A0181: What is the general astral plane? – Part 4

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The 5th level
This level deals with the laws of the upper levels. All of the following levels are subject to these laws and we also believe that we are unable to explain all of the links between these laws. It will be a goal of the writer to write a summary later with our help, in which we will describe these cross-connections more clearly. Now is the time to separate the wheat from the chaff and to objectively describe this unspeakable number of levels, which have not always been described objectively, in their foundations. The writer will make all of our blog entries available for download as a PDF file and, once we have created the basis for describing the levels and also the spiritual world in general, will prepare a summary in which you will find everything described in a compact manner. We now start with the 5th level. The laws were largely drawn up by the wing makers. Some laws were also formulated by the beings that are superior to the wing makers. The laws are not the laws of the universe that are observed by the main factions, but the laws that apply in the planes. Since each level consists of certain energy patterns, the laws are also linked to this type of energy pattern. When we talk about the laws of virtue, every virtue has a certain frequency pattern that we spiritual beings can perceive. The writer has mastered many virtues, even if he does not understand what we dictate to him. These frequency patterns now exist in him and all spiritual beings can perceive it. We tested him again and again so that the writer could master these virtues. He has passed many tests and the universe as consciousness has automatically adjusted its frequency pattern from a certain point in time. We were able to perceive it immediately and knew that we didn’t have to test it anymore. All virtues are summarized in a higher level, from when a person receives these frequency patterns of a certain virtue determine the laws of the 5th level. These laws of course apply to all living beings. When a virtue is mastered, the frequency pattern changes in the range of the spectrum for a being and the being has experienced growth. The writer is wondering what power he has achieved through this, but we won’t tell him yet, then we probably wouldn’t be able to test him any time soon, because he would then do something completely different. The virtues are just an example and many laws are used in the spiritual world that are not very interesting to you humans now, but let’s come back to the growth. When you attain certain virtues as a person, it is always accompanied by growth and we also mean that when you experience growth, your frequency automatically increases. As you keep increasing your frequency, you automatically gain more power through the universe. These laws also formulate the laws governing how the universe works. By this we mean that your dimension is subject to different laws than would be the case with another dimension. If you look at the universe you know, the laws are not the same in every part, but basically the same “laws” are effective everywhere. If you could look into another dimension in a parallel world, you would perceive a small difference in the “laws”. There are also dimensions where the difference is greater, but you are more closely connected to dimensions in the closer “environment” where the difference is rather small. When the Wingmaker decided to only do creative work in the long term, they started to think of a new dimension based on an existing dimension, with small differences. The Wingmaker are very productive, so they used the new dimension as a template for another dimension. Every time a new dimension was created, the new laws for this dimension were formulated, as before, so that the “last” dimension would have to differ significantly from the starting dimension. When the Wingmaker think of a new dimension, it does not simply exist with all the stars, but it is formulated and ignited as an energy package. The so-called big bang is real, but you never figured out why there was this big bang. These were the Wingmaker and constantly, especially now that you are reading these lines, there is the next big bang in a new dimension. It all starts as an energy package, with formulated laws and this package is ignited. The Big Bang belongs to every dimension and is always an event that marvels the spiritual world together with the wing makers. We were also present at some dimensional explosions and can only confirm that it is worthwhile to be there. These examples serve to make the facts plausible for a person to understand. The Wingmaker did a lot more, of course, but the example can be used as an analogy. Your natural laws are formulated for your dimension and for your location in the universe, on this 5th level. Since this 5th level is again an energy level, beings live here too. They are usually of a spiritual nature and ensure compliance with the laws. The writer ponders and wonders how this happens. We are responsible for these answers and will bypass them. Every energy has an origin. The origin is always the creator, but somewhere this energy has to separate from other energies. This point lies between the creator and the spiritual world. All are levels and if you like, imagine the Creator as an onion. The onion as a whole is the creator and every layer of onion skin is one level. The layer is separated from another layer and so there is some space between the layers of the onion skin. The levels are therefore not directly connected and many powerful beings are responsible for the fact that the energy levels are connected to each other. This extremely powerful consciousness transfers the energy flows that the Creator generates between the levels. The energy has always existed in its entirety, but the energy is converted again and again and again, so to speak, recombined. These beings combine this energy into the respective levels so that they can be used there, as the Wingmaker once thought. Everything you see and perceive is always based on the laws that the Wingmaker have formulated for your dimension. This also applies to us in the spiritual world. We also have to comply with these laws, even if lateral thinkers are always looking for a new way to circumvent these laws. Sometimes they do it, to the astonishment of all beings, even the wing makers must then acknowledge that they had not formulated their laws precisely enough. But that happens extremely rarely, so we can say that the Wingmaker did a very good job on the 5th level. The 5th level is constantly being expanded and many beings deal with it when the wing makers have a new “idea” again. Everyone will always try to check the laws beforehand for any weak points. Nothing would be worse than creating a new dimension that would not last due to a mistake in thought. What now reads so simply is not invented by the Wingmaker in the blink of an eye, but to conceive a new dimension also costs a Wingmaker a lot of time and energy, so that we also think that the Wingmaker should have a rest. But they don’t and they don’t need it. The Wingmaker have the divine spark. By this we mean that the wing makers are, so to speak, connected to the energy source that is the creator. Demons, dragons, unicorns and many other powerful beings have a different source of energy, which so to speak has branched off several times from the creator and are particularly formulated by the wing makers in the laws. Angels and devils, in turn, have the divine spark in them. When we talk about power, we would use the Eiffel Tower as a yardstick. A Wingmaker would have a divine spark the size of the Eiffel Tower, an angel or a devil would have the divine spark in the size of a burning match. Size really does matter here and we have to add that Wingmaker beings have other things that make them do the things they do. The laws are created as energy packages or, if you like, formulated. These energy packets flood one dimension as the energy that you already know as the network. This is where the connection can be found, why in one dimension everywhere, we emphasize again, the same laws prevail almost everywhere. If the Creator had a certain energy potential in total, wouldn’t the potential, the more dimensions there are, be smaller? No, because in our view the potential of the Creator is infinite. Many have already asked themselves this question and we have to admit that we cannot explain where or why the creator has so much potential. The writer has long suspected that the creator is only part of something larger, but we cannot confirm that, because our horizon of experience ends at the top of the onion skin in order to return to the previous analogy. We have had some debates with this writer and he is feeling very confirmed and his frequency pattern is increasing rapidly. We have to disappoint him, because even if it were, we could never find out, but as we know the writer, he will quickly forget the last sentence and we can still look forward to one or the other conversation about it. We like to talk and are never averse to an argument.

We mentioned at the beginning that all levels are only addressed and deepened over time. The next level deals with the emotions of beings. Yes, dear writer, emotions, you heard right. Emotions are something that the writer does not really know because he is not a heart person, but a mind person. The following level, however, has extremely powerful energies that every being experiences, including this writer.

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