A0182: What is the general astral plane? – Part 5

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The 6th level
When people feel a feeling, it is often because the 6th level energies flow through that person. All emotions that a person can experience are stored on the 6th level. By this we mean the following: When a person feels an emotion in their innermost, it is a certain frequency pattern of the 6th level that is guided by this person. Emotions occur in a person purely by chance, but as this writer has often experienced, these frequency patterns can also be specifically caused in a person. The writer has often suspected us that we control these emotions and, of course, he has often complained about it, but he knows that we control these emotional moments in him. We don’t mean all moments, but many. He knows when we’re going to control it, and of course he’s developed a way to sabotage our plans. Now he has the idea that all emotions are controlled by the masters and teachers, but that is not the case and we also say why. Emotions that flow from the 6th level through a person are extremely powerful, we as masters and teachers of this writer are only able to control the emotions that this writer has already experienced. When a person feels an inner emotion, then the person has mastered the prerequisites for the emotion. For example, if a person feels pity, the person has previously mastered that emotion through actions or thought patterns, and the universe has given that emotion to the person as a gift. Only people who have previously earned an emotion have access to the special energy on the 6th level that is responsible for this emotion. If the person never feels pity, whether for an animal or for another person, the person has not done what is necessary to earn that emotion. This writer deserved his sympathy at a very young age because he always worked differently than other people. He instinctively felt all the emotions of others around him and had always felt sorry for people and animals. He would still have this gift today if he hadn’t started blocking these exuberant emotions at a young age. He feels all kinds of emotions, but he has learned to control his emotions because at a young age the excess of other people’s emotions was too much for him. Now he is a mind man, although he was born a heart person with a special gift. We are currently bombarding him with emotions that he bravely withstands. You are all either a heart person or a mind person, the writer is something else that he adopted at a young age to protect himself from other people’s emotions. He has always wondered why other people reacted the way they did. Everything could be analyzed well by him. He saw at a young age what others can only understand in old age, but it flooded him. He urges us to stop talking about him. We now continue with the 6th level. The emotions have to be earned. The rules and laws for this are formulated on the 5th level. The emotions not only make you cry, laugh, be amazed, etc. but these emotions are energy that can heal the body and mind. Those who laugh a lot live happier and healthier because the energy of emotions are a gift from Wingmaker to the people who deserve it. Those who have not yet earned it will not experience this emotion. The writer knows all emotions, but his childhood meant that he was almost completely under control and therefore never let many emotions surface. He never experienced anything traumatic, but the emotions were too strong for him. If someone loves fervently, such a person feels something in the heart area that this writer cannot. He loves his wife and family, but differently. The energies that flow come from a different source than the 6th level. He always suspected that he was different, but he never understood it. Its energy source is at a higher level, which we will talk about later. Not many people get their emotions from this energy source, but someone who has this gift gets them from there. The writer ponders whether he shouldn’t cut our texts after all, we hope he doesn’t. He doesn’t like it when we talk about him, but he also knows that if we write something for the blog, the information is not for testing. He will certainly leave the passages in the text. When people deserve an emotion, the universe ensures that the person can experience the emotion based on the laws of the 5th level. The person then grows in the sense of: they increase their frequency and experience growth. Growth also gives the person power in the sense of: they can then do more than before. Many emotions are earned in childhood. Heart people have it easier than mind people. Who decides which of you is a heart or mind person, we ask? We tell you that before you are born it is determined who will become a person of the heart or mind. The writer is actually a heart person, but now he is something else that no one can pinpoint. It’s very interesting for us, but the writer doesn’t really know what to make of it. Who has now determined what kind of people you are. You became that yourself. When you, as an incarnation, went through your life plan with all its optional paths, you had to decide whether you wanted to be a person of the heart or mind. The writer did not have this choice because his life plan had a certain direction that can only be followed as a heart person. Most of you are heart people, most of you get along with each other straight away, the writer is no exception here, but those who know him will quickly notice that he is different. Everything he radiates cries out for a heart man, who really knows him, but notices a peculiarity, he is incredibly quiet and introverted. A heart person wants to talk, help and needs body contact. A minded person is different, cool, reserved and determined. The heart person comes out of himself and “lives” with his environment. The mind person observes and analyzes his surroundings. Neither is better or worse, but you are either one type or the other type, but never both together, here the writer differs from you and now he also suspects why we still tell so much about him, although he does not want it. The writer combines both types and that makes it difficult for many people to calculate because they do not understand what the writer is. Many have already given him understanding that they like him but cannot classify him. His wife is an absolute heart person and she also took a long time to assess this writer. This is where something comes into play that is very rare. The energies of the writer are actually meant for something else, but as we mentioned a couple of times, the writer is the stubbornness in person, so we never managed to lead him on his original path and he now does something that doesn’t occurs in his life plan, but he can no longer be dissuaded from it. The energy that flooded the writer was meant to heal beings. Now he has chosen his own path and indirectly forced us to go with it. We would like to emphasize that we like to do it, but it was not intended. The energy of the 6th level does not always have to come from the 6th level. Sounds strange, but is actually not that crazy. If the laws of the 5th level are fulfilled and a person has earned an emotion, the frequency pattern of the person decides from which level the energy is passed on to the person. If someone is an embodied dragon incarnation, a demon or another being that was created as an incarnation, that person gets their energies from other levels. A demon was created and, like a dragon or unicorn, draws its energy from the 8th level. You “normal” people get your energy from the 4th level. This does not mean that the energy of the 4th level is worse than that of the 8th level, but it is just another energy source that is subject to other laws of the 5th level. Everything has a reason and people who get their energy from the 8th level have had an arduous journey, but they now have no superpowers as you would presume. They are here with a task, and the stubbornness has upset his life plan with his stubbornness. For this he has also been extensively tested to be able to take on his new task. It was tested to see whether he met the requirements to conscientiously bring knowledge from the spiritual world into the worldly world. As you can see, he has passed all the tests. The 6th level also includes beings who are responsible for the emotions. You can actually experience many of your human emotions so intensively only on Earth. Many “people” on other planets also have these emotions, but never as intensely. The beings on the 6th level are responsible for ensuring that all beings receive the emotions that are required for their type. The writer gets the emotion packages from the 8th level and the beings did not know for a long time how they should provide him with emotions because he vehemently blocked everything. Now the time has come when the writer begins to allow these Wingmaker gifts to find their destination. Much of the 6th level is not so interesting for you humans. Hate doesn’t belong on this level. Not displeasure or greed either. A lot of what makes you cry belongs there, all are emotions that can heal the heart, mind and therefore also the body. Heart people have it easy, people of the mind a little more difficult and with this writer no being actually knows how to classify him, only he himself.

Next we’ll talk about the level of power. The 7th level is the level of power and we are already saying that you will be amazed at what power is and what you can do as a person with power.

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