A0239: What are Archons for beings?

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We start by explaining what different frequency bands exist by allowing intelligent species to develop. Once this is understood, many of your imaginations can be put into the right light and you will then understand that there can be no evil at all, but that everything, like life itself, is always like you for a reason perceives it. If you would look at everything from our perspective, you will quickly come to this realization, so we will now describe this topic in detail and be sure that many of you will not like our explanations, they are conclusive, but they contradict your current “knowledge” and many of you are proud to have apparently obtained this “knowledge”, but if you objectively compare our knowledge with your “knowledge”, you must come to the same conclusions sooner or later.

The human frequency band is unique and we also say that each species has its own frequency band in the frequency spectrum. The frequency spectrum describes everything that is. Every being is included in this frequency spectrum and each being can be clearly identified by a frequency band in this frequency spectrum. Man has such a frequency band and the archons also have such a frequency band. Other beings also have frequency bands, but today we only deal with humans and archons. A frequency band is an area in the frequency spectrum. The frequency spectrum is constructed in such a way that it starts at a low frequency and ends at a high frequency. The limits do not mark the frequencies that exist, but limit the range of frequencies in which intelligent life can develop. A distinction is made between spiritual and “physical” beings. Spiritual beings are represented in the entire frequency spectrum, that is, the frequency band of a spiritual being starts at the lowest vibrating frequency in the frequency spectrum and ends at the highest vibrating frequency in the frequency spectrum. All other beings are mainly represented with their frequencies in a certain part of the frequency spectrum, so we speak of these beings having a certain frequency band. Humans and Archons have very dominant frequency bands, but they are far apart in the frequency spectrum. What does that mean exactly, we ask? The farther apart the frequency bands of species, the less likely these beings will ever meet, because your frequency band also corresponds to the level at which you exist. If someone wanted to “meet” an archon, the person would have to change their natural frequency to the frequency band of the archons. This is usually not a problem for you, because on your level of existence, certain feelings ensure that the portions of your natural frequency deflect in such a way that these “peaks” actually reach into the frequency band of the Archons.

What does that mean, we ask? Each species behaves differently at special moments. The human being is designed to swing from one extreme to the opposite extreme, that is the essence of the human being. In one moment a person is overwhelmed with incredible love and in the next moment instead of love there can be abysmal hatred. This is very typical for humans and the human species on earth is notorious for this behavior. No other species behaves like humans and it is especially true for you on Earth. So if you are notorious for this, then such behavior is also reflected in the frequency band. The so-called peaks, which can be interpreted as frequency fluctuations, can be seen particularly strongly when a person changes in one of the extremes. If you are calm and you are in the middle, there are no peaks in the frequency band. When people feel love, the partial frequency in the frequency band swings in the higher frequency direction.

Since humans can love like no other embodied being in the universe, the peaks also swing extremely in this direction. When this happens, the frequency of love dominates so strongly that man no longer appears to be responsible. If a person feels hatred, the partial frequency for hatred also turns out, but this time in the opposite direction, so that the peak reaches in the low-frequency direction. Since love and hate are to be equated, the person who hates is also to be judged as not responsible.

It is the same with the Archons, they are also capable of great emotions and can love or hate almost as much. If archons hate, the peak of the sub-frequency points in the direction of the low-frequency and if they love, then in the higher-frequency direction. They love and hate just as much as people. If a species has its frequency band in the higher range of the frequency spectrum and a species has its frequency band in the lower range of the frequency spectrum, then they love and hate the same, only on a different frequency range. A loving Archon mother is indistinguishable from a loving human mother. Nothing differentiates them and we tell you, there is no difference in behavior between you humans and the Archons. This relates to the good, as well as the bad. They are just as reprehensible in their actions as you humans in the same situation, but they are also able to do as much good as you humans. They look different and their culture and social form is different, but otherwise you are the same in most respects.

Why only, do people have such an unspeakable fear of these beings, we ask? Because you see your reflection in these beings. These beings are as extreme as you humans. Let me tell you, you humans are one of the most brutal races in the whole universe and everyone would be afraid if you could already travel the universe. Fortunately of all alien races, you are not yet able to do so and when the day comes, you have already developed a lot as a human race and you no longer pose this danger. If you are now facing a race that could be just as brutal, you would fear it. Indirectly, you already fear them and the archons fear you, because you hold up the mirror to the archons and they see in you the same brutal species that they are themselves. They are just like you and they are technologically more advanced than you are. They cannot increase their natural frequency so that they can exist in your frequency band, but they are able to detect the peaks of the people in the frequency spectrum and thus by their own frequency increase, they hit the peak between the frequency band of the archons and the frequency band of the people. If the Archont experiences love and seems just as irresponsible as a person who feels hatred, then these peaks can meet between the frequency bands. If the loving Archont meets a hating person, this connection can only end in disaster for both because the loving Archont feels the hatred of the person and the hating person does not want to be disturbed in his hatred by love. These connections have been repeatedly discovered by many archons, so that they wanted to track down “alien hatred”, because they are more technologically advanced, they can connect to people that is made possible by technology. However, they do not manage to increase their frequency into the human frequency band, so they always wait for a person to feel profound hatred so that they can connect briefly and technologically. Once they have “latched onto” this peak, they can look for information in the nature of the human being in order to understand the human being and to ensure that the human being is not a threat to their species. If a person hates, the “information” in the person is colored by hate, so we have to say that they fear the people. If you humans are more technologically advanced, you will eventually develop a method of communication to communicate with these beings, until then these beings are more afraid of you than you are of them, and we can say that fear is absolute on both sides for no reason, because one side like the other cannot do anything to the other.

