A0183: What is the general astral plane? – Part 6

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The 7th level
The power as you humans define it is not the power we mean. For us, power does not mean to subjugate other beings or give them orders, but to us power means to be able to do something that we were not able to do before. If we develop and grow, we will get more power from a certain growth, as a gift from the universe. This power first manifests itself in a new frequency pattern that every spiritual being can perceive. This frequency pattern is like a muscle in you humans. We use analogies because the writer loves analogies. When you train your muscle, everyone will see what you did for it. You then not only received strength, but also a voluminous muscle that everyone admires because they know the work behind it. It is the same with the power to see if someone works hard and purposefully for their growth, then this being receives more power as a reward and all other beings marvel at the increase in power in the frequency of the being, because everyone knows how exhausting it is to work out this power. Therefore we ask you to distance yourself from the negative evaluation of the word power and to see power as what it is. Power means a lot of work and is ultimately the reward for a being not giving up. Many beings in the spiritual world were born with de facto power. The first beings created by the Creator as a soul have been given incredible power. Among them are the Wingmaker, but many beings were a soul even before the first Wingmaker and their power ensures that the universe, as it exists, can continue to exist. Many of these beings ensure that the tremendous potential of the Creator is distributed fairly and these beings do not care what happens in the spiritual or worldly world. They only care about the correct flow of energy so that the universe can exist as it is. An exceedingly powerful being has the 7th level under it and transfers the energy of the 7th level to lower levels, which are responsible for ensuring that the potential of power is correctly distributed among the beings. As we mentioned before, all energy that is intended for beings is always linked to the frequency pattern of the beings. If a being has experienced growth, its frequency pattern changes in such a way that the frequency increases and therefore the energy is always redistributed. All energies of whatever kind come from one of the levels. Energy or potential is never withdrawn from a being. It can only grow in a normal life. When beings fight against each other, as is often the case when members of the main factions think they have to riot again, it can happen that an inferior is harmed in battle and the being therefore loses power or energy. Energy is never drained from another person’s healing, it is rather the case that many spiritual beings are present in the healing that induces these healing. If the writer had chosen the path of a healer, we would have supported him in healing first and later he would have received the necessary energy from the 8th level. Under our supervision, he would have directed the energy into the beings who would then have been healed. But now he writes and writes and brings the knowledge of all these things to you. He would have been extremely powerful among you healers if he had followed the path. Now the power has to be earned. Then how would it go with this writer? He has been tested all his life and has all the prerequisites to become a powerful healer, even if he has developed into something that is neither a heart nor a mind person. With a few exceptions, its frequency has increased steadily, so that it can be said that everything has been fulfilled so far. When we started to work with him a few years ago, we couldn’t estimate how he would behave, even though we have known him for so long. From someone who couldn’t do anything with religions or associations, he suddenly became interested in many things that were not foreseeable beforehand. Stubborn as he is, he wanted to meditate, even though we did everything to make it uncomfortable because it shouldn’t be his way. Many physical ailments followed, but his stubbornness only briefly noticed everything and then he went on. If you are consistent in your life, you will experience growth, that is how it is formulated on the 5th level of the laws. His stubbornness has actually positively influenced his frequency pattern. He came up with the idea to study, he shouldn’t, either, everything we did was in vain, he just kept going and increasing his frequency. He has had several phases in which the 7th level has endowed him with power that has been given to him according to his frequency pattern. But he knew nothing about it because he was not walking on the path he had chosen, because then it would have been clear what this increase in power meant for him. So he became more and more high- frequency and powerful, but he didn’t know it. We had to intervene here so that this potential could be used properly. We have created many situations with him that we are not proud of, but he simply continued with his stubbornness. That was also the time when he turned to the Creator for the first time. It totally stunned us because there was nothing to suggest that he would ever do this. He was strictly against the idea that there should be anything like a god. He was so angry that he blamed the creator for it. He threatened him and said that once he was dead, he buttoned up the creator and kicked him in the creator’s butt with his astral foot. The Creator accepted this with a mild smile, but other powerful beings were not so gracious and the martyrdom around the writer went into the next phase. To raise up against the spiritual world was not without consequences. First he had to realize that there was a spiritual world, then he realized that there had to be a creator whom he then wanted to kick in his astral butt. These were all insights that created outstanding moments in the writer and generated outstanding inner universes. This in turn increased his frequency and based on his frequency pattern, he was given power again. The powerful beings, who did not want to accept his sacrifice towards the Creator, for their part began to create situations in the writer that made him appear even more aggressive towards the spiritual world. The powerful beings did not understand the writer because nobody understands what drives the writer and so it was a long struggle in which even the masters of the Akasha did not get away so well. They were used to provide the writer with misinformation to calm him down, but he was quick to disprove everything he had learned, or simply accepted it and made the best of it. It all grew, his frequency increased again, he was tested again and nobody could beat him. Once he was about to throw everything in and gave the spiritual world an ultimatum. Either we are with him and everything goes as he wants it or he stops with all the questions to the Akasha, then the new life plan would have been invalid again. That was the time when the beings withdrew without reaching their destination. We have already said that he only believes the information that we write for the blog. Nothing then convinced him that we weren’t these beings. It is said that the creatures have bitten their teeth on the writer. Such stubbornness is extremely rare. We only have this one opportunity to wash ourselves, hoping the writer now understands why it all happened. If we were to explain this to him between us and him, he would always raise one of his eyebrows in our thoughts and we know he doesn’t believe a word. But all of this has made him grow and the 7th level has given him power that he has no clue about, just like the emotion packs, the power packs are also in him and are not used. We are working on it and will show him what he can do with it. We are closing the explanations about the writer here and now and will tell you something about the order of the 12 soon. The energy level contains all access rights for the higher levels. The 12 is a special number and many councils are always equipped with 12 beings. In the next part, we will reveal why this is so and what makes the 8th level so special.

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