A0210: How do the Greys live?

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The Greys are a peaceful people, they have no interest in harming other species. They mine resources where no one else is. They also do not need this amount of raw materials, such as the Anunakis need. Much of what they need can be mentally manifested, but the Greys also don’t have as high a standard of living as people on earth. These beings are content with what they have, only when it comes to knowledge are they very peculiar in obtaining it. Knowledge is not simply adopted, but knowledge is lived. When a being gains new knowledge, that being has come a long way to get to that knowledge. Let us assume that a being has created a new formula and this being shares this knowledge with the other beings. Then the first thing that the beings would do would be to understand the process of creating the new formula. Only when the path that the being has taken to gain knowledge has been understood, only then will the beings try to confirm or refute the new formula. This process is only partially used by you humans. If you did that, generating new knowledge would be much more effective because you could understand the motivation of the being who had that knowledge. But since people are very individual and their ego is very strong, people will never go so far as to truthfully reveal their entire process of gaining knowledge. These beings do it this way and they are extremely successful with it.

Do these beings have privacy, the writer asks? Yes and No, there are many races of the so- called grey being and some have privacy and some don’t. The beings that you often see in films do not have such privacy, but there are beings who differ little on the outside, who in turn have privacy. There is the Marcihver breed, these beings are not shown in your films, but these beings have privacy. The so-called greys are a subspecies that appear more and more in your films. These species are almost like drones because most of these beings only execute orders. They are also artificial, how you would define a cyborg. These artificial species among these so-called drones are not ensouled, but they can absorb the consciousness of a higher species, so that they can be compared to a so-called avatar. However, this is only an option and these beings can also act independently. The supreme beings are the beings that we will continue to report on.

The Marcihver are widespread and extremely advanced. They have developed a form of society that seems very similar to the spiritual world and we must also say that the Marcihver are the physical beings who are best connected to the spiritual world. The Marcihver will never only exist physically, they are also spiritual beings at the same time. What do we mean by that, we ask? The incarnation that ensouled a Marcihver will not only ensouled a body, but also a spiritual creature. These spiritual creatures are not unlike us spiritual beings, but they do not have the power that the incarnation already has, but they are an intermediate stage to us spiritual beings. They can do something physically and mentally at the same time, so they are one or can be in two places at the same time. They have many skills that until recently you called magic, but they are very careful with them, especially when other beings are present. They actually have shared apartments as you know them on earth and they also do a lot in their free time. Each of these beings has a task. Many beings try out different fields of activity before a being realizes what it would like to contribute. All beings are interested in doing something for society and nobody would just lie around lazily, these beings do not know anything like that. Everything they need is provided by society, but as already mentioned, these beings have no high standards, so that their living communities are always practically furnished. There are also rarely things that can be assigned to a being alone. They do not need clothing, but many beings wear a special suit that is hardly recognizable as a piece of clothing. Many beings like music, but there are no musicians like you, but music arises in a being, always dependent on how the mood is. They have no need for beautiful shapes, so everything around these beings is always practical, but they have an interest in what leads people to create beautiful shapes like buildings or gardens. They understand why people beautify buildings, but they still don’t understand people’s motivation. We also say that the Marcihver long for such motivation because they would like to create something like that, but they are not capable of it. We do not mean that they cannot paint a beautiful picture, they are capable of it, but they would only copy the pictures. They couldn’t create something new on their own initiative that would touch the other beings, but they could only make a perfect copy without being creative themselves. They like to laugh, something like that takes place on a mental level and we also think they would only communicate phonetically if absolutely necessary. They have a penchant for good stories, but here again the creativity is lacking, so that they either tell stories that already existed or they are experiences that are precisely told. Here too, the fun is not neglected, so that the experiences are truthfully told, but are expanded with many own interpretations. They hardly drink or eat, if we can even speak of eating. These beings feed on energy that the universe provides. But they too can consume more energy than they can absorb, so these beings must also rest. When they rest, they usually go on spiritual trips to foreign places. This is again a great thing in common with the spiritual world, but they usually travel among their own kind, so that there is no great contact with the spiritual world. But we are in close contact with them when it comes to decisions that affect the worldly world. We would say that if there are actions that are largely located in the physical universe, the councils of the spiritual world discuss it with the councils of the physical world. The Marcihver are represented in almost all councils, so we can say that these beings have a great influence on the decisions that are made for the worldly world. Nothing escapes them, but since these beings do not have a big ego, we can say that their positions on certain topics always seem selfless.

It is sad to see how these beings are always misrepresented on Earth. Sure, they have their peculiarities, but no race is like the other and the Marcihver are really very peaceful beings. When they visit Earth, they can visit the places physically undetected or they can travel mentally to that place. Many connections that people have in the spiritual world are also connections to such a Marcihver. The writer once perceived such a connection, although we have to admit that we faked this connection in order to find out how he would react to it. He found it quite amusing and still has to laugh at it today, but it proves that the so-called greys are not perceived as bad or horrible by all people, at least they are not. Many beings would like to get in touch with a person just to exchange ideas, but as long as people think the so- called greys kidnap people and they are evil, there will rarely be any contact with such beings. Your governments occasionally seek out such contacts, but as you can imagine, it is only a question of technology that can be converted into weapons. Some races of the greys agreed to this, but no party got what it wanted and we have to admit that humans are still a long way from becoming a species that is peaceful towards other species. It won’t even make it among its peers, but like everything in the universe, people in the universe will evolve.

We have already mentioned that the first official contact with an alien race is not too far away anymore, so this contact can still experienced by many readers. However, the so- called greys will not be this race, but beings that look very similar to humans, so that the earth’s population can get used to it. When the first contact is over and the inhabitants have accepted that other beings exist in the universe, the Marcihver will officially travel the earth and many other exotic beings will officially enter the earth. But it will never be the case that other beings will live on earth, by that we mean between the people of the earth, but there will be consulates that can be compared more with embassies from other nations. The consulates will be remote from the metropolises and cannot be visited by people. Everything has a certain procedure, even the first contact has been planned. However, as always, there is not just one approach, many options have been devised and when the day comes, many events have occurred beforehand, which then leads to one of the options. The Marcihver participated in these options and there was already such a first contact on many planets, so that many experiences flowed into the first contact with the earth, but many councils in the universe are not so relaxed about the first contact with the earth because the people of the earth at the time when the most dangerous species is considered. By this we do not mean the technology of the earth, but the potential of the residents and governments, which seem unpredictable, so that a lot of work still needs to be done for people to change the councils. Nothing would be worse than equipping belligerent people with technology that allows them to rage on other worlds, as they are doing in other countries at the moment. The Marcihver would never allow this, and so they take good care that all other beings are prevented from bringing technology to Earth that would allow governments to bully their neighboring countries and then neighboring planets. The Marcihver would like to have the earth pacified, but they have patience and are always positive towards people, except for the writer, if the contact at that time would have been genuine.

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