A0235: What is the difference between the human mind and human consciousness?

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The human mind describes the form in which man exists. By this we mean the following: When a person dreams, he is usually not aware that he is dreaming, his memories are also impaired in this state, so that it can be said that the person in the dream is not himself, but his basic tendencies are present. Everything that man does in a dream is based on these basic tendencies. If a person does not behave correctly in a dream according to your understanding, then man also behaves in real life because his basic tendency tends to do so. We emphasize once again how people act in dreams in dream situations, stipulates their basic tendency, we are not talking about the dream situations that we create as the masters and teachers of the person on the dream stage. We can hold the mirror up to the person, so to speak, when we create situations on the dream stage that show the person what basic tendency the person has in real life. However, this does not mean that the person acts in real life as in a dream, but here we speak of the human mind, which overwrites this basic tendency. If a person has a good grip, the human mind can dominate in real life. If a person lets himself go, we mean that the person is relaxed and acts from the gut, then the basic tendency dominates and someone could say that this person is very authentic. The basic tendency also shows itself from a terrible side, so that the person accomplishes reprehensible things. The human mind is constantly expanding, so that in the course of a lifetime the basic tendencies or the human mind dominate. If a person is very much in control, it can also mean that the person knows or suspects their basic tendencies and therefore does everything that these basic tendencies will never dominate. The basic tendency does not have to be destructive, so that there are also people who are afraid of being who they are and therefore let their human mind dominate.

The human mind is bound to the human body, so the human mind ceases to exist with death. The human mind is not the so-called ego, but the ego is again a separate form that exists in the human mind. When you die, real consciousness will dominate. Consciousness defines you as a spiritual being, we would argue that you are in the basic form of this consciousness. When you were created by the soul, the tendencies of how you would behave were also adjusted. This process has created the basic tendencies. These basic tendencies are present in the consciousness and you as beings learn to live with them. You as the incarnation are pure consciousness, as a human being you have the human mind, which uses the consciousness of the incarnation as a basis and thus has also adopted the basic tendencies. Just as you act on earth as a human being, you have also acted as a spiritual being in one form or another. But we have to make a big difference in this comparison. If we say that you act similarly as human beings and incarnations, then this comparison would not be entirely correct. A demon who guards the spiritual world order just like the devils and angels has been created in its basic tendencies to prefer the most brutal approach, which makes it seem very aggressive and unpredictable, but demons do as much mischief as the devils and angels, they are just different in their approach. So if someone has basic tendencies that other beings would judge to be aggressive, it does not mean that the being acts according to its basic tendencies, but the opposite is often the case, because these beings know their basic tendency, they have done everything they can to that these basic tendencies never gain the upper hand. In the spiritual world it is consciousness that controls this. As a person, depending on your consciousness, you have the human mind, which learns how to deal with these basic tendencies. Many have it very well under control. Some who are not very well under control fall to an extreme, so they are able to do something wonderful or reprehensible. There are many people on Earth who have extraordinary underlying tendencies, no one can predict how these people will deal with them, but most master these basic tendencies in a way that someone would say it is a lovely person.

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