A0238: Who was Rasputin?

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This is a very good question because Rasputin was a person who did a lot that was long forgotten. Rasputin was envied by many officials at the Tsarist government and many were jealous of him, which led to his downfall. Much is said of him, but most of it came from the mouths of these jealous court officials. They were so devoured by envy that they can ultimately be held responsible for Rasputin’s death. Rasputin had a very good relationship with the tsar family and rasputin was very concerned that the tsar family was doing well. He knew something bad was going to happen and wanted to prevent the tragedy. In the end, he couldn’t, but if the court officials hadn’t been eaten up with envy, the world would look different today and we say the tendencies were good, but things turned out differently. The tsar family knew that Rasputin was special. Time and time again people appear on earth who could do something special, but not every one of them can make it this far. Rasputin would have become such a person and his righteous actions could have been great, global in scope, which would have prevented a great deal of suffering. It did not come to that, it is always due to the free will of the beings who have to be respected by all spiritual beings. Rasputin was neither a womanizer, nor did he drink excessive alcohol. He was a powerful healer with clairvoyant abilities. He knew what was coming and he did everything he could to prevent it. Did he foresee his death, we ask? No, but he sensed this possibility and yet he put the lives of others above his own. When he died, he was celebrated in the spiritual world for what he got there despite all the odds. He is a powerful incarnation that has experienced immense growth through earthly life.

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