A0241: Are fear and love the same thing?

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No and yes, they are partially the same, but when a being feels love, different frequency patterns in the frequency spectrum than in fear. How do these feelings resemble each other, we ask? They are similar in which mechanisms are activated in a human body. When someone feels fear, the body is extremely stressed and when someone feels love, it is as if the fear moves in the opposite direction. Almost all mechanisms in the body are reversed, so to speak, and love and fear face each other. It would be best if people were in the middle of these extremes, then no extreme could dominate, because people who are overwhelmed by love are just as insane as people who live in fear. Always choose the middle, then you can briefly fall into one or the other extreme, but you can quickly find out again. Nobody is good at living only in love or fear, everything needs a balance.

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