A0217: What is the higher self that everyone is talking about?

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The higher self describes a creature that exists temporarily so that the soul has the opportunity to act on this incarnation while an incarnation is incarnated by it. What do we mean by that, we ask? The soul has only an observing role during the cycle of incarnation and has no direct contact with its incarnation. The place where the soul is when an incarnation lives a physical life does not allow it to contact its incarnation. She has entered a certain state in which she is connected to the incarnation, but this connection does not allow direct contact. Before entering this special state, she created the higher self.

The higher self is a creature that represents the soul in many ways and we also say that it only exists as long as the cycle of incarnation is accomplished. You call it your higher self, but actually it is a representative of your soul. This creature knows its task and also knows that it only exists for the time of the incarnation cycle. It has no independent consciousness, but the soul has outsourced a “part” of its consciousness. Actually it is the soul in a reduced form so that we can say that the higher self is part of your soul. However, this reduced consciousness is extremely powerful and we would also say that if the spiritual world has to come into contact with the soul in question for any reason, it will be represented by this representative. A spiritual being can stay in several places at the same time, but this cannot be compared with this representative of the soul.

If the soul wants something changed, in the life path of an incarnation embodied, then it commissions this representative. The powers don’t go as far as we think you are, but they can bring about changes that only a few beings are allowed to do. We still say that if the changes are far-reaching and another incarnation is affected in relation to their own life plan, then the soul has to compensate for the affected soul. Therefore, souls will use it very rarely. However, you people have the opportunity to contact this representative of your soul. A lot has been written about this in your world and we also say that the procedure is always the same, but what the person experiences is always profound and never predictable. The writer had moments like that. His first encounter with the higher self more than surprised him. The later meetings were played out by beings who wanted to teach the writer humility. The writer saw through them and one day they had to cancel their project without the desired success. His first encounter with the higher self was short, but very overwhelming from the sensations. He saw something there that later made him grow enormously. He did not yet know how to interpret the information, but it had an effect on the writer.

You will all experience different things and we also think that everything you see is real and should support you as you go on. You will get information there that you would not otherwise get. Even the writer does not find out about his origin from us. Everything that belongs in this category is only revealed by the representative of your soul. The masters of the Akashic Chronicle are also not allowed to speak about these things, unless the person is already partially aware of the information, then spiritual beings can speak about it in a supportive manner. Everything connected with it is reserved for the soul. So if you want to know who you actually are and why you have chosen this life on earth, then seek the connection to the representative of your soul, often you will connect with this representative several times in your life so that all secrets come to light. The writer must also seek this contact again, even if he resists it, he does not trust any spiritual being, but he knows that he must continue to advance, so it will not be long before he learns the next secrets.

Seek contact with this representative, this moment will bring you ever further. The representative rarely speaks to a person. If the representative chooses the conversation, it always has to do with the fact that the person is not yet visually trained. Pictures say more than a thousand words, so pictures and specially experienced impressions are predominant in these contacts.

We still allow ourselves to give advice. If you plan to seek this contact, take a little time, do not force anything, all beings will prepare for it, you will be guided and if you give your master a little preparation time, you will have it better than if the contact came from one spontaneous thoughts are immediately sought out.

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