A0118: Is the number of incarnations in a soul are static?

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No, it can vary if the soul thinks that more incarnations could support the soul. When the soul creates new incarnations, it is a special moment. The soul does not do it too often and many souls shy away from it, because if an incarnation is created, the soul can be very vulnerable for a moment and we think we have to say: The soul is then in immediate danger of being damaged by other beings. The act of creating is extremely exhausting and the soul is very weak. We do not say that the danger is very dangerous, but it is then vulnerable. The soul created some incarnations outside of the Creator at the beginning of its life, but more and more are added over time. It is able to do this because the existing incarnations support the soul in growing and from a certain moment new incarnations are created again. The incarnation is only partially aware of this act of creation and we would say it then simply exists. Then she already knows a lot, but still has a lot to learn to one day become her own soul for her own incarnations. She, the Incarnation, grows over time into something that will in no way differ from the outgoing soul. Your own incarnations are created just as they were created. All souls and incarnations will always grow and many have already reached a considerable size that come very close to the Creator. But the Creator grows even when souls grow, so a soul cannot exceed the Creator in size. Many don’t want it either, but use their own growth to help other beings grow. We also say that growth is the only thing in the whole universe that all spirit beings have in common. Nothing interests a soul more than growing steadily. By this we do not mean selfish growth, but a common growth in which nobody is forgotten. We also think we have to say: Growth is essential for all spirit beings. When a spirit being stops growing, all other beings worry. Everything is designed so that everything grows steadily and nothing can stop the growth. Sometimes a soul stagnates as it grows, then many beings come together to fix the problem. In the end, this soul will also grow again, it has always been that way.

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