Now we come to a topic that is often discussed in the same context. The topic is the so- called occupation of humans by other beings. We now say, with a serious expression on the face, there are no occupations and without exception every person who thinks that at some point in their lives they have been occupied by a being for a short or long period of time has never had an occupation because there are no occupations at all as you currently define it. These horror stories are absolute humbug and yet there is something true about them. We now explain why these so-called occupations occur and what effects these so-called occupations have for you.

First we have to explain what you currently understand by occupation and then we explain exactly what happens with a so-called occupation. People believe that if a spiritual being so desires, this being can take over or partially influence a person. By being connected to a person, the being can control the body or mind. These castings can lead to insanity or even death of a person and everything to do with it is reprehensible and always bad. This is roughly how people imagine a so-called occupation. If a person actually thinks he is occupied, it is even true because a person’s thoughts always lead to a manifestation.

You are now a person, but actually you are an incarnation in the spiritual world that has temporarily embodied yourself as the person you are now. If you are again the incarnation in the spiritual world and you “think” a chair on the level you are on, then this chair will exist on the level. If you thought the chair very precisely, then this manifestation will last for a long time at this level. If you are a person, you are also a spiritual being who also has a solid body on earth. Your ability to manifest is still preserved, only you are not so good anymore. But if you put a lot of effort into a manifestation as a person, you can still do it. If you underpin this effort with strong feelings, then you can manifest wonderfully. If you love, you are not accountable, so your unconscious manifestations always have to do with love and you don’t suddenly decide to manifest a chair, but you only perceive something about the object of your desire has to do. If you hate or fear, it’s similar. Fear will unconsciously manifest things that are related to fear. This mechanism applies to love as well as to lower feelings. If a person is afraid of something, then they are not accountable and they will manifest this fear, in the strength in which they feel this fear. If someone is really afraid of an occupation, they will manifest it in one way or another in a day, although an occupation is never possible, as you currently believe. If the person loses fear again, the manifestation will also dissolve again.

But did we not say that there are no occupations, what are these occupations supposed to represent, we ask? We are the masters and teachers of this writer and we are able to make him believe that he is occupied. We have done that in the past and let’s say the struggle was epic. The writer was confused and developed countless strategies to find out the secret. We did the best things with him and he always countered superbly, he had to face the situation because he had no official contact with us at the time, but he always suspected that it was not as we were wanted to be believed. We reached deep into the bag of tricks when he then blocked all our attempts to deceive him by simply ignoring us and only addressing the questions and answers of the group questions with us, we had to admit defeat and yet we were all over Line successful. The writer took on a task when he incarnated on earth, he wanted to bring the knowledge of the spiritual world to earth. If someone incarnates on earth who wants to do something like this, then he needs someone who also gives him the information. We as his masters and teachers are his source of information. Nobody, we say almost nobody speaks to his masters and teachers like the writer, because this is not intended at all, but the writer needs this direct connection for his tasks. Everyone who wants to achieve something has to do something for it, this also applies to the writer. He had to earn the connection to us, for which we have tested him in the past years. When the tests were almost over, the writer decided to give us a choice, either these tests end immediately or he stops all efforts. He knew exactly what we were behind, but he also knew that he could not prove anything. The writer is very stubborn and we knew he was serious, so we stopped and finished the rest of the tests in “secret”.

Why do we tell all this, we ask? Because every person is incarnated with at least one master at his side without exception. All masters have the task of teaching their protégé and in the vast majority of cases, everything they experience is owed to your master and teacher. Everything you dream, what you perceive in meditations or other activities, is always directed by your masters and teachers. Every out-of-body experience is initiated and monitored by us, almost all conversations you have in connection are either we or we direct and monitor them. The writer often complains to us about everything that has to do with his perception of the spiritual world, because he knows that always, we almost always say, that we are responsible in one way or another. If we think the writer should pursue a certain thing that is written in his life plan, then we add to it, by that we mean the following: The masters and teachers have many rules that describe what they can and cannot do. One rule is that we should never say directly what is previously written somewhere. If the incarnation of the writer has set itself in the head before incarnating that the writer should experience a parachute jump, then we should under no circumstances tell or “show” him directly that he should perform a parachute jump so that this item on his list can be ticked off, but we can give him hidden clues that he must discover himself and the solution to take a parachute jump must be found by the writer himself. This is absolutely important to know and now it is clear to one or the other why they have strange experiences, because their masters not only teach them constantly, but also because they always leave clues that should be found and solved.

In many cases, the masters and teachers are responsible for ensuring that a person has an “occupation” because for some reason the masters and teachers think that the protégé will learn from such a situation. There are no classic occupations, there are beings who “latch on” to a person for a short time, but this is never to be equated with a occupation. The archons can latch onto people for a short time, but only as long as the person’s frequency changes to the low-frequency range. If they no longer feel strong hatred, the connection is cut because archons cannot increase their frequency so much.

You have learned a lot today, perhaps you will no longer be so afraid to hear the word Archont or the word occupation because none of your previous knowledge about it is correct.

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