A0194: What kind of connections are there between a person and their accompanying beings? – Part 2

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The patron saint
The patron saint is incorrectly named by you as the so-called guardian angel, but this is extremely wrong because a so-called angel is a member of a main faction and usually has nothing to do with earthly life. An angel, like a devil or demon, is responsible for complying with the laws and rules in the universe. Look at them like the police on Earth, but they generally have nothing to do with you humans. This misinformation and misinterpretation was pronounced a long time ago on Earth to represent the spiritual world unilaterally. None of you actually knows the context, we want to change that and give you a new and better look at the spiritual world. Many will be disappointed that their house of cards is collapsing, but the cards were all wrong and marked. Get involved with the new knowledge, it will explain the spiritual world very precisely, always as far as you humans are able to understand it.

The patron saint is not an angel, but a being who has special powers. You have such a patron saint as a person. This being is by your side from the beginning of your earthly existence and follows your life very closely. We also have to say that the patron saint has more skills than the other companions of a person. If something gets out of hand in a person’s earthly life, the patron saint has the opportunity to intervene in earthly life. It goes so far that a patron saint can change things, by that we mean the earthly course. Physical intervention on earth is only allowed to the patron saint of a person if it cannot be avoided. If someone has an accident and is seriously damaged, it is up to the patron saint whether he minimizes the damage during the accident or afterwards. The patron saint can also let happen the damage, this is not bound by a rule and the respective patron saint always decides when the damage occurs. The patron saint always makes decisions based on the “gut” and it is never foreseeable how he will decide. Many miracle cures can be attributed to this. The patron saint of human beings is invisible to most spiritual beings and has power that many spiritual beings would like to have. We do not know the patron saint of the writer, but we do know that he often helped the writer as a child and the writer also suspects in which situations. The patron saint is extremely neutral, he would never allow an emotional bond that would affect his work. Prayers and requests to the patron saint would also fall on deaf ears. The patron saint is chosen by the Incarnation Institute to accompany a person’s life. Nothing could influence the patron saint, not even other spiritual beings. The patron saint is always in the background and respects the free will of the person. If a person gets involved with shady characters, whether they are physical or mental, it is always the free will of the person who allows this connection and the patron saint does not intervene. If, however, an attack threatens a person from the spiritual world, the patron saint stands between the attacker and the person. The attack is fended off, but the attacker is not pursued. This is done by the main factions, the demons, devils and angels will hunt, place and judge the attacker. There used to be such attacks, on your and other worlds, on the incarnated beings there. Do not believe that the spiritual being cannot feel envy or resentment. These lower frequencies are also part of the life of a spiritual being and when incarnating beings detested by other beings they often perceive the favor of the hour to interfere with the growth of the incarnated being. Much was difficult for the incarnated beings in these times, but when the being we called the patron saint was created, the life of the incarnated beings improved and we can say that the brutal attacks of the spiritual beings on the incarnated beings have almost completely stopped . A lot of things are made possible today by persuasion, while free will is maintained, but the person is duped in order to impair growth. Anyone with common sense will surely realize when supposedly well- meaning beings appear to a person who promises power and wealth, the intent is certainly not well-intentioned. Everyone should understand that you have not chosen the opportunity for live in the lap of luxury, but so that you can develop. These beings are trying to boost your lower frequencies, nothing good will come out of it. As long as free will is preserved, the patron saint would not intervene, although the patron saint knows the real reasons for spiritual beings. As with the councils, there will be patrons for people and patrons that are superior to these beings. Planet Earth has a patron saint who has a great deal of power. The people on earth classify many patrons and we also say these patrons are real. The belief in a patron saint manifests itself in a way that a patron saint takes on this task if the patron saint’s task is connected with the lives of other people or groups who do not follow lower desires. By this we mean that if a patron saint is supposed to do an honest task, a patron saint will also be found for it, otherwise not. Many of your patrons exist and when you think of a patron saint, the thought reaches him and he also watches over this person. These situations that this patron saint assumes in addition to the person’s patron saint are different, but they always provide protection.

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