A0175: What is the exact process after death?

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When a person dies, they wake up moments later in their incarnation cube. Before that, the following happens when you walk through the light tunnel:

  1. The person is completely separated from their earthly body. The so-called silver thread or the silver cord is to be regarded as a link that is present between the incarnation and the physical body. If the person walks through the light tunnel, this connection is ultimately severed. If the person does not walk through this tunnel of incarnation, the connection to the physical body is never completely separated and only when the physical body is completely decomposed is this connection also separated. Therefore, people who do not go through the incarnation tunnel will be bound to life on earth for a long time. Passing through the light tunnel immediately dissolves all connections.
  2. When the person wakes up and realizes that he is lying in a device, the first moment is always accompanied by a great surprise, in which the person tries to understand what has happened. The first memories come back, which at least explain why the person lies in this incarnation cube. The person notices that it is partially embodied, but not as compact as it would be on Earth. She notices her limbs and her outer shape. Most incarnations have taken a human form and we said before that the human form is not only widespread in the universe, but is always an eye-catcher in our spiritual world, which is gladly accepted when a spiritual being chooses a form. The incarnation in the incarnation cube is the person from earth. Many memories are now pouring into them, so we would say that the first time the incarnation is much more the person from Earth than the original incarnation before the incarnation. The incarnation that you became before you dared to incarnate on earth has largely absorbed in you in your earthly life. We mean that you are part of the incarnation that you were before and with the years on earth, this incarnation is coming through more and more of you, so that we would say that you are old and wise, you are to a large extent the previous incarnation. When you die, it is not the person who disappears from the earth, but the person who dies with most of the previous incarnation, so that you awaken as the person from the earth who previously represented a large part of the previous incarnation. When an incarnation incarnates, it knows that it will disappear as incarnation as it is after the incarnation, but the person approaches this incarnation more and more in the course of his earthly life. When you step out of the incarnation cube, you are the person from Earth, this person is to a large extent the previous incarnation. Nothing changes for you, you are still the person you are now.
  3. When the flood of memories sets in, you will experience these eye-opening moments all the time, but you are still the person from Earth.
  4. The beings, outside of your incarnation cube, recognize that you have these eye- opening moments and begin to carefully open the incarnation cube. You can’t look out while you are in this cube, but everyone can look inside. It is not dark for you, but you can perceive dimmed light and it also lies comfortably in this cube. You are not chained and there are no hoses or cables attached to you. You just lie there and you quickly remember why you are actually there. The beings gently open the lid and greet you. There are not only the beings from the Institute of Incarnation, but also many beings that you know. Some are there for the course of your incarnation period to lead you into a room by giving advice on how life went. You will be asked many questions there. Most incarnations are happy that they have completed this life because incarnating on earth is the greatest test of courage for most spiritual beings. During this time, memories will appear again and again in your consciousness and the aha moments will continue.
  5. After you have discussed life, you will be taken to a relaxation room. Many beings provide you with healing and energy that should “recharge” you. We think it’s about two days you’ll be there. Then you are fully operational again.
  6. During this rest period, memories will return, which will enrich you more and more. During this phase the person from the earth becomes more and more a spiritual being. By this we mean that you remain, but through your experiences of the earth and the memories of the previous incarnation, you always receive new insights that allow you to grow, in the sense of: you experience experiences that you as a single person or previous incarnation, you would never receive, but now through the symbiosis of the person with the memories, extraordinary moments are generated that generate these insights. You alone would not be able to do this, and neither would the previous incarnation, but now it happens constantly during this resting phase. You start to see many connections and the universe lets you grow. It is always worthwhile and is worth the experience. When the two days are over you are the person from Earth, but wiser than before, and every being who knew you will notice it immediately. This is also the moment when you decide to take on new tasks because you are now able to do more than before.

When you walk through the incarnation tunnel to wake up in the incarnation cube, something great is happening. Your soul that produced you has watched every second of it closely throughout your life. The soul was happy with you and had also experienced your suffering.

You have generated inner universes every moment of your life. These are the small, large and outstanding moments of your life that are stored in the inner universes for all eternity. All the people who were present at the moments have their moments, or rather, their inner universes intertwined with your inner universes. So you not only have your inner universes within you, but also the inner universes of the other people who were present at the moments. It sounds incredible, but you will then be able to experience every moment again and again, visually and emotionally, and also the moments of the other people present from their point of view and with their emotions. The soul will take in all these moments as a copy and will also be able to relive all the moments over and over again as you have experienced them and the moments of the other people present. That is the growth that you have experienced and what you are doing as a copy of your soul as a gift. It will grow as a result, that is the purpose of incarnating. You as an incarnation will grow and the soul that created you will also grow. This happens when you walk through the light tunnel or what we call the incarnation tunnel. You will wake up walking through it, but not in a new life somewhere on a planet, but as a spirit being that you have been before.

Your soul then sends another independent incarnation to earth to give this incarnation the opportunity to experience life as a human being and to generate this growth. Basically, an incarnation may only incarnate once on earth, we say basically because there are always exceptions. When you wake up, you will no longer incarnate on Earth. We want to tell you one thing, no matter what you have experienced on earth, no matter how much karma you have accumulated for the soul, nothing will bind you to earth or karma after death. You lived on earth, after that you don’t do anything that had anything to do with life on earth. We mean you are free to do whatever you want and none of how life went will have any impact on your life. You neither have to pay for the misdeeds, nor do you have to worry about them. Everything you did has made you grow. Everything is over when you die and all knowledge comes to you, also the knowledge that you have done something wrong. If you think you’ve done something bad, your conscience is already plaguing you.

Everything ends with death and real life begins. Look forward to it, it is an adventure, just like earthly life.

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