A0119: Where does the soul go to send an incarnation to earth?

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We would like to start explaining how an incarnation comes to earth and incarnates in a human being. The soul has already worked out the incarnation cycle and enabled the incarnations to live the respective life. The incarnation can still propose many changes or reject life. Another incarnation is then asked. When all incarnations have been determined and the incarnations have agreed, the soul goes to a place where it has the opportunity to observe all of its incarnations. This place is not a physical place because the soul as a spirit being is not physical in the sense of a physical body, but it is a field of consciousness of gigantic dimensions, which is not as big as a planet. This place has the possibilities that the soul can observe all incarnations at the same time. Much of what happens there is difficult for people to understand and we would not go into further detail to describe the process of incarnation. When the time has come for an incarnation to live a life, it too will come to a certain place, which we would like to name the incarnation hall. At this location, the incarnation is placed in a container, lying there for the time of incarnation. It is there all of earthly life if it is to incarnate on earth. This container is designed so that it can be seen from the outside, but cannot see the incarnation from the inside. This incarnation cube is the interface for the incarnation energy, which is transferred into a physical life. The first time it is still temporary, therefore the incarnation often “wakes up” from this state, but after a certain time the cube is no longer opened until life is ended.

The incarnation transfers a lot of its energy into the physical body, but a certain amount is leaded in the cube, so that the incarnation can still use this amount of energy during its physical life. A lot of energy is used to grow the physical body, but people who train the flow of energy can use the remaining energy reserve and use it for whatever they want to do with it. Some people have large energy reserves. It always depends on what you’ve already experienced. When a lot has happened in life where the person has had to spend a lot of “energy”, the energy reserves are less than with other people who did not have it so difficult. There are people who have more energy reserves than other people. Not that they had never used their reserve energy, but the incarnation brought more energy than most other incarnations. Many members of certain factions are flooded with considerable strength and if they incarnate as a person, the reserves are no longer an issue. These people are characterized by the fact that no matter how difficult a situation seems to be, they never give up and always stand up when they suffer setbacks. These people can access this energy reserve and other people give up beforehand because they no longer have the strength to continue. You believe that this is unfair, but let me tell you, these people also need this energy reserve because their lives are all setbacks. They usually have to do more than everyone else, and when the situation is viewed that way, it’s no longer unfair. Let yourself be told that anyone who at some point in his life reaches a point where he no longer knows how to proceed can then imagine what these people often have to endure.

But let’s get back to the process of incarnation. If the incarnation often “wakes up” at the beginning of its earthly life, it often has the feeling that it is losing itself and many are then afraid to switch back to the physical body. But after a while, the incarnation will remain in the cube. Then it will completely change into the physical body and only climb out of the cube after death. The incarnation is not physical, but also not completely spiritual, we would say she has assumed a state in between and will keep this state for the time of earthly life. When life is over, the person stands in front of the so-called light tunnel. This state the person is in is very fragile. When the person incarnates, they know what to expect and this state of incarnation to the person is not difficult to capture. However, when the person changes back to an incarnation, the person usually does not know that they are actually an incarnation. This moment usually involves a lot of persuasion to get the person back into the cube. That is actually all that happens there. The person reincarnates and awakens with their old consciousness, but it now includes everything that the incarnation has experienced as a person. The person has not disappeared because the person actually includes the incarnation. When the incarnation incarnates, it does not become something that it was not before, but takes many attributes that make up the incarnation into the person’s life. That is why the person does not “die” in the incarnation, because they represent this incarnation to a large extent. So do not be afraid to go away, you will awaken rather than go away. Among other things, we repeatedly explain this process so that everyone present will one day understand what life and so-called death are. We look forward to sharing this information with you because most people simply don’t know about these things. Pay attention what we will tell you, we tell you a lot of things that will frown you, but knowing this will also be a great relief for your life.

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