A0174: How do incarnations live in the spiritual world? – Part 4

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When spiritual beings travel, the purpose of the trip is always to experience something new. But sometimes the spiritual beings do not know where they are going, many beings want to surprise other beings so that when they see a place or a living being special moments are created that are very beneficial to both beings. When the being to be surprised is really surprised, special moments are created that are also admired by the surprise. It is therefore customary to surprise your friends in the spiritual world with special places or lives. Spiritual beings like to be frightened, so they choose places that generate a moment of terror for other beings who do not yet know this place. However, the focus is more on fun and we also think that the moments of shock are not as terrible as you might think now.

Playful spiritual beings can also often be found, nothing seems more fun than experimenting with things. Miraculous things have already happened here, which we would like to briefly explain:

  • There was a being who tried tirelessly to turn a circle into a cuboid without anything ever moving. The circle was a line in the “air” and the cuboid should fill this circle and change gently into the cuboid shape. The being, who conscientiously brought all edges of the cuboid evenly closer to the circle. The circle is round and the cuboid has corners, so the creature tried everything possible to compensate for the approximation of the edges, that is difficult to describe mathematically, but the creature tried. We don’t think it ever did, but at least tried.
  • Another being wanted to influence gravity on a planet in such a way that things always move from bottom to top. It worked very well in a laboratory experiment, but the being failed on a planet. It really tried everything and many beings were interested in it, but it never worked.
  • Another being wanted to travel through time, by which we mean neither Akashic records nor parallel dimensions, but in the spiritual world turn back the clock. It was always sitting very tightly in its place, but it could not go back in time, although it was always amazed when it awoke from its concentration phase and asked if anything had happened. We, the beings who were there, always looked amazed and then had to laugh heartily.

Many beings try many things during their existence and sometimes they succeed and amaze everyone else, but mostly it is curiosities that are admired and smiled at.

You can see that the spiritual beings are not as withdrawn as most may think. We wouldn’t say that we are close to you humans, but we’re not that far away. We have fun, humor, we take care of others and we do voluntary tasks that justify our existence. What would happen if we stopped doing anything, everything comes to a halt and nothing would develop.

We also say today and here, do not look up in the sky so reverently, and do not believe that spiritual beings are gods. No, we are all beings, nothing more and nothing less. Nobody should look down on other beings and think they are better. Everyone has a different stage of development, but we in the spiritual world also have beings about whom you can only shake your head, just as you do on Earth. If you want to ask, pray, pray to God, the Creator or whatever name you give him, or like this writer already did, threatened him and kicked him in the astral butt, whatever he wanted to do with us, always remember, we are all just beings and we also develop. The creator is the most developed and the writer doubted at the time whether his astral foot would be large enough to kick the creator in the butt, but he took it with humor and the writer too. Nothing is nicer than being able to get along with a lot of humor after an argument. Why is that so we ask and answer it straight away. Because all beings are the same, only their stage of development differs. If you die and step out of the incarnation cube, you are the same person as on Earth, but you will develop within a short time afterwards, so the writer is as stubborn after death as before. But you still develop yourself. We will explain to you soon what is going to happen there. We hope to have given a brief overview of these answers to life in the spiritual world and we are closing this chapter for the time being so that we can turn to other topics.

Once you understand how the spiritual world is structured and what drives it, this excessive awe that most people feel when they somehow contact a spiritual being should also disappear. Nothing is as it seems, if you look behind the curtain, the magic will disappear. Tries to see the spirit world as a parallel universe where beings can do a little more, but they are not gods. You can curse them and like this writer always have extensive arguments, but that’s not why we will be angry or sad, it is his way of dealing with us and many beings have tested him and we also have to confess that we feel with him and would be in his Situation so stubborn and contentious, but he has now found his task to bring the knowledge of the spiritual world into the worldly world and therefore he always conscientiously writes everything we dictate to him, without deleting passages, which we find very good . We will soon explain the instructions on how you can travel through the inner universes of yourself or other people who were present at that moment. This guide will be very detailed, but those who follow it should be able to learn this type of travel quickly. Have courage and try it, we will test it on this writer first, he will give us feedback to make everything even better for you.

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