A0201: What is Reiki healing method?

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When someone decides to practice a healing method, several things happen. The person informs himself in order to learn the appropriate healing method. The masters and teachers have either anticipated this path or will be surprised by it. Most of the time, the masters and teachers guide their protégé in this direction, but it also happens that someone literally wants to learn a healing method out of nowhere. The masters then have several options to support the person. Either they refrain from any help or they support the person. What do we mean by that, we ask? The masters know beforehand whether or not a person would like to heal, it also happens that the person wants to heal but has not yet mastered enough virtues and is therefore not yet ready in terms of character. The masters and teachers then consider how they can prepare the person so far that the person fulfills all prerequisites for healing. By this we mean that if someone would like to heal, no master will prevent them from doing so, but if the person is not yet ready to practice healing properly, then the masters and teachers will support the person by doing many tasks for the person places that prepares them for healing. If these tasks are mastered, then a lesson that few healers take will actually begin.

Let’s say there is a person among you who would like to learn the art of healing. Let’s say this person decided to learn to heal with the Reiki healing method. This person has now taken part in a seminar for this type of healing and was introduced to the healing method by the so-called Reiki master. What exactly happens? The Reiki Master introduces his spiritual guides to the person. All Reiki masters derive their strength from the 13th main level and the beings on this level are predominantly engaged in supporting all embodied beings in the universe in healing. The beings of the Reiki Master are beings that use very specific healing methods. At some point someone connected to the 13th main level and developed a so- called healing method through a lot of practice, which was led by the beings there. One day, the beings who looked after this person received the order from the person to support another person with this healing method. The beings of the 13th main level are quite different, also in their approach to how they perform healing. These beings then commissioned other beings to support the person’s apprentice. But these were also beings who use the same healing method. This is how the Reiki healing method was created, whereby the first master knew nothing of all these things. All other masters do not know about it either, but it is only due to the nature of the beings and their procedure how the healing energy of the 13th main level is used.

No Reiki Master heals his clients himself, but every person who uses the energy of the 13th main level is, we almost always say, only an energy bridge of healing energy on the 13th main level. The healers only feel an energy flow through their hands to the person who needs help. The beings of the 13th main level will use the transferred energy for healing. Based on their healing method, they will use the energy in the client’s body as they see fit. The healer has almost no influence on it and only has to concentrate on the healing process so that the energy flow does not stop. It is also not necessary that the healer perceives this energy flow strongly, but even with weakly perceived energy flows, the healing will take place in exactly the same way as with a healer who perceives this energy flow strongly. It is important for both that the energy bridge is stable, so that the beings of the 13th main level have enough healing energy available so that the person can be helped as best as possible.

The Reiki Master who instructed a person in this healing method gains power through the universe because something good has been done through his deed, even if the Master did it only for money, in the end the result counts. If other people use this healing method and do good, it was the result of the master who got it done, even though no one had understood until now why it worked and what was behind it.

Anyone who believes that a Reiki master redirects the energy of an apprentice should think about the fact that these so-called Reiki masters only serve as an energy bridge and that most of these masters do not even understand what is going on. You never get energy from another person, but those who heal a lot and often heal themselves because the healing energy also flows through them. So if you do good by healing others, you also heal yourself and always do yourself good.

Every healing method always heals one being, never harming another being. There are many healing methods, they all work in a similar way, but are only named differently, and a lot is being done here on Earth to separate these so-called healing methods. If someone really wants to heal, no special seminars have to be attended, but the will to do good is enough. Your ancestors already knew that only the will counts and everything else arises automatically.

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