A0237: Are there people who are not ensouled?

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We start with what it means to be ensouled. Many of you believe that this term means that a being has a soul, that is completely wrong and we also explain why it has to be wrong.

When a being decides to live a physical life, it wants to gain experiences that enable the being to become extremely powerful. An incarnation incarnates into a physical being because an incarnation is an independent being in the spiritual world. The frequency spectrum of the incarnation is able to carry out the process of incarnation. A soul that created an incarnation would also be able to do this, but the human body has been conceived by the Wingmaker in such a way that an incarnation of its energy balance and thus of its frequency spectrum can very well incarnate in this human body. On the other worlds, there are other “conditions”, souls can live a physical life there, but on earth it is invariably only possible for incarnations, which is why only incarnations will “inhabit” an earthly human body. We say inhabit consciously because that’s exactly it. If no incarnation were to inhabit a new body, consciousness would develop normally, without which there is apparently no connection to the spiritual world. Technically speaking, a person who is not inhabited by an incarnation can hardly be distinguished from a person who is inhabited by an incarnation. If a person is inhabited by an incarnation, not only does consciousness develop differently, but an inhabited person never comes to the worldly world alone, but every inhabited human life has at least one master at his side. We are the masters and teachers of this writer. We were chosen in the spiritual world by the Institute of Incarnation to support the writer in his life so that he could develop in such a way that someone in the spiritual world would say that the writer is still a spiritual being after death the being that is incarnated before. What do we mean by that, we ask? The writer has developed into the person he is now in his life years. But by nature, that is how he behaves in certain situations, he is quite close to the nature of the incarnation that he was before he was incarnated. If an incarnation decides to incarnate into a physical life, then this being practically ceases to exist because after the death of the person, the spiritual being from consciousness is the person from earth. You as a person do not disappear after death, but you are the new incarnation. So that you are not someone completely different from the previous incarnation, you are bound to one with your frequency pattern to develop exactly as it was the previous incarnation and on the other hand you have us as the masters and teachers of one person who ensure that you continue to adapt to your previous incarnation and that you also experience what you chose for your life plan before incarnating. We will ensure that you experience what you wanted to experience, that can be stunning moments or sad moments, but all moments let people grow and should support them, even if the writer does not always want to accept it and we therefore have many discussions had. You become more and more the incarnation that you were before incarnating, but you remain the person that you are. You will not wake up one day and be someone else, but you will carry out this transformation process for a lifetime.

When you died, you experienced incredible things. It just seems like a normal life to you at the moment, but if you are an incarnation again, it was by far the most important and greatest thing you have ever experienced in your entire life. It will remain that way until the end of time because in direct comparison, every being in the spiritual world leads a very boring life, so that it can be said that life on earth is the greatest adventure that an incarnation will ever experience. Nothing, but nothing at all in the spiritual world can be compared with it and almost all incarnations fear the earth so much that they prefer to incarnate on planets that are very boring but very peaceful. The growth that an incarnation experiences in such a life is much less. Incarnations only incarnate because of growth. Growth is something that is experienced always and everywhere. Every moment, every experience generates this growth, no matter whether you are a spiritual or a worldly being, but the growth that an incarnation experiences on earth cannot be compared to anything else, so the brave choose life on earth. In general, an incarnation may incarnate only once on earth and we also say that only the fewest incarnations incarnate at akk and only a small proportion of these incarnations actually choose the earth. Once an incarnation has lived a physical life, it will usually never incarnate again because they simply don’t want it. You then experienced so much growth that all other beings in the spiritual world perceive this growth in the frequency spectrum. Every spiritual being in the spiritual world can immediately recognize when someone has been incarnated and especially the incarnations that were incarnated on earth can be recognized immediately by their frequency patterns in their frequency spectrum.

An incarnation will never experience as much growth as in a life on earth, but also incarnations are afraid of “disappearing”, so we make sure that you develop into a person who comes as close as possible to the incarnation. Your basic tendencies were given to you during the incarnation by the incarnation, so that you are already of the “basic being”, but life changes people, so that many spiritual beings try to guide you back on the right path. You see, a lot is being done for you, but what are these so-called people who are not ensouled, may you ask yourself? These people are not inhabited by an incarnation, so their consciousness develops normally and they are not led by masters and teachers. There are not many people on earth who are not inhabited and the few people develop completely normally. The guidance that these people experience is given by the innumerable spiritual beings that constantly exist unseen around you. Sometimes these people’s lives don’t go the way someone would imagine them, but it’s the same with people who live there. If anyone wants to commit an iniquity, all spiritual beings have to accept it because every being has free will that all spiritual beings have to respect. Just because someone seems angry, nobody can assume that this person is not inhabited.

