A0218: Who is responsible for looking back after death?

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We say the following: The retrospectives are compiled based on the moments collected from the inner universes of a person. The beings in the institute of incarnation know exactly which moments are shown to the deceased. They have studied the life of the deceased closely during lifetime and the list of moments will be filled during lifetime. The final list is only finalized to death, but much remains as it was before. If the person dies an unexpected death, by that we mean in an accident or by external force, there are still changes, but in general the list has been fixed beforehand.

What moments do we make on this list, we ask? We mean the moments that shaped the person the most and the moments that, through the actions of the deceased, also created a moment on another person’s list. By that we mean the following: One person will experience something every day, often other people are present with the experiences and if several people experience the same moment, their moments are networked with one another, with one person copying the moment of another person in their inner universes. One person then not only has his experienced moment in his inner universes, but also the moments of the other persons who were also present at this moment.

If you fall in love and confess love to the other person, then you share this terrific moment, even if the other person rejects you. This common moment is stored forever in the inner universes of the people. When these people die, they can experience these moments again and again, not only visually, but also emotionally. The person in love will experience everything as it was then, but with a certain distance. But the person in love at the time shares this moment with the person she was in love with at the time. Therefore, the person in love can experience the moment from the other person’s point of view. Here she will not only be able to visually follow the moment, but also emotionally. What did the other person think and feel at that time, all information is stored at that moment. The people will then understand why the other people reacted as they did. The experience of these new moments will in turn generate new moments because you now understand why everything happened this way. Shortly after death, you will constantly generate new moments that will make you grow. Since the moment of death is special, the sequence of retrospectives is extremely important in order to be able to generate this knowledge in the deceased. It is a very well synchronized process of looking back, which not only shows the deceased the beautiful moments, but also the misunderstood and tragic moments. The gain in knowledge is enormous and as a previous incarnation it was extremely important to you that this moment of looking back should be the greatest moment in your life, because you will hardly ever have another opportunity.

Everything in the spiritual world is geared towards growth. The well-lined up moments in your review will be the highlight of your life, no matter how tragic they may ultimately seem to you, you have put everything on this review as a previous incarnation, because these reviews not only add up, they multiply the existing power that you have. By this we mean the following: An incarnation that plans a life on earth will be another incarnation by its power, after life. If it has a certain power potential, it will multiply after life. It is always so, it can never be less, no matter how many wrongdoings you have done in your life, you will have much more power after life than before.

If you master many virtues in physical life, you will increase your power potential during your lifetime. This also means that if you die, not only will the potential of the previous incarnation be multiplied, but the increase in power that you generated during your lifetime will be multiplied. That is why most incarnations would like to master many virtues during their lifetime so that the increase in power is very large. Many also master these virtues, but they have to get a reason for that. This reason is agreed beforehand in the life plan, so that the masters and teachers of a person can ensure that the reasons arise and can then be mastered. The writer suspects us again that we were responsible for what he had to endure in recent years and we deny it most sharply, we were not, but many virtues were mastered during this time, which he is currently very annoyed with, but he will appreciate it all the more if his power potential is multiplied after the review. He could look forward to it, but he only sees the situations that led to mastering the virtues. We understand that, but many virtues are no longer left according to his life plan and the virtues that were not on this plan and were nevertheless mastered already guarantee the writer a great increase in power that will be more than the previous incarnation had expected.

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