A0202: The death – Part 1

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When a person dies, the body disappears, but the person’s awareness remains. Let’s take this writer, he has never entered the earth in a solid form. Like most people on earth, the writer will stay on the earth only once as a person. What do we mean by that, we ask? Every person is an incarnation as a spiritual being. An incarnation can incarnate as a person exactly once on earth. Everything you know about reincarnation is not wrong, but you don’t understand the background properly. The writer once thought that he had already lived several lives on earth, but like all other people, he was wrong about this. He meditated for a long time and also experienced many meditative states in which he perceived short sections of other lives. These lives are indirectly connected to the writer because he saw the lives of the incarnations that were also produced by his soul. Another misunderstanding is that you are not the soul that is always spoken of. The soul has brought you forth, so the following will mean: A soul creates an incarnation out of itself, similar to how the Creator produced the soul. You then exist as a spiritual being, but you are an incarnation. The soul is an independent creature, just like you as an incarnation. The soul has a connection to the incarnation that is the writer, but it also has a connection to all other incarnations that the soul also produced. When the writer saw the short snippets of life, it was not his life, but the life of the other incarnations that had already lived on Earth or elsewhere.

A soul cannot incarnate as a person, that would not be possible for many reasons, but the incarnations of a soul can incarnate on earth or on other planets. Many incarnations have lived on earth, but not all. Every incarnation should be able to incarnate on earth. The earth has many people, but there are countless incarnations. Therefore, it is only once allowed to incarnate on earth, so that each incarnation theoretically has the possibility. When the writer was born, some incarnations of his soul had experienced life as a person before him. He perceived these lives. He has seen himself several times as a snail, these impressions were not his impressions and were faded in by us as his masters and teachers to make him curious about the topic. He also saw himself as a professional female ballet dancer, which surprised him a lot, but it was the lives of the other incarnations. You usually live life on earth exactly once, right now that you are reading these lines. You will never have a second chance after this life, but we have to admit, exceptions confirm the rule, but in general you will never incarnate again as a person. By that we mean the following: Your soul wants to experience growth, it is already very powerful because it has planned its incarnation cycle and is now in the process of carrying it out. What do we mean by that, we ask? Whenever a soul plans and executes its cycle of incarnation, it will grow immensely, if a being grows, it can do more after growth than before.

What happens to let the soul grow? The soul calls some of its incarnations for a meeting. You can imagine a meeting like yours on earth, most if not all spiritual beings have taken on a form in the spiritual world and they almost always look like you humans. The soul is the focus of this meeting and it asks the chosen incarnations for a favor. She asks the incarnations if they would be willing to incarnate on a planet. If an incarnation incarnates as a being on a planet, after death it will no longer be the incarnation it was before. By this we mean that when the writer dies, he will mature into an incarnation as the writer he was when he died. This means that after death, the writer is still the person he was when he died. The memories of the old incarnation will return, but then he will still be the writer, nothing about his personality will change, he will remain the stubborn writer that he was in his lifetime. We still say that he will remember many moments that the previous incarnation had experienced, that will change him in the sense of: he understands more than before because he gets a better overview. It can be compared to the spontaneous ideas of you humans. You will always have these so-called aha moments for some time and you will grow in the sense of: you can then accomplish more than the previous incarnation of you. When you grow, your soul automatically grows. All moments on earth have made you grow and at the same time your soul will also grow because you are connected. When you die, all the inner universes that you generated during your lifetime are mirrored in the soul, which leads to a great growth of the soul. The soul then automatically receives more power for its growth from the universe. That is the only purpose of incarnating. The incarnation grows and receives growth and therefore more power. If the incarnation has experienced growth, the associated soul will automatically experience this growth and gain more power.

You humans, let me tell you, very few souls in the spiritual world plan such an incarnation cycle because planning and executing the incarnation cycle is very complex and difficult. Not every incarnation actually wants to incarnate on a planet and we tell you the following: Hardly any of the countless incarnations would voluntarily incarnate as one if not asked to do so by their soul. We say one more thing: Applause for you humans, you are so brave, even if you don’t understand it now, but the planet Earth is a planet feared by all incarnations. Nowhere in the universe is life as a person as difficult and dangerous as on Earth. You had the choice as an incarnation, you could have chosen another planet, but you are also ambitious, because on no other planet can you experience as much as on Earth. Since you experience so much, you will generate outstanding inner universes that will allow you to grow even during your lifetime.

In the next part we will tell you why all this is so and what the soul does during your life.

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