A0191: What are ghosts and what do they stand for?

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There are no ghosts. When a person dies, the body decays, but consciousness is no longer bound to the body and moves on. The so-called light tunnel, which we call the incarnation tunnel, is then perceived by you people. This incarnation tunnel has the task of transferring the awareness of the incarnation into the physical body at the beginning of your earthly life. You will alternate several times as an incarnation and slowly get used to earthly life. For this you are in an incarnation cube and you have taken a form that is not completely firm but also not spiritual. If you walk through the incarnation tunnel, you will wake up again in the incarnation cube. Then you are still the person from Earth. Many memories of the previous incarnation are slowly flowing back to you, so that we say that you are the person from the earth and regain your old knowledge. You are then not the previous incarnation, but the previous incarnation has emerged more and more during your earthly life, so that the person who died was the previous incarnation during your lifetime. If you die now, you will be standing in front of this tunnel of incarnations again so that you can wake up in your incarnation cube on the other side. Most people walk through this incarnation tunnel and awaken in their incarnation cube. For this, however, the people have to “walk” voluntarily through this incarnation tunnel. Everyone has free will and people can choose not to enter the tunnel of incarnation. Then they remain on an intermediate level that was created for the transfer between the bodily body and the spiritual form. This level, like the other levels, is shaped by the thoughts of the residents. If the residents believe that they have ended up in hell, then the environment forms according to this thought pattern, if they do not want to or cannot understand that earthly life is over, the people shape their environment according to the thoughts of their earthly environment. They continue to live their “lives” there without realizing that life is long gone. They will find a lot of things strange, but one day they will understand and then go through this incarnation tunnel. Many spiritual beings observe these confused persons and try to persuade them to go through the incarnation tunnel. They use many methods that are used depending on the person. If the person sees dead relatives or angelic beings, it never corresponds to the fact, because only in very few cases does the dead relatives really come to this level to greet the deceased. When you step out of the incarnation cube, many friends are present and everyone is always thrilled to see you again, even if you are the person from Earth who quickly gets back many memories and of course understands what it was all about. However, many people remain on this intermediate level, which we actually do not call the hereafter, this term is misleading and should not be used by you. The people on the intermediate level can also choose to travel on the levels. If the person knows that they are dead but does not want to walk through the tunnel of incarnation, they usually still have a strong bond with the earth. We then speak of unresolved ties that the person holds on this level. People on earth may not want to let go of the deceased person in the sense of: they do not let them go and are emotionally attached to the deceased person. The deceased person shares many moments with the living person and many inner universes are connected, so that the “holding energy” of the living person holds the deceased person emotionally at this intermediate level.

But how do the so-called ghosts come about, we ask? It always has something to do with the living person who at first couldn’t let go of that person who died. If the holding on is so intense, part of the consciousness of the person who has died is drawn to the earthly level. We describe the process very rudimentary, so that you humans understand the reasons for it first. The person is so powerful emotionally that their thought draws part of the consciousness of the person who died. Consciousness is energy and when energy is thought precisely, that energy manifests into what you would call a ghost. So it is always a living person who initiates these appearances and many of these appearances appear again and again because the partial consciousness now knows a way to get to the earthly level. Many things then become independent and as long as the deceased remains on this intermediate level, these phenomena can also last. The deceased has no idea of this and roams the intermediate level without knowing why, but it always has to do with a living person who cannot let go. We also think we have to say that there are many people on earth who cannot let go and that is why this intermediate level is richly populated. We will still often address death and will again and again address this intermediate level.

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