A0176: What does the aura say about a spirit being?

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The aura is an energy field that surrounds every living being. It has its origin in the frequency in which a being vibrates. If a being vibrates at high frequency, the aura is richer in individual frequency patterns than a low-frequency being. Each being not only has “one vibration”, but each being vibrates differently in certain frequency ranges. If a person could perceive these frequency ranges, the person would recognize different frequency patterns in other people. If we take this writer, if he argues with us again, his frequency changes before he starts the argument, in a way that we know beforehand that the rags are about to fly. He then tries to stay calm because he knows that we are testing him, but his frequency says the opposite, so that we are always one step ahead. We also “see” when the writer calms down again. We are often amazed because he always manages to act exactly differently than we first thought, but the frequency of the stubbornness marker is also strongly represented, then we know that he has looked through us again. This is a huge advantage for beings who can “see” and interpret the frequency. You humans have a feel for it, if you trust your intuition, you will intuitively perceive the frequency. Everyone knows this moment when you appear somewhere and immediately notice that there is bad air and the people are very tense or reserved. The spiritual beings perceive such situations much more intensely than you humans. We also perceive the so-called aura around beings. The higher a being vibrates, the finer the gradation of the aura itself. We also perceive the so-called aura in multiple dimensions, which makes the interpretation considerably easier. The writer often has high-frequency times, which after and during our tests, especially in the past, sank into a very low-frequency spectrum. We always feared that he would not get out of this area so easily, but he can let go very well and then continues. He adapts to the tests, which makes it unpredictable for us, but mostly it is quite high-frequency in relation to the other people. He doesn’t like the fact that we talk about him all the time, which also lowers his frequency.

Now beings can also strongly influence their frequency themselves and many meditate for it. This actually only helps if the meditation is sustainable. By this we mean that when a person meditates, their frequency changes positively during this time. The frequency increase or the balancing of the frequency patterns also lasts for a certain time, but when the person returns to their stressful environment, there is not much left of the frequency balance and we advise all meditators to take meditation into everyday life. If you can do that, you will quickly notice how calmness returns and you really commute in the middle. Balanced and happy, that’s how everyday life should be for you. If you can keep this state it is wonderful, but you have to master it, so we mean that taking a calm state in a calm environment is not difficult, but if you have mastered it, then you also remain calm when stress suddenly occurs. You have to get there, then you automatically increase your frequency, not over the entire spectrum, but mostly in the sub-areas of your species.

Many species have different frequency bands in the spectrum. We immediately recognize from the entire frequency range which species a being belongs to and which state of mind the being has. If a being or a person develops further, this will also be reflected in the frequency. We mean that if an incarnation leads a life on earth, its frequency after incarnation is different. By this we mean, before the incarnation incarnated, it had a lower frequency than after it became an incarnation again after the human body died. Afterwards it is more frequent than before and we also think that this difference is very big so that all beings immediately recognize that a being was incarnated. Increasing your own frequency not only has mental benefits, but beings of different frequencies, have different powers that they can use. The universe is designed in such a way that the possibilities are linked to the frequency. By this we mean that when a person becomes more and more high-frequency, they not only have increased mental abilities, but also abilities with which they can influence their environment. Mental skills would be increased intellectual skills. We generally refer to the ability to influence the environment as power.

If someone has increased mental abilities, he can combine them quickly and logically, but he does not bend a spoon by looking at them. It has something to do with power that is assigned to a being through the universe. By the universe we mean the creator. You have to earn power, so we mean that a being has to grow and from a certain frequency, it automatically gets more power. You have a negative connotation of the term power, but we define it this way and see it positively. When someone has gained a lot of power through the universe, the being has worked hard for it and it has earned that power. Many beings have different powers, it also depends on their origin and thus certain frequency bands can also be determined. Many beings are also the first of their kind, like the first dragon, at that time the beings did not know how the frequency of a dragon would change over time and many still marvel at the unique frequency band of a dragon. The frequencies are electromagnetic waves in areas that you humans don’t even know, let alone measure. When you discover these waves, you come closer to the spiritual world because you can then recognize shapes that move around you, these are the spiritual beings that are invisible to most people.

We still say the following: Live happily and exuberantly, so that you increase your frequency automatically and who is now more high-frequency of you will show itself when you are under pressure. The calm among them is high-frequency and those who allow themselves to be carried away by hysteria are lower-frequency. Everyone is developing, even this writer has had to learn a lot in recent years, which makes him so balanced today until we organize the next test and he finds out. He will learn to handle it better and better, we are sure of that.

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