A0206: Are extraterrestrial beings taken over into the terrestrial incarnation cycle when they die on Earth?

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No, this is also one of these misunderstandings. The incarnation that has ensouled the extraterrestrial body does not have to incarnate on earth next, because an incarnation is asked only once by its soul to live a physical life. It doesn’t matter where this life is led. Life is really difficult on Earth, but incarnations that incarnate on Earth always want to experience plenty of growth, otherwise they could choose a quieter life on another planet.

You are probably wondering if there have been alien dead on Earth and we tell you that there have been countless alien races here on Earth and many have gone to war with each other. Many of your battles from the Bible and other scriptures speak of it. Erich von Däniken is not so wrong with his theses because all the gods came down from the stars at that time. Some wanted to teach people, some just wanted the planet’s resources, but everyone was technologically advanced enough that even the kings knelt before them. Something like this would no longer be possible today because most alien technology is recognized by you as technology. When it comes to mental abillities, almost all extraterrestrial cultures are ahead of humans from Earth, but the Earth is also not intended for the beings to communicate with their thoughts or let objects float. The earth is said to be a challenge for the incarnations and it offers so much more that there is not on other planets. You humans are capable of so many strong emotions, which is unparalleled in the universe.

Many alien races visit Earth daily and many alien races have the same genetic code. By this we mean that the blueprint of man, which is placed over a human-like being everywhere in the universe in order to create man out of it, has the same genetic code and that in the whole universe. The genetic code of the blueprint enters into a symbiosis with the genetic code of the human-like being in order to create the people there. That is why almost all people in the universe look alike and most human races are compatible with each other for reproduction. An alien could sit next to you in the coffee shop and you wouldn’t even notice. Many alien races travel to Earth to study the process here. They look at the environment as a whole and also mingle with people to experience life here.

When alien beings dwell among you, they are always very quiet. They will receive the thoughts of the people and study the actions of the people because the earth people seem like an open book to most extraterrestrial beings. Alien races can usually communicate with each other telepathically, and they also know how to hide their own thoughts from other beings. They are also able to effectively prevent access to their thoughts and memories. You humans cannot any of it and the alien beings read in your mind like in an open book.

We spiritual beings do it that way too, so we always know beforehand what people want to say. You humans always think a thought in the subconscious before the thought rises into consciousness. We are able to recognize the thoughts that arise in the subconscious. When we realize that the writer is thinking about something, we can direct his thought in one direction and expand the thought with additional information. We’re not doing anything else right now, the writer is writing down the thoughts that we generate in his subconscious. The writer has learned through exercises how to slow down his own thoughts and allow our thoughts. When you gain access to the Akashic Chronicle, or when you connect to a spiritual being, exactly the same thing happens.

The writer often caught us trying to guide his thoughts and he immediately ended the conversation and asked if we wanted to finish thinking his thoughts. We have to confess, we do it all the time and we have often quarreled about it, but at the moment we are all satisfied with the current procedure.

You other people are constantly being led by your master and teacher, only that for most people the masters and teachers are hard to get their thoughts into your consciousness. If you are calm and do not deal with many thoughts, then listen to yourself and you will hear the thoughts of your masters and teachers. If you listen deeper into yourself, you will perceive the voice of your inner being.

The extraterrestrial beings can also read your thoughts and they can also communicate with you in this way, whether you like it or not. You won’t even notice that it’s not your own thoughts. They rarely do this and we also say why. If an extraterrestrial being manipulates a person on earth, the spiritual world will immediately notice it. Since people can hardly protect themselves from something like this, it is forbidden for highly developed beings to manipulate people, because this may also affect their life plans. It wasn’t long ago that societies suffered from such manipulations. Something like that should not happen now. Alien races are allowed to visit Planet Earth, but they have to follow a few rules, otherwise they will not be allowed to stay here. Who enforces such bans, we ask? There are other alien races that are committed to this. Unlike you humans, almost all highly developed races are strongly connected to the spiritual world and there are alien races that are both or something else. By this we mean the following: there are beings that are physical or spiritual, they can take both forms and there are beings that are something else. But all beings want the earth to develop and you humans should also develop. Together, they make sure that this can really happen.

Whoever speaks to an extraterrestrial being will hardly notice any difference on the outside, but mentally they are superior to every human being.

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