We are now announcing that we will no longer use the word ensouled in the future because this word is a misinterpretation that only causes confusion. The word inhabited seems to be much more suitable and fits the facts better.

The people who are inhabited also commit many cruel deeds. Many members of the angelic group are among them, very few members from the demon group, because they are under special observation and many of their abilities are contained. If you were able to statistically determine who appears to be worse, an uninhabited or an inhabited person, you would be amazed to find that the inhabited people are worse and now hold on to your chair, the members of the Angelic faction are the worst.

There is no point in trying to categorize people according to whether they are inhabited or not because there is nothing to indicate what you can determine. We as multidimensional spiritual beings can immediately recognize whether a being is inhabited or not. It is immediately recognizable by the frequency patterns in the frequency spectrum, but we make no difference in this. You should stop categorizing the beings around you, no matter what a being is from or whether it is inhabited or not, the only thing that counts is the actions that a being performs. How it behaves towards other beings, only that counts alone and there, uninhabited people are better positioned than inhabited people.

Now what happens when an uninhabited person dies, we ask? The uninhabited person has developed normal consciousness, but is not inhabited by an incarnation. When this person dies, consciousness does not transfer back into an incarnation, but for this consciousness there is a level in the spiritual world on which they continue to exist normally. This is neither heaven nor hell because these places do not exist at all, but it is a level that seems to be like your world and the people wake up there and immediately know who they are and what has happened. They know they are dead and exist on a spiritual level that offers them many opportunities that they did not have on Earth. We would say that the beings live a peaceful life because there are no hardships and arguments are unnecessary because there is everything and therefore there is no need for such a thing. Life on earth is certainly more exciting and eventful and we would think that many are bored. These deceased have no way to develop because they can never incarnate in a physical life, they become more mature, but this cannot be compared to the development of an incarnation. They also never develop the skills of incarnations that gain power through growth while having new skills. All these things are denied to these beings, they often travel to the other levels of the spiritual world, but they do, we accomplish out of body experiences, they are only ever present with part of their consciousness and can only watch, but that gives them great joy, so that it can be said that they are always astral.

There are many beings that are not inhabited, which is also due to the fact that the races have genetically changed their blueprint so long that they can live for several thousand years. No incarnation wants to inhabit a body for several thousand years, so that almost all of these beings are not inhabited. There are exceptions to everything, but in general it is.

Why is a human being not inhabited, we ask? Some incarnations decide to live a physical life as a person. They are extremely brave, but sometimes, that is rare, they get scared and do not want to go back to life. What do we mean by that, we ask? When the incarnation lies down in the incarnation cube to incarnate, it switches between the unborn child and the incarnation body, it wakes up, so to speak, and has the opportunity to rethink everything. When the child is born, the consciousness remains permanently in the physical body. A lot has happened before the incarnation lies down in the incarnation cube to incarnate. The incarnation has created its desired life plan, with all its optional paths, it has decided which body it wants to live in and for this the beings in the institute have taken the life plan as a template and shown several physical lives as a prediction of the incarnation. Many lives are intertwined so that all incarnations can experience what they want. Everyone has free will, so many optional paths are provided for this. If after the first awakenings the incarnation decides not to live this life because it simply becomes afraid, the institute of incarnation asks the soul of the incarnation if the soul could have another incarnation of it to live this life. If there is another incarnation, then the new incarnation takes over the life plan of the previous incarnation and lives life. Rarely is there no further incarnation of the soul, then some inconspicuous changes are made to the body so that the unborn life can develop its own consciousness. The soul receives karma because the uninhabited person most likely does not carry out the life plan that was previously worked out. However, many other inhabited people are linked to their own life plan, to the now unavailable life plan of the uninhabited person, so this is a disadvantage for these people. The soul of the incarnation that has withdrawn must provide a balance to the souls who are affected by the no longer existing life plan. The incarnation that has withdrawn has no disadvantages because of it, but lives its normal life in the spiritual world. There are other situations that result in a person not being inhabited by an incarnation, but the example above is the most common, and we reiterate that this is extremely rare and you could never determine whether another person is inhabited or not.

We hope this explanation gives you an incentive to think carefully about how the spirit world works at all. We insist that not everything you know about it is wrong, but neither is it correct. We are obliged to pass the information on to the writer as truthfully as possible. None of this represents the spiritual world differently than it is, but it is also a process to let you grow with it, so that over time we deepen the individual subject areas. This knowledge can later be seen as a guide, because even if the writer continues to bring the knowledge to you for the rest of his life, it can never be complete. Therefore, a lot of information is reproduced in such a way that you can understand it.

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