A0236: Why are beings several thousand years old?

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There are different races and the differences also relate to the life expectancy of these beings. You humans have a very low life expectancy of around 126 years. If you lived healthy, each of you could live to be at least 90 years old. Would you live on a planet where the climate seems to be more Mediterranean then you would all be at least 120 years old, but why this limitation in life expectancy, we ask? Man should no longer live, that was decided by the Wingmaker, but why, we ask again? Because an incarnation doesn’t want to incarnate that long. We have said many times that the earth is feared to incarnate in the entire spiritual world and nobody wants to be incarnated there longer than necessary. Everyone who chooses the earth has the highest respect for life there and the earth is the most brutal place for human-like beings. The incarnations only want to stay on Earth for as long as is necessary to generate great growth. If the Wingmaker had given earthly humans a life expectancy of several hundred years, no incarnation would consider this life, so humans do not live that long. Even if time hardly plays a role in the spiritual world, incarnations will include the lifespan in their planning. If people were to live longer, genetic help would have to be given, then one day, fewer and fewer incarnations would be ready to incarnate as earthly people.

There are numerous beings that can live longer than a few thousand years. What about incarnations here, we ask? Some of these races are not ensouled, and when these beings die, their consciousness does not rise into the spiritual world. When they are born, consciousness will develop quite normally and we would say that if there were ensouled and non-ensouled beings among them, no one would notice a difference, but all of these beings are not ensouled because no incarnation wants to live a life for so long. There are exceptions, but these are not the issue today.

Why are there any beings that live so long, we ask? In principle, there should not be such beings and how earthly people will exaggerate genetic experiments in the future, so other races have experimented with themselves and found out how they can extend their own lives. One day this led to the fact that no incarnation wanted to incarnate in these beings, it was also forbidden by the spiritual world so that other races would not take an example. Do these long-lived beings know that they are not ensouled, we ask? Yes and no, some beings are aware of this and some don’t care at all. These beings actually die forever, and their consciousness does not completely disappear, but these beings can never become an incarnation or soul. A level has been established for the consciousness of these beings on which they can continue to exist, but they are not able to travel to the spiritual levels, nor can they develop further. We would actually compare it to the afterlife that most people talk about, they live on another level without ever developing. Are these dead beings able to travel astrally, we ask? Yes, if they exist on this level, they can travel astrally and we also think that many do it steadfastly to escape their boredom.

Isn’t it unfair that these beings can only exist at this level, we ask? No, why should it be unfair if an incarnation does not want to incarnate there, then it is up to the race to change the conditions. Sounds strange, but it really is. If beings make themselves unattractive for incarnations, then the spiritual world cannot help it, we cannot force the incarnations to live these long lives, even if these lives are usually not as dangerous as life on earth.

How does the aging process work for these beings, we ask? These beings do not grow up any differently than beings of the kind when there was no such long life span. When the beings are fully grown, the aging process stops and the beings are in a stage of the young adult for a very long time. They usually age very slowly, so that a knower can determine their age, just as you humans can do with each other. When they reach a certain age, the aging process starts again and they grow older faster than the lifespan before. Many beings can then be euthanize because they simply don’t want to anymore. That sounds cruel to you, but if you grew up in such a society, it would be a blessing for you.

What else happens to such beings? Their reproduction process is interesting. Most breeds no longer reproduce naturally, so that mostly the male beings are impotent, but this does not apply to the female beings. Sex is not as important in these societies as it is with you humans, but these beings also enjoy togetherness, only differently and we also say that they lack nothing. If beings of these breeds are injured, their regenerative possibilities are very pronounced, so we would say that the beings are naturally very healthy. Most of the time, it is human-like beings who have granted themselves this lifespan, so that we can reveal that the Anunaki belong to this group of beings.

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