A0116: How many soul families are represented in the ‘out of body experience group’?

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This is very difficult to answer and we start by explaining what we consider to be a so-called soul family. The soul families are divided into several areas:

  1. Where does the actual soul come from, which faction in the universe did it belong to? Was she an angel, devil, demon or other untraceable factions? Many beings have joined a faction at some point. We will discuss the reasons for which faction a soul joins later. But all factions have in common the hierarchy that unites them into one structure. There are always beings who command and subordinate beings who carry out these commands. You all belong to one or another faction and only a few know it.
  2. The soul families can also be an association of souls belonging to different factions, but it unites something special, which makes each soul family unique in its nature. We also say: An angel and a devil can get along very well. A demon is an exception here, because demons do not carry the divine spark and are therefore somewhat apart. But there are also exceptions that were among others in the ‘out of body experience group’. Always remember, a person never judges by his or her origin, the person cannot do anything for it, but always by his actions.

Many people belong to the angelic faction and many do not always do good things on this planet. Nothing is as it seems, never forget that. We also want to announce that there are also groups that have nothing in common with the previous groups, but this will be the topic of this writer on his blog. Who is now in which soul family, what would be the result of knowing which faction a person belongs to. Many would be disappointed and some would even feel depressed. Many would boast of what they “belong” to, but none of these people have ever done anything in this life for one or the other faction. Neither in the good sense nor in the bad sense. It would be more like wearing your grandfather’s war medal and thinking you deserved it yourself or someone would be punished for what his grandfather once did in the war. None of this will get you anywhere, so don’t look for it.

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