A0208: What are sophisticated insect-like beings?

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Insect-like beings are widespread and we would say they are the most widespread species with human races. They are highly developed and have cultural achievements that are second to none among the human races. When an insect-like being is born, it is not ensouls by an incarnation alone, but these beings have a swarm consciousness, so that such an being never incarnates an entire incarnation, but rather that many of these beings share the consciousness of an incarnation. If an incarnation decides to live an insect-like life, it knows beforehand that it never ensouls only one body, but always several. Why is that, we ask? Because insect-like beings are never alone, they have always shared consciousness so that it stays that way, the incarnations will ensouls several of these beings. The essence is extremely interesting. When such a being feels pain, the pain is divided, by this we mean the following: If a being has pain, the pain signals are sent to other beings with the same consciousness through the swarm consciousness. So that the pain will be also felt by the other beings. They will do everything possible to help the being with the pain signals, so that this pain also subsides with them. The consciousness itself is divided and we would compare it to the consciousness of the writer, who is communicating with us in another way now that he is writing and receiving the words from us. He thinks a sentence, we continue and he thinks the end. So it goes in the other direction, whereby the writer is also aware of when he thinks and when we think. At least he got a good grasp of it. It is similar to beings who share a consciousness, whereby we would not say that countless beings will share a consciousness, but depending on which beings share a consciousness, the number of beings is determined. Insect-like beings don’t give birth to their offspring like you humans, but many races have developed a similar process, with big differences. These beings feel the same feelings and emotions as you humans, but you humans from Earth have the strongest feelings and emotions. Many of these beings travel through space because they feel a great urge to explore, and many of them also visit Earth. They know that humans would never have regular contact with them, but like many other beings, they are curious about what the humans produce and some outposts have been created by you on your planet. 

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