A0192: How exactly can people heal with the energy of the 8th level?

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The 8th level contains a strong energy that is used by beings that have been created. What do we mean? Beings can exist as an incarnation or as a soul on the spiritual level. No other state is assumed when an incarnation is created by their soul or when the Creator releases a soul and thus the soul is de facto born. But it is also planned that there will be other beings who have voluntarily committed themselves to a task. These beings are created from a soul or an incarnation, so they are subject to other laws and have a special source of energy. The beings that are created receive their energy from the 8th main level and we also have to say that they also need this special energy for their tasks. When a being is created, it always serves a special purpose. The dragon is supposed to bring peace, order and justice to a society, the demon serves as the opposite pole to the other main factions and the unicorn is to touch the hearts of the beings. All beings have a task that is not easy, and the Wingmaker have equipped these beings with another source of energy with which they can perform their tasks. Energy is a complex construct and it also contains powerful healing energy. The beings on the planes have no access to this energy source and we also say why. All spiritual beings have in common, they do not need healing energy, but like batteries, spiritual beings can be charged if this is necessary. Spiritual beings know their limits and if they develop further they get more power and can do more, so healing energy is not necessary. The 8th level does not only offer healing energy, but also powerful energy flows that are used by the created beings. If you are a created being and incarnated as a person, you are able to do more than ordinary people. Many people do not know this, but if they knew that they were an incarnated dragon, the person would have extraordinary abilities that simply had to be trained. Such a person could use the 8th plane healing energy to heal people and animals. You just need to know how and it is good that we appeared on the scene. We will now give a brief guide on how each person can heal and how a person can determine whether or not he is a created being. This little guide is a start to mobilize the powers and adjust them to the healing energy. It doesn’t matter which level you get this energy from, but you won’t get any further from a point in the instructions, those who get further can be certain that they are a created being. It is not important for most people to know what they are, but for those of you who intend to follow the call of a healer, it may well be good to have this knowledge.

  • When you are in bed, relax and breathe in and out calmly and deeply. After a while you may feel a slight tingling in the limbs. When the tingling sensation begins to breathe in the air through the soles of your feet. Imagine if you inhale, a white light will travel up through your feet. You will then perceive the legs more and more intensely.
  • You have now flooded your body with oxygen and energy. What you imagine will exist. If you imagine energy flowing through your legs into your body, it is real and not just imagination. If you notice how the energy moves to the stomach, even if you perceive it only slightly, then imagine how the energy flows from the pelvis to the adjacent hands. When you feel a strong tingling in your hands, you have built the energy bridge that you need to transfer healing energy through the hands to another being.

You normal people will use the 13th level healing energy. You do not heal yourself, but the beings of the 13th level use you to create the energy bridge. All healers, we say almost all healers who use this healing energy, are trained by the beings, even if they mostly do not perceive it. Those who are created beings and use the healing energy of the 8th main level will find something strange.

  • They are very aware of what this energy does in the other body. When these beings heal, they see how to be healed, they have to, because they are only led by their masters and teachers in the beginning. Once they have the basic knowledge, they heal on their own.
  • The masters and teachers make themselves known to the person. One day they will realize that they are permanently connected in spirit with the master and teacher. The writer has this type of connection, even if he is not currently healing and is using his strength for this blog. If he wants, he can heal, but we also know that the stubborn will do another job first. The person who is not yet “talking” to their master and teacher should try to establish this communication. The masters will contact the person when they are ready and want to heal. Once the decision has been made, it will not be long before the masters will start the conversation.
  • The masters will teach the person how to use this energy. If the person has previous medical knowledge, it goes very quickly, so we would have a lot to do with this writer, but we will never give up and hope he decides one day.
  • The person will have premonitions, the writer already had some and was very surprised about it. To a certain extent, it is beneficial for a healer to know beforehand whether his treatment will work or not. These premonitions are rather small at the beginning and are mistaken for a déjà vu, but the writer is already there. He has no premonition of any healings, but at the moment he brings the knowledge of the spiritual world to you and from time to time he already knows things that we have not told him or when people ask him or us for advice, it happens to him as if it has already happened. Its strength adapts to the circumstances. If a person has premonitions, it is always an indication that this person draws their energy from the 8th level.
  • When people get used to this way of healing, they are often contacted by other beings, by which we mean spiritual beings. Many masters are at a loss when it comes to their protégés and when a healer from the 8th level is present, they know that they can contact this healer. Nobody speaks to the writer at the moment because everyone knows what he has had to go through and he generally does not trust the spiritual world. Therefore, the beings come to us with a request, which we then forward to the writer. At the moment the writer does not have the ability to heal, but he likes to write a lot and therefore the help can be found in the form of written texts.
  • Special support is given to people who are fully committed to healing. A lot will change in their life that will make them more independent so that the time can be used to heal.

Pay attention to whether you can do the exercise without having to exert yourself extremely. If you realize that you can control these energy flows well and you decide to put healing in the foreground of your existence, then do it with love, because only beings who do it from the heart will achieve extraordinary results.

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