A0219: You said that a person becomes more and more the original incarnation in the course of life, is it always so?

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No, it is not always the case, but in most cases the person evolves into the previous incarnation during their lifetime. Age is very important, if a person leaves life very early, then it was not possible for them to reach the maturity of the original incarnation. Then there are other options that allow the incarnation to live another life. Many incarnations do not take advantage of this option because very few incarnations want to incarnate again on Earth. Everything is always voluntary and we would say that even if a person does not grow old, they have seen a lot that will generate the growth they had imagined. It is very rare that an incarnation does not experience the desired growth. If something like this happens, many beings have been there before to bring about a change in the physical life. If this has not been blessed with success, it may happen that an incarnation disappointed leaves the institute of incarnation, but this is extremely rare. The person is guided through the fundamental frequency in his frequency spectrum during his lifetime. By this we mean the following: the incarnation has the same fundamental frequency as the person on earth. When the incarnation incarnated, the fundamental frequency was adopted. However, many of the person’s frequency patterns have been readjusted a little so that the person behaves somewhat differently in some situations than the incarnation would. The incarnation wanted to experience something new, and it helps her if she as a person has to master other tasks than she had already mastered as an incarnation. Then, if the person’s “essence” is somewhat different from that of the incarnation, then the person has many unconscious tasks to accomplish in their life.

The fundamental frequency in the frequency spectrum specifies the inner nature of the incarnation and therefore also of the person. Therefore, the person will automatically develop in this direction, but the fundamental frequency does not include all the frequency patterns that make up a person’s nature, so the masters and teachers will take care that this balance to the original incarnation is maintained. We could influence the writer so that, despite his stubbornness, he would do other things that he would never do. To do this, we would dig deep into our bag of tricks and do anything with the writer. We admit that he would see through it quickly, but if he did not know so much about the spiritual world, we would fundamentally manipulate his nature. This is something that is absolutely forbidden to us and we are under constant control, something like this would be noticed immediately and we would be severely punished for this misconduct. The writer’s life would be ruined and we could never do what fills us again, namely to help incarnations on earth experience great growth. Therefore, it is also not possible that it was we who had tested the writer so strongly, because these tests against all reason were not allowed to be carried out by us. He is responsible for the fact that this happened to him, but what was done was not done in the general understanding of the rules. He messed with the spiritual world and then these tests were carried out. In the end there was one winner and several who lost. The writer has not lost, but he would also like to have given up this experience. The beings wanted to change something in the writer, which cannot be changed in the writer based on its fundamental frequency. The writer has no humility, which has always been an issue as an incarnation. This humility is shown in a certain way in the behavior of the writer. He didn’t care whether the Creator was talking to him or someone else, he showed respect, but he made no distinction between a spiritual or a worldly being, so it happened that he was so pissed off that he made many threats to the spiritual Worlds, which were then heard by beings who set themselves the task of teaching humility to the writer. Something like this is hopeless, not because it affected the writer, but because it is not possible to change the inner being. It will always be there and you can only reinforce it. Since the writer is very stubborn, its stubbornness has been reinforced, among other things, and the beings have bitten their so- called teeth on it.

The writer is almost his incarnation, so we mean that in many cases the previous incarnation would have acted similarly. But the writer is an independent being, so the general being will also be this new incarnation, which essentially embodies the writer. A lot will still happen in the life of the writer, but we also know that the writer will not change much because his current experience has made him what his incarnation previously represented. This is the case with most people and we emphasize that with most people the development will not be as dramatic as with the writer, but all will become more and more their original incarnation over the years, even though you as a person and after death you are your own being, but it always appears the same from the inner being.

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