiti?

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Nefertiti was the wife of a great pharaoh and she was his main wife. She was beautiful, but the bust in Berlin does not show its true face because the bust was created much later. Nefertiti was not of earthly origin, although she was born on earth. Many legends describe her as beautiful and indeed she looked beguiling, but she was out of this world. Her parents came to earth to train people. She was not yet born at the time and was raised on earth by her parents after birth. Her parents were influential people who looked little different from the locals, but they were very powerful. Not only could they communicate telepathically, they were also able to influence objects through thought. It was a huge advantage that they often use to become respected people. The locals knew that these people were different, but there were a lot of differently people these days, so they didn’t attract any attention. Nefertiti had a carefree childhood, her parents taught her well, so she was very intelligent. When she met her future husband, she did not know who he was and everyone was amazed that he would become the future pharaoh. Nefertiti fell in love and her parents didn’t want to stand in the way of happiness, so they left the planet so that Nefertiti could receive their fate. Nefertiti knew very well that her parents and she were not earthly people and she was blessed with the abilities of her race so that she could use all of this for the good of the subordinates. Her happiness was short-lived because many dogmas stood in the way of her and her husband. Ultimately, her husband was poisoned and Nefertiti lived a lonely life, their son together became Pharaoh, so that she sought her luck in the support of her son. Her grave is never found because one day her relatives picked her up from the planet. Her son had not inherited all the skills and he ruled the country for some time until he died too. Nefertiti lived with her kind for a long time and all the busts do not live up to their true beauty, but even then there were many extraterrestrial beings on earth, who are also mentioned in the stories. Nefertiti not only stood out for her beauty, she also did a lot of good that justifies her name being equated with the big names in your history.

We are still telling something to those who know, you will find something about Nefertiti in one of the three pyramids that will surprise many. The pyramids are much older than you think at the moment and if rooms are found that seemingly have not been entered for millennia, many puzzles are solved and one of them has to do with the origin of Nefertiti. These spaces will soon be discovered in quick succession and the story about Egypt will then have to be rewritten because the evidence does not permit anything else.

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