A0173: How do incarnations live in the spiritual world? – Part 3

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When beings travel in the spiritual world, they visit places that are hard to imagine. Look up at the sky and think about how many places outside of the earth are there that could be visited and admired. Even if you would count a whole life in quick succession, you will not even come close to the number. Every moment in your life, there are added many places. We mean places where there is life and not only rock worlds, but also life in spheres that you could not even understand. The universe is full of life and places worth seeing. The spiritual being knows that there are countless places and always takes the time to learn what the places look like and how life appears there. You only know earthly life, not even half are known to you and the other half are unknown to you. The other half would amaze you and we say, compared to the life forms in the universe, you know nothing. You don’t even know your earth enough, but if you could, each one of you would go on a discovery tour to marvel at some life forms on earth. Just to have seen these creatures once. Now the spiritual beings have completely different possibilities to go on a so-called discovery tour. One thought and they are where there are extraordinary places and living things. The spiritual being also likes to travel in groups because a moment with other beings is always special. The beings exchange their experiences on site. You people have the inner universes. If you were traveling in a group to gaze at places and living beings, you could even travel through your and the other person’s inner universes to experience the other person’s perspective and emotions. For you, traveling through your own or other inner universes is not easy to learn, but we will suggest an exercise in due course to help you learn this way of traveling. It is easier to practice than the so-called out of body experience, but you still have to practice. The spiritual being does not have this type of inner universe, but something similar that we want to explain another time. However, the spiritual being is also able to experience the amazement of the other group members and that is what makes a tour of discovery so extremely interesting. If something is admired extensively, the admiration of the other members is automatically experienced. Like the inner universes of people who were all there for a moment. The spiritual being marveled at the place or life there and at the same time marveled at the astonishment of the other group participants. So it is always better to go on an exploration tour with many beings, because everyone benefits extensively from it. Many beings also travel alone, but in a group of like-minded people, it is literally a lot of fun.

Many places are announced by the flash messages that are constantly sent by the institute for this type of message, so that when a new discovery is made, many groups travel there immediately and the fun and experience factor is increased enormously. Many always want to be the first and small competitions are held where groups that have traveled to many new places in a certain time win. There is no trophy for it, but there are already well-known groups that make it up among themselves and report a lot about it. This drives many to participate in such ventures again and again out of curiosity. The spiritual beings love to speak, some also think that talking is an art form that is absolutely to be learned, but many beings simply speak in order to feel understood. A conversation is always good for a being. Whenever possible, beings advise each other to justify participating in a conversation. They are always looking for reasons to talk. Nothing to say is boring and since spiritual beings fear nothing more than boredom, there is a lot of talk and advice.

We love to laugh, even if our humor is not always well received by you humans. This writer misunderstood us one time or another, which led to many and violent debates with us, but we do not miss any opportunity for a conversation, even if it is an argument. We often argue with this writer because he is just so incredibly stubborn, but as I said, as long as we can talk, everything is fine with us. Most spiritual beings see it that way, as long as there is at least an argument, there is hope. It gets bad when nobody talks anymore. Then higher beings intervene and the advice starts again. So we all enjoy a debate that can take the most incredible turns, especially with demons. Anyone who manages to debate with a demon without the scraps flying has mastered the fine art of debate. Not many are able to do this and we also think that is a good thing, otherwise we would have less of a major entertainment factor in the spiritual world and truly nobody wants that. What are the spiritual beings doing in the spiritual world? We will tell you that in the next part. Look forward to new information that you have probably never heard of.

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