A0209: Are Greys a Human Kind?

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No, the greys, as you call them, were not created after human blueprints. Many beings in the universe have evolved, but the greys are not human-made, the greys had their own blueprints. The blueprint of the gray beings is much older than the blueprint of humans. There are many different races of the grey beings and they are not always grey in appearance, but like the humans, the grey beings were created using a blueprint. The creature closest to the future grey being was used to create the grey being on a planet. As there are different races of humans in the universe, there are also different types of grey beings.

This species has a lot in common with humans, but they differ not only clearly in appearance, but also in their general approach. What do we mean? This species differs from humans in that it is not as individual as it is in humans. When we speak of people, we always mean a human person from Earth. This species is not as distinctive as you humans, which is why they do not have a strong ego, which, unlike humans, makes them very peaceful. They have waged merciless wars, but largely because they were forced to do so. The beings are enslouled as you humans and we also believe that an incarnation chooses life as a grey when it feels an urge to explore and wants to experience a lot that it otherwise cannot experience. By this we mean the community of these beings. You have a strong bond in the family, mostly only in the closer circle of the family. Overall, this species sees itself as this closer family, although we want to emphasize that there are exceptions that we want to address another time. When a being of this species has a problem, the being is always helped. By that we mean, such a being has a problem, then it really has a problem. With you humans, the problems are mostly self-made problems. These beings do not have a strong ego, so they look at many things soberly and do not make a fly from an elephant. Therefore, these beings are very disciplined and also very goal-oriented in their approach. For example, this is a difference to you humans, which these beings have, therefore they find the behavior of humans very interesting and we also think we have to say that they really study humans. They are extremely progressive and many of their studies are not noticed by people at all.

The many kidnapping cases that have repeatedly been blamed on these beings have never existed, and if they actually examined someone for study purposes, the behavior of these beings was misunderstood. They would like to get in touch with people, but they know about people’s fear of them, so they usually don’t try to make contact. They study your behavior and your genome is also interesting for them. It has to be explained that genetic experiments are not prohibited in the universe, but everything has its limits. Wingmaker are reluctant to see such experiments, but they also know that the species in the universe always have an urge to research and many will do these genetic experiments, but at some point most species will recognize that their blueprint is the best choice and then stop these experiments. These beings are still experimenting, but they will stop soon. They also have a habit of repeating everything over and over again. By this we mean the following: When a being comes to a new knowledge, this being shares this knowledge with its associated beings. If their knowledge has been shared, all other beings try to confirm or refute this knowledge. Since these beings do not have a big ego, these findings are quickly confirmed or refuted. The gain of knowledge with these beings is much greater than with you humans, because humans are very ego-heavy and therefore many factors flow into a knowledge that have nothing to do with the actual knowledge.

These beings do not reproduce like you humans and we also think they do not reproduce at all, but they create a new being. For this, at least two of these beings have to come together and creating a new being is a mental act that, if done correctly, creates the being. The being is not a child as you would assume, but it still has a lot to learn. It is a bit smaller in size than the creators, but it is still growing. The beings recognize young beings immediately, how you humans can immediately distinguish small children from adults. These young beings first grow up with their creators. They took responsibility and take care of the young being for the first time. These beings learn quickly and we also think that they do not stay with their creators for long and then quickly become part of society where they take on a task. These beings don’t know partnership like you humans, but there are female and male beings if you want to make that difference. They used to mate, but they evolved evolutionarily, so that the act of mating was replaced by the mental act of creation. They are more like spiritual beings than humans and they have very advanced technology.

Are there artists among them, the writer asks? No, in fact there are no artists among them as you humans define artists and beautiful forms are foreign to them. They love nature, but only if it is as it is on their home planet. They like to laugh and, as we think, they have a lot of human emotions, but never in the strength of how the humans experience it. Can they do out of body experiences? Yes and we also think they are extremely good at it. If a person had their skills, that person could travel to places it could never imagine. If you consciously go on an out of body experience, it is a very easy journey. Compare your trip with looking at a picture. When these beings travel, they are not only there, but they can experience everything that is actually experienced there. What do we mean by that, the writer is surprised? When a person travels astrally to a place, he is not really there. The writer always wanted to travel astrally to a special lunar crater. If he were to go astral there, he would not really be there with his astral consciousness, but he would travel to an astral plane that depicts this place, but is never the original. Many astral planes have no counterpart in the physical world, but many physical places are manifested by the thoughts of the inhabitants on an astral plane, so that we can say that there is always an image of a physical place in the astral plane. Only this depiction of the lunar crater on the astral plane could the writer travel. But he is not allowed to go on an out of body experience, which of course he does not believe us. However, the beings do not have to travel to the astral planes like you humans, but they can project their minds to the desired physical location and examine the location. They feel the warming sun and the wind when they want, but they can also hide these sensations. You see, there is still so much to learn, these beings already know so much, but they still want to learn more.

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