A0234: The Moon – Part 5

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The moon inhabitants are very special when it comes to who can visit them. The entrance passages are well protected and hidden so that unwanted beings cannot gain access to the lunar bases. We believe that they are currently insurmountable for you humans because most beings can practically walk through walls. If you want to walk through a wall, you need a door or a window, if an extraterrestrial being wants to walk through a wall, then you only need some technology and the being literally walks through this wall. This also means that the many entrances are not corridors in the proper sense, but are created temporarily, when the being has walked through, the opening disappears and the undamaged wall remains standing and does not allow people to pass. This technology is also used at many entrances to the lunar bases and we also think that there are countless rooms on your planet that were built exactly the same for you people. Whether a room, a hall or just a small area was created for a book in the rock, who does not know where the exact location is, will search in vain for a secret passage. The moon bases are so protected, but only for beings who are as backward as humans. Anyone with this technology would be able to get in anywhere, even in foreign bases, so there are many security mechanisms that are in place to prevent an unwanted visit from appearing.

If the moon dwellers want to visit another base, then they register beforehand, mostly the beings are not refused, but if someone has already been noticed negatively, they can be denied access. Each base performs different tasks, some tasks are assigned by the Moon Council, so we would say that each base has some tasks to do that benefit all moon inhabitants. If a group refuses to perform its tasks, this can lead to the group being banished. There are no bored lunar inhabitants because all lunar inhabitants have a task, otherwise they would not be on the moon. Many creatures are technically very targeted, so that much that could break is repaired beforehand. Many beings maintain the devices or the moon base as such, so that the researchers can go about their work unhindered.

How does such a researcher work, we ask? The people contacted are observed, this can be done in different ways, one way would be mental observation. The researcher will project part of his or her consciousness into the vicinity of the person. Like spiritual beings, most researchers can be in several places with at least some of their consciousness, so that they often “participate” in the life of the person in the form of observations. If the researchers proceed in this way, they will also be able to communicate with the person, which is roughly how the first attempts at contact are made. The person recognizes no difference whether it is a researcher or a spiritual being with whom he speaks. If the researcher produces illustrative material, however, small drones are sent to the person, who then record a lot of things that concern the person. These drones are often used to record material on site that can be studied later. These drones not only record everything visually and acoustically, they are also able to examine the body itself, so that an overall impression of the situation and the people is recorded. The researchers could also view the moments in the Akashic Chronicle, but they rarely do so because collected data is easier to process. The researchers have another way to do their studies. You can put yourself in a human being. You would be able to travel with someone, by that we mean the following: People can connect mentally with spiritual beings. Spiritual beings can also travel with people, this is wrongly demonized as an occupation, but it is only a meeting of two beings. The spiritual being projects a portion of its consciousness onto the place of another being. When the partial consciousness has reached its goal, it clicks into the other being to simply be taken along. So the other being can always be where, for example, the person is. This is a normal procedure and many beings are unaware of it. The researchers can also use this in their contacts and thus always be with the person. Here you have the connection as long as it is necessary. If the person is very sensitive and could notice it, these beings choose people from the surrounding area. This is more advantageous than the first version because the researcher does not have to actively visit the new locations, but is automatically taken along. Those who cry out now and think that this has a negative impact on the person, we tell them the following: High-frequency beings who practice this always transfer energy from themselves to the person, so we say that the person is doing even better than before because these energies from these beings give people an advantage.

Researchers are always interested in how people behave, so the drones can also physically affect the environment. By this we mean that technical devices are influenced in order to observe the behavior of the people. If a contact continues and real meetings occur, the person is always given tasks that the person has to solve. Most of the devices seem to have sprung from a future film and most of them cannot believe what they are experiencing, which is why memories of these meetings are often deleted if the person reacts differently than previously thought. By this we mean especially the encounters with the non-human beings. This is still a major obstacle, which often results in the person often missing parts of the memories. As we said before, no contact should affect a person’s life plan. There is no question that the person is influenced by such contact, but there must be no negative influences. The researchers are in close contact with the spiritual world, so that it is determined beforehand how far a contact can go. The physical well-being of a person is never endangered. Most of the stories about kidnappings are not true, so we are not saying that the people fantasize or lie, but what they think they have experienced has often been placed in their memories in other ways and not always related to extraterrestrials. If so, it can be said that it is not the researchers from the moon. The lunar dwellers are not just researchers, so we think that some groups and individuals act differently from the researchers, but it is more the case that the researchers want to study people’s lives and do not want to damage them through their influence.

Many groups also fight each other, but we do not mean by violence, but many groups represent different points of view that degenerate into violent debates in discussions. Many moon dwellers are extremely intelligent, so that most beings don’t even think about negatively influencing people’s lives. But they do not intervene when people are in need, that is part of it. People’s lives are being studied, tested, and often people will benefit, but some misunderstand how these beings approach each other, which often leads to these stories, which are often reported. Some contacted people can also stay on the moon or they can travel with the researchers, which always generates outstanding moments in their inner universes for the people, so that these people benefit extremely from it. Many of the people on the moon grow very old and help wherever they can. People from Earth are perceived by beings from a great distance because people can hardly control their aura. When people appear, their aura captivates all beings. The emotions are very pronounced in humans, so that for many beings a person can act like an unusually colorful bird of paradise because most beings have never met such a being. Many beings can learn from humans and humans can learn a lot from other beings. One day such contact is no longer uncommon and everyone will benefit from it, everyone assumes it.

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