A0115: What about the star-shaped fortresses?

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These star fortresses do not exist on this scale, but there are indeed “fortresses” of enormous dimensions. We say the following: The fortresses are not fortresses in the sense of: these beings have to protect themselves from other beings, but rather that the structures are always related to the fact that the raw materials are mined and used there. Like a power plant on Earth, there are also installations in space that are used for energy generation. The energy density of energy production is much higher than that of the plants on your planet, but these beings also need the amount of energy to operate their plants. They have to be very careful, a high energy density with a large amount [of energy] can cause enormous damage. But these beings have also learned from their mistakes beforehand, so that there is no immediate danger. Many of these peoples travel the galaxies in search of new raw materials and one of these peoples has already been on Earth. The Anunnakis have also done a lot of good for you humans, but the deluge is also on their account. Today it would no longer be possible for the Anunnakis or other races to rage like this. Much has been done to prevent this in the future. We also say that some of these beings are still watching Planet Earth because the raw materials and opportunities here seem to be excellent. But they must not return without further ado, they had tried several times and all attempts were nipped in the bud. But they still hope and we leave them hope. We also say: The Anunnakis and other peoples are no longer a threat to the earth. Everything had its time, now the time of the people on this planet has come and everyone is looking forward to the result. We also have a great interest in people finding their place in the universe, so we will do everything we can to ensure that this result comes true for all people one day.

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