A0193: Are traumatic experiences after death transferred to the incarnation?

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No, there are special methods that are used so that the traumatic experiences are not included in the incarnation. If a person dies traumatically or has previously experienced traumatic situations that were not healed during their lifetime, then the person is released from these traumatic experiences as they walk through the Incarnation Tunnel. We do not mean that the memory of it disappears, but the emotional aspect is reduced to a minimum and everything is not felt as bad as the person previously felt. This is because earthly life is a playground and when someone leaves this playground, the game is over. By this we do not mean that you do not lead a real life, but that life as a spiritual being is classified higher than earthly life. A child leaving the playground knows that it was just a game. The human playing field can seem cruel, but if you are an incarnation, it is only a game in which you gain a lot of experience that you cannot collect as an incarnation. You will not incarnate with the intention of experiencing something traumatic, but you want to develop and enjoy life, it never has anything to do with pain, but with fun, love, enjoyment and the joy of life itself.

No, you will still know what you have probably experienced traumatic, but it will no longer burden you emotionally. Imagine someone was cruelly murdered, would the person not try to get the murderer after death? Much would appear to be influenced from “outside” if a deceased person still had the desire for revenge as an incarnation. As an incarnation, you are well aware that life on earth is different from what a spiritual being lives, but it is an experience that you have that will never be erased. Only extreme emotional moments that we consider unnecessary are weakened to such an extent that the incarnation does not have to suffer.

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