A0203: The death – Part 2

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When a person dies, they have lived an eventful life and we also believe that no matter how boring you would judge your life yourself, it is always more eventful than anything else you will ever experience. If you walk through the incarnation tunnel after death and you awaken on the other side in an incarnation cube, you have achieved everything that the soul and you have ever wanted, you became so brave and determined, a life on earth respectively. The very decision to do so had generated many inner universes in the previous incarnation. We improve, the incarnation does not have exactly the same inner universes as a person, but something similar that we want to explain at times. At least the incarnation had gained a lot of power when it decided to live on earth. An incarnation knows exactly that it no longer exists as an incarnation after life and that it lives on in the person, but that life will change it to the extent that someone would think that the new incarnation is a different incarnation than the previous one. You will be this new incarnation as you will be when you die. The previous incarnation knows that it will be recreated as a person, but it is no longer as conscious as it was before it was incarnated. You as a person are an independent being and we also tell you that you also have the incarnation that you were before. What do we mean by that, we ask? The stubborn incarnation is in the writer and we also think that the older the writer, the more it behaves like the previous incarnation. When he is old and his white hair dominates, the previous incarnation in the writer also dominates. By this we do not mean that the writer then becomes a different person, but rather he increasingly takes on the tendencies of his previous incarnation, so that the writer has adopted the wisdom of his previous incarnation in old age. This will happen to every person, that’s why older people are so calm and level-headed, of course it has to do with life experience on the one hand, and with the tendency of the previous incarnation to shine through more and more, so that we can say: in a person’s old age, the previous incarnation in the person emerged and the behavior of the older person reflects the behavior of the previous incarnation. As a result, after the person’s death, the new incarnation is almost the same person from Earth. What exactly do we mean by that, we ask? The person who died is largely the previous incarnation. It just doesn’t have the power and knowledge of the previous incarnation. When the person walks through the incarnation tunnel after death and wakes up in the incarnation cube, he is exactly the person from Earth. During awakening, the first memories will return, explaining to the “person” in the incarnation cube where it is and why it is there. Every being that awakens in the incarnation cube gets these memories back first. They immediately know who and what they are, but they still have consciousness from Earth or wherever they were incarnated. The memories come back and all beings outside the incarnation cube immediately recognize that you have awakened, but they also know that you have not yet received all the memories, but the incarnation’s friends are immediately recognized by the incarnation, so that it is a happy reunion. You are still the person from Earth, knowing why you are in this place and who the beings are. During the “first day” you will have these eye-opening experiences every minute and you will constantly remember old events, but this time not with the awareness of the previous incarnation, but with the awareness of the earth person and you will understand many things anew, what the previous incarnation understood differently or not at all. This gives you growth, because these gains in knowledge make you grow. When you experience growth, you automatically get more power from the universe. If you have more power, you can do more with it than before.

When the new incarnation matures through these gains in knowledge, you are still the person of the earth from consciousness, but you have gained new experiences through these gains in knowledge, which of course will change you, but it is like on earth if you are there attained knowledge, you will still be the person and not someone else. It’s the same with the new incarnation that is now ripening. When you have finished with the process of gaining knowledge after about “2 days”, you have gained immense power and you are still the person from Earth from consciousness. You do not disappear after death, but you are still there and all beings who knew the previous incarnation now see the growth achieved in the new incarnation. The incarnations that have lived life on Earth are immediately identifiable because their frequency spectrum is very rich and everyone will recognize this growth because all beings know how difficult life is, especially on Earth.

You still live this life and you now know what awaits you after death, but you still don’t know what your soul is doing at this time. The Wingmaker set it so that a soul can benefit if it enables its incarnations to incarnate on a planet. What do we mean now, we ask? None, we say almost no incarnation would voluntarily choose life on a planet just to grow. You have to consider that you are immortal and will never pass away, so time does not play an important role in your life at all. But if no incarnation is incarnated on a planet, the growth of the beings will be very slow and many beings would not seem to develop at all. But when a being incarnates, immense growth is generated and the being will grow strongly in a short time. That is why the Wingmaker have devised a mechanism that causes the soul and its incarnations to join together in this adventure. For this, the soul has to put itself in a special state, which we will for the time being term the meditative energy cloud. This state is assumed by the soul until all incarnations have lived their lives in succession on the respective planet. This time is called the cycle of incarnations and must be planned in advance by the soul and the incarnations. Depending on how powerful a soul appears, it will have asked different incarnations to face this adventure. While the incarnations live their lives one after the other on many planets, the soul watches the lives very closely. The writer is currently writing this text and at the same time the soul of the writer is watching his actions very closely. She sees everything, she hears everything, even what we dictate to the writer, but she does not feel what the writer feels, but the soul feels with the observation. If the writer is angry again, his soul wonders, if he is sad, if his soul is sad too, if the writer is happy, his soul rejoices with him, but the soul has no direct contact with the writer. The writer had not only threatened the creator, but also his soul, because at that time he did not understand as much as he does today. The soul was very surprised and did not know how to help the writer, so she created a construct before changing to that meditative state where she could “talk” indirectly to the incarnation. This construct is known to you as the Higher Self and we tell you it only exists temporarily as long as the soul is in its incarnation cycle. Back then she instructed the higher self to support the writer. The writer often saw this support in meditations when he saw or felt something unusual. We have no influence as the writer’s masters and teachers, but of course we perceived it. You can hardly imagine much of what the writer has experienced, but he has a turbulent past, not only as a previous incarnation. The soul has the possibility that something can happen according to its will. Souls rarely take this opportunity and we would say that when a person connects to the higher self, it is usually everything that happens there. Before completing the cycle of incarnations, the soul has planned everything regarding the incarnations. Who should incarnate where and what the soul would like to experience. Wait a minute, let’s say here with a serious expression. Why does the soul want to experience something that the incarnation actually experiences. Didn’t we say the soul is just watching, we ask? Yes, the soul only watches the life of people, but every incarnated being has something very special, the inner universes.

The inner universes of an incarnated being contain the entire life of the incarnated being. It goes so far that life can not only be viewed visually from all perspectives and these moments also include the emotional aspects, but also the moments of the other people who were with you at a moment. What do we mean exactly? If you as a person argue about something with someone, then this argument is stored as a moment in your inner universes. This moment, as you perceived it, is not only visual, but also emotional. The person you were arguing with also saved their own moment of this argument with them in the inner universes. Since you and the other person experienced this moment of fighting at the same time, you share this moment too. Your inner universes also contain the inner universes of the other person you were arguing with. The other person also has the inner universes of the moment from you. Thus this dispute is stored as a moment in you as you have experienced it and at the same time the moment of the other person is also stored in you as the other person has experienced it. When you die, you will perceive the moments from the perspective of the other person and you will then understand why, for example, the other person quarreled with you and what made them do it. These retrospectives into your lived life, among other things, will generate these insights that will keep you growing after death.

Now we come back to the soul. If you walk through the tunnel of incarnation after death, the soul will receive all your moments as a copy and will then be able to relive the moments as you have experienced those moments and also it can experience the moments of other people, who were also present at that moment. She also experiences these gains in knowledge, just like you and the soul will grow and gain more power. But this is only possible if the soul closely observes the life of the incarnations, otherwise it does not receive a copy of the moments. You as an incarnation can then be at the end of your existence, travel in the inner universes and marvel at the moments from your and from the point of view of the other people again and again.

In the next part we will look at some aspects that are directly related to the dying process.

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