A0205: The death – Part 4

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When a person dies, the inner universes will ensure that the person relives many important moments. These moments are not only their own moments, but also the moments of the other people who were there when the moment was experienced.

Let’s say a person has had a bad day and gets drunk because of it. Alcoholized people often do not know exactly what is going on around them. The drunk person would be involved in an argument by beating another person ready for hospital. The other person suffered a lot of pain and was terrified from the argument. The drunk person would sober up and wonder what happened the previous day. If that person dies one day, he will relive the moment of the argument, but this time sober. He is fully aware of how he staggered, what he said weirdly, and how the argument came about. The person will perceive how they became angry from nothingness, how they did not want to understand what the other person was saying and they will feel unnecessary hatred that is emerging in them. He will experience how he just waited for the wrong word to finally strike. He will learn how hatred and anger multiplied and how fists flew. He will experience all of this, not only visually, but also emotionally. He will perceive the other person’s fear and he will learn from it if he hadn’t learned it in her lifetime. If this review does not produce the desired effect, the person will experience the moment from the other person’s perspective. He will experience the fear and pain of the victim and we say with a straight face that touches every being, to experience how another being had to suffer through its own actions does not leave any being cold and many insights are made possible, so that the person understands what caused it and whose fault it was.

What about the victim, we ask? Looking back, the victim will also experience this moment. But the victim is only explained how circumstances come together by showing the victim why the perpetrator ended up becoming a perpetrator, something like this always has a long history. If the victim could not forgive the perpetrator during his lifetime, this moment of retrospection is usually the time for forgiveness. Nobody is a bad person by nature, but many situations ultimately lead to such an act.

Let us tell you, no matter how cruel a moment was, walking through the Incarnation Tunnel negates all suffering, so we say the Incarnations have full memories of such a cruel experience, but they are no longer emotionally attached to it. We also say that the perpetrator pays for his deed at the latest when looking back and many insights are generated, but even a perpetrator is no longer emotionally bound to the deed after passing through the Incarnation Tunnel. In the following “2 days” the victim and the perpetrator will often think of the moment and both will grow from it. Even if it sounds absurd to you, victims and perpetrators will not feel any resentment. Life on earth is over and no one has any desire for revenge. Something like that does not exist. Incarnations can experience such feelings in a limited way, but an incarnated being who has lived a life and is again an incarnation sees life as a game and when the game is over it deals with other things. Enmity never arises between two incarnations that go out of the game as perpetrators and victims. It is difficult for you humans to understand, but if you are ready to understand this, you have taken a giant step further in understanding the spiritual and worldly world. Neither hell nor purgatory awaits you, but in retrospect you have to face your misdeeds or understand as a victim why the crime happened.

Now what about this so-called karma, which everyone is talking about, we ask? Karma does not exist for you as an incarnation. No matter what you do after you die and wake up in the incarnation cube, you have nothing to do with the so-called karma.

You also no longer have to incarnate anywhere else. Next to the so-called karma, this is the next big misunderstanding. When you are asked by your soul to incarnate on a planet, an incarnation mostly incarnates only once. You will all incarnate only once, right now. When your life is over, for the overwhelming majority of the incarnations, it is the first and last adventure of an embodied life that you can lead. Nobody forces you to incarnate again and you yourself will not do it again voluntarily, nor will your soul ask you again. There are created beings, such as demons, dragons, unicorns, patrons and many more, who want to live lives as embodied beings on their own initiative, but generally you only live one life as a person.

Now back to the so-called karma. The rumor about this karma was spread early on, but it is fundamentally not true as you assume. If someone does bad things, that person should accumulate points in a “karma account” that they either pay during their lifetime or have to “pay off” in another life. None of this is true, and yet there is something true about it. If someone does something bad and thus ruins another person’s life, then the life plan of the injured person has been changed. For the injured person, this means that, in the worst case, they have to take an optional life path. What happens now, we ask? The injured person also wanted to do something for other people, so we mean that many life plans are intertwined so that everyone can experience what was stated in their life plans. If someone comes along and destroys not only one person’s life plan but several people, it has consequences, but not for the incarnation.

The soul has to pay attention to which incarnation is chosen for which life. All possibilities are thought out beforehand by the soul, that the life really goes as it should. If one person now destroys another person’s life plan, then the soul is ultimately to blame and the karma applies to the soul and not to the incarnation. The soul has destroyed the life plans of the incarnations of other souls, so the soul has to compensate for the other souls. The so-called karma applies to the soul and not to the incarnation, because the soul was negligent in its planning and thus disrupted the cycle of incarnation for other souls. The soul has to pay compensation. For this, new contracts are concluded among the souls, in which the damaged soul receives support from the soul, whose incarnation bears responsibility for the misery.

What does such a balance look like, we ask? The compensation is always paid in the subsequent lives of the other incarnations. The next incarnation of the damaged soul receives support from the next incarnation of the soul, which has to pay the compensation. The support can be varied and what you have heard about it so far is partly realistic. The incarnation, which is responsible for the misery, will not notice it. When the person dies, the incarnation has done everything her soul asked for, no matter what happened, the incarnation lives on in the spiritual world without having to fear anything, it has nothing to do with the so-called karma reduction.

What can you do in worldly life that you experience maximum growth after death. That is the only reason why you are incarnated. When will a person do something that can benefit them after death, we ask? Whenever the writer has mastered a virtue, he has experienced growth and the universe has given him more power, even if he always says that he does not notice it. When a virtue is mastered, the being changes to the positive and this is perceived by the universe. The virtue mastered is reflected as a frequency pattern in the frequency spectrum of a being. If the universe discovered this frequency pattern in the writer, there was an additional power for this virtue that the writer has but still does not use. When the writer dies, he has mastered many virtues that have made him a better being. These virtues were partly mastered by the previous incarnation, so the writer has always been very righteous. But very many virtues were mastered by the writer in his life that the previous incarnation had not mastered. If the writer dies now, he has accumulated a lot of power. The growth the writer experiences after his death depends on how much power he has accumulated during his lifetime. The power of righteousness is not part of its growth because the previous incarnation has already mastered this virtue. So if you master many virtues that are not easy to master, you will accumulate a lot of power, which is then responsible for how high the growth is after death. We also say the following: If someone has generated many extraordinary moments in the inner universes during their lifetime, they will also experience great growth. The virtues and the inner universes determine growth.

You will grow, no matter how bad you lead your life and how many misdeeds you commit, but who does not develop and live will be disappointed later if you do not experience growth after death, which you have previously calculated. Live a happy life and help others, have fun and do something crazy, but be careful not to ruin other people’s life plans. If you take that into account, you will surely experience the growth that you wanted.

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