A0204: The death – Part 3

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When a person dies, the energy that permanently ensouled this body during birth will leave the body. What do we mean by that, we ask? As the unborn child grows up, the incarnation that wants to incarnate in this body can still switch between the spiritual and worldly world. By this we mean the following: The incarnation lies in the incarnation cube and “walks” through the incarnation tunnel, which you usually call the light tunnel, and temporarily ensouls the body of the unborn child. If the incarnation temporarily ensouls the unborn child’s body, then the incarnation is not fully conscious. However, she has the opportunity to consciously “walk” through the incarnation tunnel in order to wake up immediately in the incarnation cube. The “step” through this incarnation tunnel is a mental act and should be seen by you as well. The incarnation is fully conscious and usually tells of the experience. She is then able to decide whether she would like to continue her life plan. We tell you that everyone wants to continue and only very rarely does an incarnation decide against it. Should an incarnation decide against it, another incarnation is asked to lead this life. All selected incarnations of a soul have already drawn up their life plan, so that another incarnation of the soul has to step in or the child will be born as a stillbirth.

The Wingmaker conceived the blueprint of the human being so that a human being must always be ensouled by an incarnation, otherwise the body dies. There are beings in the universe who do not have to be ensouled to live a physical life. These creatures are to be looked at in the same way as you humans, but when they die, none of them will remain. The consciousness that they had during their lifetime will dissolve. You are actually a spiritual being who temporarily ensouls a body. When you die, your consciousness remains.

However, the soul of you wants this life to be lived, so it will ask many of its incarnations to ensouls the unborn child and usually there is a courageous incarnation that ensouls the child and takes over the life plan of the previous incarnation. When the child is born, it does not matter whether the child is born naturally, the incarnation will permanently ensouls the body and the incarnation will not wake up in the incarnation cube until life is over.

What exactly happens when a body is ensouled, we ask? The incarnation, like a soul, is an energy package with consciousness. This awareness is strongly linked to the spark of life. The spark of life is linked to the Shadow I in an incarnation and thus connected to the soul that created the incarnation. When the incarnation ensouls a body, the energy of the spark of life will flood the entire body and thus a body will be ensouled. When a person dies, the energy of the spark of life is still contained in the body and we say the following: Only one incarnation of a soul can ever lead a life. Until life is completely ended, no other incarnation of the soul is allowed to live a life. What do we mean? A soul always closely monitors the life of an incarnated incarnation and never more than one. That is, as long as an embodied life has not been completely ended, no incarnation of the same soul will incarnate. There is always a lot of time between lives. As a spiritual being, time is not as important as it is for you humans, but enough time is left between life so that the body of a person can really decay. Because only then is life de facto over. There are exceptions to this, too, but the body must always rot in order for the spark of life to return to incarnation. The incarnation does not notice much of it, because death has brought back the most energy of the life spark, but also in a dead body, there is still a small part of the life spark, so that only after the decomposition process does the last energy return to the incarnation. When the entire energy of the spark of life has reached the incarnation, the next incarnation will live a life on a planet. It is different with mummies, the mummies have still stored energy of one incarnation and therefore the other incarnations have to wait, as is so often the case, there are exceptions that we do not want to discuss today.

The spark of life is connected to the Shadow I. Whenever a being dies, the being will practically ascend at the connection of the spark of life to the Shadow I, a so-called level, in order to continue to exist there. As a person, you become an incarnation again. An incarnation could ask the soul to bring it out again. By this we mean that when an incarnation is unsatisfied with itself, it can ask the soul to recreate the incarnation. This does not mean that the incarnation is created from scratch, but the settings can be made again. An incarnation loses a large part of its power and the soul is weakened as a result, but in general it is possible for an incarnation to start over and leave events behind. If she is hired again, she is a “young” incarnation again, but has already gained knowledge. The incarnation’s new attitudes help her understand why she was dissatisfied with her actions and how she can do better. The incarnation benefits from this, but the price for the soul is high because a lot of energy has to be used through the new creation and the soul is thereby weakened. The incarnation will think carefully beforehand whether it really makes this request to the soul.

The spark of life is the connection between a person, their incarnation, to the soul and to the Creator. It should be noted that you humans often report a silver cord that leads somewhere from your astral body. We would not say that this is the connection of the life spark, but this energetic connection also contains this connection of the life spark. When you die, this connection is broken. We would not say that it will be completely separated, but the separation is very relevant for the way forward. If the connection to the physical body has been “separated”, the field of consciousness rises back along this so-called silver cord into the form of incarnation. In doing so, she “crosses” the tunnel of incarnation, which breaks the emotional ties to the physical life and collects in the incarnation in the incarnation cube. No one affects your thoughts during this process. You are fully aware of what is happening while you are dying, but you are no longer so emotionally attached to your physical life. These bonds are cut off in the incarnation tunnel and you wake up knowing what has happened in the incarnation cube, but you are emotionally distant from the physical life. It has to be that way so that you can objectively reflect on your life, then you will generate these insights that will allow you to grow so immensely. When the incarnation awakens, something strange happens. All memories of the person are played in front of her, so that the person is prepared for the following time when the aha moments begin and the power ripens in her. The power is automatically assigned to her when the incarnation recognizes her mistakes in life. Many virtues are then mastered which lead to growth and which represent the power of the universe.

If, for whatever reason, the deceased person does not want to walk through the incarnation tunnel, but has the knowledge of this incarnation tunnel, then theoretically they would be able to wake up in the incarnation cube, but the following will happen:

  • The person will not completely lose the emotional ties, so there is still work to do for all responsible beings after awakening.
  • The person will not have a look back at her physical life. The result is that fewer of these aha moments appear and the knowledge gained is much less. The growth is slower and the increase in power is reduced by half.

This does not want to experience an incarnation, because the incarnation is mainly about growth, just as the soul sees it, but everyone has free will, whether in the worldly or the spiritual world does not matter and if an incarnation chooses this way, then don’t stop them. 
In the next part we want to tell something about the so-called karma and what people in life can do to benefit from it after death.

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