A0117: Are the incarnations of a soul connected?

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We tell you the following: The soul is home to many incarnations that do not even know each other. Again and again the incarnations of a soul meet and do not even know it. We do not mean the incarnated incarnations. If two incarnations of a soul meet, they will not even feel that they have come from a soul, but they will feel nothing at all. They only know that they belong to the same soul when the soul calls them. This is the moment when the incarnations meet and give advice on what the help can look like. The incarnations do not make decisions for the soul, but with it. She is present and is noticed by everyone. This is a very special moment for everyone present, since the soul rarely calls some of its incarnations. We then speak of a very special gathering that is extremely rare. We also think we have to say: the soul then exists physically and goes like an incarnation among those present, but everyone present knows who the soul is. There can be no confusion here. We also say: The soul always carefully selects the incarnations to call them. Those who have been called have always been selected for a very specific reason. The soul always tries to be just, so that over time all incarnations can enjoy a meeting. All incarnated people on all worlds already had such a meeting with their soul, so that their task fruited in an incarnated life.

We also say that the incarnations are very happy when the soul calls them, these are always very special moments that nobody wants to miss. We also say: All incarnations will live an incarnated life at least once in order to support their soul. Everything has its purpose, incarnations should enable the soul to grow and they too should grow. You on earth have a particularly hard time, nowhere in the universe is life as difficult to live as on earth. Nowhere are the circumstances so difficult and nowhere do so many souls live so closely together as in some places on earth. We also say: You will provide the greatest growth because the earth was created for it. All other planets are more peaceful and the tasks there are easier to tame. Nor do we want to keep silent, when you have completed your incarnation cycle, you are truly more than before and that is what we mean by all serious things. Nowhere can this kind of growth be experienced as on earth. You will understand many things that are closed to you on earth after death and you will always say “It was worth it”. We also say the following: If you think your life is neither exciting nor eventful, you should know that life on other planets is very boring and events that are remembered are rarely generated there. Therefore, enjoy what you have and enjoy life to the fullest. You will only experience this once on earth. Use the time and be happy, that’s the best thing you can do. Life on earth is not always beautiful, but everything has to be experienced so that the cycle of incarnation can be ended. Only then is the soul out of duty and can devote itself to other things. By the cycle of incarnations we mean not only life on earth, but everywhere in the universe. It is the turn of all incarnations and everything is to be experienced, then a soul is complete and dedicated to higher things. Many, yes, very many have gone through it today and are incredibly much more than they were before or will ever be without the incarnation cycle. Everyone is delighted that you have chosen life on earth, because only a few incarnations of a soul are ready for it, most would prefer to experience manageable growth and would never incarnate on earth. You are something special that no one will ever forget, no matter how your life on earth is valued. You have already achieved great things, nobody can take that away from you again. But you can achieve even more if you follow your heart and do a lot of good for the people around you. You have it in your hand, so don’t just sit there, follow your heart, it will show you the way, that‘s for sure . The heart always knows where the next steps in your life should be taken. We also say: Nobody is useless, you all have your task in this life, therefore move, you can still do so much good.

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